A interesting Talk with HyperSonic7701

So, as the Title says, I had a interesting talk with HyperSonic7701 during his livestream on Twitch and said he saw my blog about stop being competitive felt sad that from the things I said on my blog that he was responsible for me not being competitive anymore.

And being put on the spot, I had no way or rather not enough time to give a full answer other then short answers so let’s break this down but before that. Let’s get this out the way, HyperSonic7701 is not a bad guy, bit of a asshole, sure but he is anything but a bad guy, he is my friend / associate. He’s Just a guy who loves competition a little too much. This is not a witchhunt

I have never been fond of being competitive even, back then before I met hyper and his friends. I made a post on this here but it is missing a few more details.

So, let’s start. Before the days of knowing speedruns and speedrunners, I had always seen people who be competitive to be very toxic but was not too far off back then, huh. Which was a thing that really kept me away from being competitive. Which was a good thing.

After I joined CyberScore back then on CS (CyberScore) competition was fun, No one was spending weeks or months on a game. And for me, it was a nice feeling, it was better then nice, it was welcoming where I could try my best

And the fact that me and hyper was not friends during this time which also helped during this time but however during CyberScore 2014 or CyberScore 2016 I lost my drive to really be competitive but my drive to really anything competitive would stop in 2018.

Now, Is HyperSonic7701 responsible for me not being competitive? Yes and no. This is a hard question because HyperSonic7701 was my idol. Someone I wanted to be like, dare to say, someone I looked up to.

But as time went on, HyperSonic7701’s competitive spirit became strong, and he got way more competitive, would say too competitive and toxic? But that’s him. Why am I bring this up? Due to change, It made me see something, that something being I don’t want to have this competitive side and there are other reason, one being I took off the rose tinted glasses around HyperSonic7701

Pangya Debug, Duck Game, Pangya fresh up, and SRB2. These games when played with competitive people are what also killed my drive. But at the same time they can be fun*

And to add to this, My drive to be competitive was barely there. And sometimes, Hyper would try to coach his friends when they would do anything related to score attacks or time attacks on stream.

Sometimes I wouldn’t mind his coaching but only for games I like and HyperSonic7701 means well..But sometimes I feel like he lives vicariously through his friends and this is my opinion.

I guess what I miss is when people had fun doing competition and not spending so much time on a game to a point to get a great time or score but not trying to do your best to go above and beyond, I wonder what the point?

And Drax and his friends play a part in me not being competitive. Me and hyper are two sides of the coin. He’s too competitive and a little toxic? and I’m not competitive. I know sometimes Hyper tries to push me on the “right” path but the more you push, the more you push me away from this path.

And cause of competition being a unwelcoming place for me, I think it was a great thing I stopped. I have better things I want to do then be competitive in things that have little to no value.

I speedrun but thing is I just try to do my best, and speedrunning is a form of competition. I stopped trying to go above and beyond like most runners and friends.

Got off track, HyperSonic7701 is and isn’t the real cause for me not being competitive but I can say that he did help me by pushing me away from competition but indirectly, that I am grateful for that.

However I think if HyperSonic7701 was not as competitive as he is now, I think I would I would prob still be into competition a little longer or at least like it more than I do now, which at this point, I don’t like it.

But at the same time, I don’t like competition as it bring bad vibes and bad vibes will make me stop doing things or leave outright.

That’s all I wanted to say since that stream was the reason for this post being made. This is somewhat of a part 2 and a bit more honest. Also, he read my blog post? Assuming he means Tumblr or WordPress..? My tumblr is gonna be a mirror for my WordPress posts.

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