Sonic 3D in 2D revisit

So, I gave Sonic 3D in 2D a second playthrough because I feel I was a little unfair but.. more on that later. I went ahead and stream the new version of this fan game which was 1.08 at the time of this post

Feeling better and thinking clearly, I had a much better time streaming it and I can say the game is fun to play.. The stages are based off of Sonic 3DBlast. If you played that game to death, you will feel at home

Green Grove is very fast and fun. It feels like a Sonic level. Go right and you win. Which is the only stage that has this feel cause after Green Grove, Rusty Ruin throws you in and you are on your on. The maze like layout in act one is not too bad.

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Nico Nii gif

It is still a issue in act 2, which I feel two levels later on this feel like a maze. But I’m getting off topic here. I beaten the game again for a second time, and even got all the emeralds this time around. It was much better this time. Seen the true fight and beaten ???

I did a livestream, which you can watch here It is two hours long but it’s the good ending. Sotaknuck’s Sonic 3D in 2D after revisiting it has been a interesting ride.

But I will share my thoughts about some things.

Special Stages

The special stage controls. I’m not sure if the updates helped fixed some of my issues. But I am not a fan of the controls. and the ring patterns. I get that you are going for Sonic 2 special stages but these are still annoying. It’s trial and error for the special stages and controls.

In Sonic 2, it was trial and error. Play a special stage, fail, try again till you remember the layout. Which is not fun. But at least the controls were good. it was easy to move the player. In Sonic 3D in 2D, it’s the special stages and controls that ruins the experience for new players.

But that is just me.

Stage Layouts

Sonic 3D in 2D suffers from the same problem that Sonic Advance 2 had, and that is you are punished for going too fast. You will run into enemies and stage hazards since when you see them, it’s probably too late.

This is more true for new players since they are going in blind, and this can feel cheap, if not, unfair. Unless you know the stage, you will take cheap shots. So, for most of the stage, you will be better off rolling or taking your time. Which is meh

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Dragon Ball Super – Goku Black gif

Closing Thoughts

Sonic 3D in 2D is a fun fan game. it re-creates each level almost 1 for 1 with a few things added in to give each stage it’s own spin on thing. If you love Sonic 3D Blast, you will probably like this fangame.

Is it a perfect fan game? No. Is it a bad one? No. It’s just in a weird grey area but has many things I am not fond of but it’s too late for them to fix it. If you are new, I should warn you, This game is not beginner friendly. Some hits and deaths you take are questionable.

I should say this. My impressions of the fan game are not negative anymore but mixed impressions, they lean towards positive impressions, so no worries

But it’s a ok fan game but I still don’t agree with some of the stuff in the fangame. It does what it was made to do, and that’s to give you a fun* game to play. Go play Sonic 3D IN 2D and Sotaknuck is the dev

I’m OnyChaos and see you later.

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