Contract Rush thoughts

So while browsing Newgrounds’s game section. I found this interesting game called “Contract Rush” At first, it seem like a game that was made for the sake of being made.

I had this post in draft for months but I wanted to talk about this game. But is Contract Rush? It is a run and gun, action shooter where you kill monsters, get upgrades to the character. It seems simple, and it may look like it but it’s not. It’s pretty advanced.


You can’t upgrade your health but you can get heal from monsters. The game has a nice art style for it. It’s cute and fits well. This is amazing when you find out this game was made in 1 and a half weeks as a personal game jam.

Sadly, there is only one stage and one boss at the end. The boss is not easy but the boss can be easy or hard based on how many upgrades you are able to get for your character. Each monster has a chance to drop a upgrade, and said upgrade has a chance to be something you may want / or need. If you are lucky.

The game was programmed by one person named Trent-Sama and artwork was done by Figburn. If you have time, play this game. It’s fun, it has controller support, and it’s free.

I don’t know if they are making anymore games but this one has something going here, and I don’t know if they will pick it up or this was a one and done deal but this is a fun little game they made. ^^

If you played Contract Rush, what are your thoughts on this game? Did you beat it? Was it fun? Was it hard

If you want to play, here is the link. Contract Rush

You may have issues if you use chrome, I don’t know what the issues are but they may be fixed. That’s all I wanted to say. I wanted to give this game a spotlight of sorts, and talk about what I think.


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