Looking back on some things

It’s crazy.. A few years ago. I was friends with the whole group. Jack, Susu, Henry, BlackDiamond. I feel I have been repeating history since the same happened with Onyx but that is a different case.

There is a bright side to this later on. Why am I writing this? Later on.. Won’t be linking anything personal or full names

Before this dumb drama or stupid grudges they held between each other. Me and Su-Su were close friends and me and Henry were cool. Me and SuSu, We would talk often, play games Mario Kart 7 or send messages over Swapnote for the 3DS, and talk on Twitter.

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We had fun but guess during that time me and BlackDiamond wasn’t talking anymore since we were on two different sides of the field at that time. Susu was there at the time. We could joke about things or have fun. And I didn’t have to explain myself or if I made a joke since SUSU was fairly caught up on Internet related things like memes, jokes, and other things

It was fun but I had to be the white knight, and “defended” a friend over some Twitter Roleplay drama that was not worth it because I thought I was doing the right thing, I thought I was trying to help out friends who were / still holding petty grudges, I thought I could solve people’s problems..

I still look back and wonder… Would me and SuSu still be best friends? Would me and Henry be best friends? Would Jack be around a lot longer? So many questions I will never be able to answer now.. Even my girlfriend warned me but I still wanted to try but hate doing nothing.. Get back to this later on the “So many questions I will never be able to answer now..”

Was it really worth it trying to defend a friend? No, not really. I defended a friend that didn’t need to be defended, and lost two friends to stupid silly roleplay drama that had nothing to do with me, and could been solved if both parties talked it out in dms like adults

To this day, I wonder if me and susu would still be friends, how different my life would be if I didn’t step in. We probably would talk more, hang out more, play games together. Will never know but it’s sad thing to know deep down.

Now to the main event.

“So many questions I will never be able to answer now..”

I will never know if Su-Su still hates me but can assume that she does since she left her Twitter in 2018 and have no way of contacting her. My only way to contact her was 3DS Swapnote, Twitter but been cut off

Henry.. We were pretty cool till I heard about this drama in a skype call with friends.. And to be honest, I should had left the call right then and there. I’m not blocked by him but I’m sure he wants nothing to do with me and can’t blame him. But his twitter is also inactive..So I can’t ask him

I have let go of my grudges against Henry and susu, as keeping grudges makes you a awful petty person

And Jack.. He always leaves but this drama I feel was the breaking point for him quitting twitter and other things, my friend doesn’t like Jack. Jack was the closest thing to a internet brother I had.. This Drama was not worth it

If I could take back my actions and words, I would do so in a heartbeat. Was it worth butting in to someone’s drama? No, not one bit, I regret every second knowing had I left that call and listened to the warning, I would had three other friends around longer..

So, the bright side of things. Seems Henry didn’t block my Girlfriend and she seems to be cool with him, and even other friends follow henry, which is cool that there is no bad blood between them cause of me.

I don’t hate Henry, His brother is my friend on facebook, I was very naive and immature back then but learned from my mistakes. I can safely say I was very much in the wrong

I just needed to rant / vent because I miss them, my old friends.. Cause the 3 friends I have now that took the place of my old friends after the drama are nonexistent. And that sounds mean but it’s kinda true. We just don’t talk or call anymore. It was NOT WORTH IT.

I’m not mad at anyone, lets keep this in mind but moving forward any PETTY drama from friends about other friends will be ignored. I will let friends deal with that on their own.

So, why did I make this post? I don’t have anyone to really vent. Friends are too busy and/or nonexistent. Some friends are toxic or have toxic masculinity, and talking to them would make matters bad, if not worst or others just don’t have time. Maybe I will ask next time.

Blogging is the only place where I can let out my feelings when there are no other friends around to talk to.. I guess in a sad way, blogging is a friend I can rant and vent to on a daily basis.

With the current chaos happening in the world, there’s no time to talk / listen to my small problems or feelings but I’m used to dealing with these things on my own.

Learn from my mistakes. Don’t risk losing 3 friends or more due to emotions. Other people’s drama is nothing you can fix. Back away. I learned a lot after that day.

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