Sonic The Hedgehog 3D in 2D

Alright, I played Sonic The Hedgehog 3D in 2D version 1.02 on my twitch, the Sonic fan game and the game left me with a poor taste in my mouth but since I went in blind.. Let’s talk about it..

Sonic The Hedgehog 3D in 2D title screen by @Sotaknuck

So, Sonic 3D in 2D is a sonic fan game that brings Sonic 3DBlast to a 2D plane, the idea at first sounds good and I feel it can be done well. Not to say it’s bad, it’s pretty interesting.

I streamed this Sonic fan game on my Twitch channel (Stream VOD). The first zone was not bad. It was fun, it was the run of the mill sonic game. The first boss was not bad, there was questionable hits.. I feel that I was not at fault.

Then Rusty Ruin is where I started to dislike the idea of Sonic 3DBlast in a 2D plane. Act one was confusing and weird to play but nothing bad, it’s where act 2 started to piss me off. act 2 is long, way too confusing. And the way I needed to go to get to the boss legit annoyed me.

I feel the game needs to make things clear because act 2 was getting on my nerves…

And I will say this, the Diamond Dust Act 1 mini boss is cheap. I feel that a lot of the deaths I had were unfair and out of my control. the Gamma fight case in point..

And the special stages.. I like the go at them but you move way too fast, The rings are too fast that by the time you see them, they are already gone. This needs more work. The player controls for special stages are just too sensitive for my liking.

My issues

Low Iframes after getting hit

Object Hazard placement is questionable

Enemy placement is questionable, if not cheap.

I am in Volcano Valley and this is were I stopped playing. I like the idea of Sonic 3DBlast in 2D but far too many things have / had sour my enjoyment of this fan game.

If I do go back to this fan game, I’m just going to beat the game, I can’t be bothered to get all the emeralds.

My final thoughts

The game controls well for a sonic fan game. Like I mentioned, my experience was soured after the first zone. And just my thoughts but I feel most of the zones don’t translate too well to 2D and they overstay their welcome.

Some stages, I feel you are punished for going fast due to enemy placement being meh.. I feel like I have to go slow to see what’s up ahead or I will run into a enemy who will charge into me.

Sonic The Hedgehog 3D in 2D is a hard sonic fan game.. But I feel it is hard for the wrong reasons. But that’s just me.

But because I played as Sonic, my experience was awful, and in the Twitch vod, I was harsh but when you are mad, you don’t think about what you say, you just say it.

But you might have a better time then me. You might even enjoy the game more then I did. But give it a try, it’s something you should at least play once to get a better idea.



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