Tumblr Purge

So, it has happened. Tumblr had a /great/ idea to help make tumblr better. Free it of Porn bots that retweeted posts that had a link leading off the site to who knows where. You might think, “Oh! this sounds great. No more porn bots. ^^”

Image result for anime thinking

The Idea sound ok on paper. And if this was Tumblr before Yahoo took over, then it would have been better. But good old Yahoo does not like NSFW on anything they own.. So now picture them getting rid of porn bots. But Yahoo having a hand in the pot.

The result was less then perfect. Rather then purging all the porn bots as planned. A good number of NSFW Artists have been purged, and even blogs that don’t show porn or are safe to view have also been hit.

And they managed to take down some porn bots  that posted awful content but there are more out there, this did more harm then good.  Porn bots are still running wild, luring poor souls to who knows where…

As of now, searching for blog posts on Tumblr’s search no longer works at the moment. So, If you planned on looking for a blog or looking for a good post. I hope you can find them by post tags.

But this goes to show how much Tumblr has changed for the worst. Your blog can now just be wiped out cause Tumblr said so, for no real reason.. And I loved tumblr but what is the point when being there, if the following happens.

  1. Your blog no longer shows up in tumblr search
  2. Your tumblr blog getting wiped cause why not?

I know some tumblr users love tumblr but It’s not worth it when anything can happen. I also know if your blog got deleted unfairly, you can email tumblr.. But is it worth it with the current state of the site?

I have a blog on Tumblr but because the issues that happened in the last few days. My tumblr site is just hidden from anyone unless the know my name or follow me..

And cause of this Tumblr purge the NSFW artists have now been moving over to Newgrounds. it’s all I wanted to say on this matter.


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