Jaiden animations was trending

Oh boy. We are somehow back here again on the Twitter topic, but this time. It is for something very dumb, and very commonplace for twitter.com. And it is kind of sad, and a good reason why many use Twitter less and less. Why are we here? Glad you asked.

Jaiden Animations response

So, as we all know by now, whatever you put out into the internet, someone or some people will draw not safe for work (NSFW) of a thing, or some people will ask others to draw NSFW of something and pay for it to be made to post to an adult site.

So, you already know that Storytime animators’ avatars are fated to be NSFW martial. And let’s get to the main point here. Jaiden Animations is a storytime animator that makes storytime videos where they tell you a story about their life. Rather the story is true or a big lie, is not of importance here.

As Jaiden Animations has no doubt seen and heard, her avatar has been drawn in an NSFW style by a few artists here and there. BlueBreed being the big one of the few. But Jaiden Animations has not said anything back then because a “small” amount knew about the NSFW of Jaiden Animations’s avatar, and why bring light to something you don’t like? It’s smart to not say anything and make it worst

Come today, I saw a video where Jaiden has spoken out before about how she feels about rule34 of her character. I will post the video below.

The video has been removed. Unsure why though.

But that didn’t seem to stop certain YouTubers who brought NSFW art of Jaiden Animations to light and some made money off of telling new and old users about Jaiden Animations’s NSFW art. And I have to assume, Jaiden was not too keen on other YouTubers bringing this to light, as if they were helping and earning money.

I may as well link some videos since twitter alerted everyone and their mother about the NSFW art, which at that point. You did more harm than good since you are giving something you dislike more light, and no reason trying sugar-coating things, huh?

Some user named Sin_Salt showed up in my notifications as “recommended for you”. And the first thing I see is, “I feel bad for Jaiden Animations”. It took a while to figure out what they meant, and then I remember, it’s probably about NSFW art of Jaiden Animations.

A few hours later, Jaiden was trending on Twitter today. I’m not sure what in god’s name has happened or what started this chain of events. But it was there. And surely, there was a ton of very well-mannered tweets from mature users…

Spoilers! A lot more good apples but the bad actors were still there. There is a lot of things I dislike here, and let’s get to that. And I got a few more things to add on later.

Jaiden Animations trending

I checked out the trending page again, and it is just as sick as the first time. It is full of fans, and Twitter users sending other artists indirect or direct hate.

You have the unfollow/block warrior: “If you support X, you can unfollow/hardblock me right now!”

You have the normal users: Confused, and lost.

You have the toxic users: Those users that will not only say they hate a thing/person, but they will also show the world, and indirectly send hate that way.

And it goes to show this is a commonplace thing for Twitter. The hate mob, the echo chambers, and circlejerks and bandwagons. Granted some of the users have class, and not going the “If you support X, you can unfollow/block me right now!” route, which is a bit much.

If you don’t like the NSFW art of Jaiden Animations? That is fine. Do you hate the NSFW art of Jaiden Animations? Also fine. What is not fine, is harassing people or sending hate indirectly their way towards NSFW artists that drew that art. These people’s names won’t be blurred out. This is public info for all to see on Twitter.

Here is the thing. To me, this is very petty. Two wrongs don’t make a right, yeah, they have fucked up, this depends on what your version of fucked up means, but it’s not a free pass to fuck up as well but I forget, on Twitter, commonsense is rare. Silly me. There are a few things I want to understand. And my friend brought up an interesting reply.

NSFW of Jaiden Animations can harm image?

My friend knew about the NSFW being controversial, and theorize that NSFW art could harm her image since her storytime animation avatar is the face of her channel and merch, and by proxy, herself. And while that is a good point. With how long NSFW art of Jaiden Animations has been out. It became a problem around 2016, and with those four years of NSFW art floating around. Can her image might be harmed in media? Probably might be seen more in a adult light. So in some sense, I guess it can ruin her image.

I seen some users harassing users that makes or made NSFW of Jaiden Animations, what’s that gonna do for you? And the worse part is, this will probably get out of hand, and Jaiden Animations might not address any of this. I like Jaiden Animations, I think she is funny, charming. But I will never go so far to start harassing people and users, or get mad on Jaiden Animations’s behalf.

And there is the argument going around that by drawing her storytime avatar, you are drawing NSFW of the real-life Jaiden. I can see two sides here. Jaiden has made the avatar in her image, and thus, it is her. But at the same time, whatever you put out into the world, people will take it and run with it. Unless you get a copyright on your IP to stop people from lewding you? People can do as they please with your IP.

I’m outside looking in, and all I see is a lot of problems. I’m chaotic neutral here, Twitter. You have to state that or some will assume otherwise. Twitter being dumb made me realize how cool Jaiden Animations.

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