Saw my blog on another blog

So, I didn’t really pay attention to WordPress blogs, other then blogging and posting, I would blog and call it a day. So, When I was on Tumblr, I would checkout the SRB2 section in search and would see LesbianChemicalPlant come up and have no clue who this person was.

I wanted to see if anyone was on WordPress or wanted to see if they had a blog on WordPress to mirror their Tumblr posts, and they do, so one day I wanted to see what kinda posts they have and I found a post about Sonic Spinball gifs and thought it was a fine post but found out those gifs came from my post which was umm.. Interesting. The post is here.

I’m not mad, kinda honored the user saw my shitty Sonic The Hedgehog Spinball review, and liked the gifs to use them in their post, at least. The user is not very active on WordPress but more active on Tumblr. Give them a follow there on Tumblr and Their WordPress. It’s a way to say thanks. Why? It’s the only time someone links my blog in a post.

2 thoughts on “Saw my blog on another blog

    1. Oh, no doubt about that. I was kinda shocked someone linked back to my blog, but knowing it would enhance my traffic and site rankings, I did not know that but I will keep that in mind. :3

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