Newgrounds rating problem

So a year ago, I made a blog post about some newgrounds artists having porn in the E section for kids. Cause I mean, at the time, it seemed like a slip-up or a mistake. I am sure it is a slip-up.

Here my blog post on Newgrounds: wanna talk about Newgrounds. The artist I mentioned fixed their rating after a while. So they are fine, for the moment.

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I am convinced that some Not Safe For Work artists or (NSFW artists) upload NSFW content into the E section where kids or people who dislike porn will see it.

Kids or people who dislike porn will see it, comment on it, get them more views, and potentially earn new fans/followers. Like, this has to be on propose at this point. I know for NSFW users, your content is seen by adults, and chances are, it is going to lower the chances of bringing in new fans or followers by a bit.


The image below was edited and blurred out for standards.

But the site has a rating system for a reason. It seems people do not enjoy using it. Uploading lewds or porn is all good, but try to keep it out of the E Rating. That is a section where everyone views, but the rating is more for kids, kids, and people who have a distaste for porn view that the most.

“Fink” – Rated E. Edited to show on WordPress.

I am not here to shit on NSFW artists. I make these posts to send a message to them. And commenting on images sometimes works and sometimes does not work when the NSFW artist is not asleep or ignores the comments.

This artist did the same thing as other artists, uploaded porn into an E section. I mean, you can always post your lewd art on Twitter or links to it and have followers or viewers go to your art that way.

I don’t see the point of a rating system if it doesn’t get used the way it is supposed to be as shown, You know, to keep porn in its area. I know what’s going to happen. Someone is going to report one of these NSFW artists for posting porn in the “E” area, and assuming reporting does anything, said artist might get deleted, or their image might get removed, and they will go on Tumblr or Twitter and make a big stink about it.

NewGrounds’s art section – E rated

“Fink” looks like a safe for work, but it’s not. It will lead to the image above, but I’m not going to link to the art. Find that on your own time. See, it should not be here. My only guess for why NSFW artist does this by a “mistake” is that the “E” section is a place for art/games to shine or potentially gain followers, fans, favorites, and views since everyone can see it.

If it is the latter, that’s shitty, but so far, “E” has been clean. I’m making this post because it is clean now doesn’t mean it won’t get dirty later. And I follow a lot of these artists, and their NSFW content ends up as safe by “mistake” This has happened more then I liked.

Newgrounds is a great site to grow your content but try to build your content in the right area. If your content is porn-related and ends in an “E” rating, maybe double-check, or don’t assume it will set your NSFW content correctly.

But it is fun to blog about Newgrounds so, meh. Probably when this post goes live, that image might have been set to the right rating.

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