Last look at guilds for 2021

So, something I wanted to do for a good while, and that thing is to review guilds I have been in. Something I say I would do but never do. Well, time to change that now. This is just my opinion, I have to state that because you know some people take an opinion as fact.

Let’s start with Elsword guilds. Granted there are some guilds that I am no longer in now, but that doesn’t mean I can’t give my new thoughts on the guilds.

These will be just an end of the year thoughts and such.


about: ThunderCry is an Elsword guild that does the same thing, as other guilds.

My experience: Let me set the scene for you. It’s 2020, and I’m down on my luck. And out of nowhere, Thundercry sends a guild invite to my alt account, and I am weary of the guild since guilds are something I have never been fond of. Check out the Thundercry category.

I had a few runs in’s with thundercry and some of the members, and yeah… It makes me think that it was for the best that I leave the guild. If I returned to the guild, I would be anything but happy. And it is funny. Some of the Thundercry members come off cold, the ones I met as an ex-member.

I had thoughts on returning to Thundercry but had I done it, I would be the one who was crying. I stayed in thundercry while I was depressed and done on my luck, and the guild kept me happy. But it is only now that I see that I wasn’t really happy being there.

The only reason I wanted to go back was for a few friends there, but being unhappy for some friends is not worth it, and I’m still not a fan of how things were/are handled there. For me, I feel what I liked about thundercry is dead, to me.

I made a post saying once I find out myself and get in a better headspace, I might return. But I figured myself out a little better and I have to say this is it. I will not return to thundercry, And it is a shame but it’s for the best. I can’t return to that guild and look at it the same way when I first did. My experience with Thundercry has soured.

If I had to give a score: 1.2/5


About: blu is an elsword guild that was once marked as a whale guild because all the whales in the guild would whale each other or themselves, and this left them with a mark by some users who still see blu as the elitist whale guild.

My experience with it is the same as Thundercry but up till that point, I liked being in the guild as they had one game night then never again. And seems they still have anime nights or movie nights.

I left the guild because I felt alone there. It was mostly just rando blu members flex and whaling but when it came to helping, the only ones that help were Sura and Cher when I made the blu progress post to see if blu was useful enough for me to stay. And I’m not in the blu elsword guild anymore, but Sura is pretty chill, and my fate go pal.

And the dreamingloser is pretty chill. And returning to blu might be an option. I didn’t have negative experiences with sura or blu like other people did. And as long as sura is cool, we are going to stay on good terms, even if I am not in the elsword guild, and that’s pretty rad.

I will say that blu does have some elsword elitists within blu and a few snobs, but if you ignore those users, blu is probably a chill server and a-ok guild.

Score: 3.8/5

Witching Hour

About: Witching Hour is the Phantasy Star 2 Online guild that is very social, but has some social members, but can be helpful in urgent quests, and not be unlikable deadweight.

My experience for this is if you want a guild to join in pso2 for content, Witching Hour is pretty good when some members don’t mess up, but Witching hour does have some members who can play well and use units that won’t get them killed. The only thing that seems to be a thing for the guild is dumb drama. But Nah. People in this guild would never.

Imagine. IMAGINE, making a big stink over a word in the worse way, and making this public to see how you react in a channel about waifus and husbandos. Good thing no one has ever done that on this server. That would be crazy, but I can’t shake this odd feeling. – you know what they say, An image speaks a thousand words

Huh, that would explain it. Alright. The witching hour is a decent guild. The members are often stable and not loose cannons, for the most part. And it has a lot of social members. The point of the guild is to grow strong together or alone when a member’s drama runs you off. Or you get banned for breaking the rules.

These social members often get themselves in hot water because they become too social and bring around some bad apples, and yes, this happened before. They wish to do content but often end up being a social butterfly that is pretty good at chatting but falls short of being good in quests because they start to fall behind in gear. I’m going off of prior experience with social-type members.

They can annoy members, say dumb things. Or cause a scene in public, which sometimes just makes me view the guild in a bad light. Sometimes they are funny, other times they are annoying and are completely unaware of that fact. (Almost like a sitcom)

Witching hour can be great, but there are moments where some people can ruin things. And some people have no shame making a scene public. But, if you can look past that, it’s not bad. It’s good to be here, sometimes.

My point is, some members are annoying, and they do dumb stuff or handle things poorly in public. There are some great members, and the mods are pretty chill. And Elpha is neat too, and smol. P.S. if things get heated in a channel called Waifu-bot. Take a step back or handle it in dms. Or hear me out, crazy idea.

Ready? Relax, and walk away. It is sad. Whenever there is drama over something, that could get handled by guild members in a better fashion. I can not help but look at it and wonder if people enjoy making a scene.

Score: 3.5/5

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