Thanks for watching the livestream

This was a good 3 days of streaming on Beaten
Sonic Before the Sequel

on stream, I didn’t have enough time to do
Sonic After the Sequel but I will do that later down the line.


I was able to stream BOTW with no real issue, and got a lot of things done in 4 hours and it was fun and there was a lot of game over screens, It was great stuff overall.

I did go for another 4 hour stream but I was way too drained of energy to go on, sadly the other stream was not as long. It is a 1 hour and 40 min stream. But next weekend, the streams will be somewhat longer, I am hoping that they will be anyway.

The next BOTW stream will be back to shrine hunting then I will be aiming to get the Master sword and get it to full power and get slot upgrades and upgrade my gear to level 3, if I have time and the items.

This was a short post, but that is ok. Thank you for reading.

Here are some streams vod I saved, if you want to view them.




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