Oops updates

Ah, time to post again, and oh boy. A lot of what has happened and this will be a blog post and probably will be the last time that my friend has to proofread my posts to make sure they are safe to post so no one will be mad, and while that was nice having someone level headed clear my posts to be green to post.

Almost time to move out

With all the crazy stuff happening, our time in our old place is almost. We are moving out on May 31, 2022, because our landlord is a butt but the new place is a lot better and looks nicer than our current area

I have 9 boxes ready and got a few more to do and once my things are packed up, I can work and clean up in the other rooms and pack up stuff for the movers to get, and this move will be unlike Texas since the move will be a few hours and not a few days.

Movers show up on May 28, 2022, and we leave on the 31st of May but we want to be out before that date. Mini update: The movers are coming on May 27, 2022

The last trash day is coming up since the landlord wants nothing here or outside, it is going to be a rough week.

I made a blog post talking about moving again and whatnot. This is more of an update and extra news. https://onychaos.wordpress.com/2022/04/30/life-update/

Wake up call

But it is not all bad as something has come out of this that was good.

TL;DR: I realized my big mistake cause of a friend

So I made a post. That made someone get mad though I felt like I posted things like this in the past and had no issue with it. My friend (probably don’t want to be named) came to me and told me why the post was wrong and why the blog post was negative instead of being angry. And you know, they showed me the line in the sand and they were honest and a good friend.

My friend showed me that I was negative in my blog post, which was shocking to me. But it was something I needed to hear. And I mentioned that my friend has been proofreading blog posts to keep the heat off my back, but they won’t have to do that anymore after this post.

But there are ways around this. I will just mention my friends in the guild and cut guilds in general from my list of topics. 

I don’t want to deal with any more drama. So I will talk about stuff I do with my friends in the guild in my future blog posts. By doing that, I can go back to normal blogging and it won’t cause problems. I will take the L here and I was wrong. Lol. I realized my mistake, thank you, friend.

I’m open to dialogue whenever I blog post about something. If I am wrong, let me know. My comments are open on the blog site, my dms are open, and group chats are open. That’s how my friend reached me and told me how my blog post came off negative and I was wrong.

And also, I don’t want to keep having my friend proofread my blog posts and take up their time and the best workaround is to talk about what I do with me and my friends.

I have been using Virtual box

I was able to test out Linux, Windows 7, and Windows XP. And so far, I like Linux, sadly I can not fully commit to being a Linux user…Yet. I will keep my eye out on Linux for the big changes that will come.

I have been using Linux ubuntu. I got a hang of some things, and if I need help, I would google it. The reason why I can’t make the switch to Linux is I have software that is windows based, and I know that Linux has an app called “Wine” which allows you to use windows .exe on Linux.

But don’t get me wrong, I do like / even love Linux. There are certain things that need more time before Linux can be the OS for me, and with Windows 11 being fishy and needing more access to your webcam and pc. The switch may happen soon or until Windows 10 support dies.

Windows 7 is here for nostalgia reasons. And it is a good OS System, but the same can’t be said about Windows 8. Windows 8.1 was a big upgrade but was also the point where they wanted you to make a Microsoft account to sign in to your pc, which was not the best move. you could use a pin code/password after you made the Microsoft account, I think.

Windows XP, I used it for nostalgia reasons but I dropped it as well. It was good for its time but now, not so much anymore. That’s my opinion anyway.

Fate/Requiem×Fate/Grand Order Collaboration Event

The event was a long one. It is clear if you have under-geared units you will take longer in the event. My units that are good hover around the 70 to 80 mark and 2 units hover around 92 to 100

After completing the main event, the next part was going to get all the servant tokens on the board by using rng, and you can farm for dice and get the good and normal dice or you can buy dice with the event materials that drop in battles.

I brought my dice and after a good while, I managed to clear my board of tokens and was able to do the bonus quests. Not the last quest since it was +90 and needed to land on each spot five times. I got Utsumi Erice to level 100 and NP 5. I got what I came for, to be honest here.

The event was not bad but if your units are level 50 or lower, you might have a bit of trouble, and if you tried to get all the tokens, good luck. Use the materials to buy dice or grind or hope rng is good.

Apps pipeline (update)

Going to list apps that I want to make or that have sparked something inside me. And list apps that are canceled. I know what apps I will make and cancel. I have also updated some of the road maps for some apps and games

Once the games or apps are complete, the road map will be deleted

new years mini game will be renamed Sonic’s boss rush (Working Title)


I will have a road map for Sonic vania which is its own game. After the base game (boss rush) is completed. I might even stream it like I did for the first time.

Text-based RPG (Working Title)


The game will start once I’m sure this can run in HTML5 smoothly and saving/loading will be the main features I’m worried about. Because those would be the bread and butter of the project. And then I can move on from there. Once that is done, I can start progress since this will be all text-based. I can code in the important things.

Mini game

This will have the Witching Hour as a feature and that is it really but it will be fun. It will be a mini-game with a song or two

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