Phantasy Star Online 2 – Witching Hour log #2

Time to log down some phantasy star online 2 moments and things that I learned or did. You know how this goes and whatnot. :3 And a little bit of witching Hour stuff.

Making a better unit.

So, I have made a better unit that has better stats. After learning how to affix from the master. I begin my adventure to affix my unit. I learned how to do this or rather, I have a better understanding.

Old unit stats above.

And here are my new stats for my leg unit. So sadly, when making the unit, I spent more mesta than needed but that’s ok. Beginner’s mistake. I spent 40m+ mesta. But now I have power. Below is my new unit stats, and they are miles better than my old stats.

A big thanks to Vair for helping me out. You rock. :3

I and Vair solo the final stages in the divide quest.

On our quest to do stuff. Oh, we S ranked a pod mission. And we got to fight the solo sodam version, who is weak to fire and ice, and fought masq. And the final fight was a blast. I am getting strong, and it feels great to do damage higher than 5. lol.

We did notice that Shiva was doing her counter move more than normal. There would be a brief set of times before she would try to counter, and she almost caught me off guard cause of how the tec, Ragrants likes to linger a bit before leaving the field.

Always down to run divide or maths. Come to the study group and maths. Boop + Bonk = op Dae.

Cutechibi GIF - Cutechibi Cute Chibi GIFs

Me, the lord Dae, Fofamit, and Nikkou tried to fight UI Sodam.

Round one: being booped.

we go in and did damage to goo man or sodam. We got to phase 2 of part on and sadly, this is where we bit the dust. I went with a hp boost/guts. It kept me alive but lost a good bit of damage.

Round two: the dae blessing

But by the will of lord Dae, he gave us the will to carry on for round two. we got through phase one and got to phase 2 part 2 but timed out. It showed we have enough damage to get to phase 2 of UI Sodam (Lv 200 Sodam) but not enough damage to get to phase three or clear.

But it was a fun ride though. We can’t clear but it is good training for if we get to the day we can clear, we will be ready for the day.

I and Vair went on an adventure.

Vair took me on a new adventure and wanted to try something new. We did two of the ultimate quests. I’m sure you noticed that “Enemy Battleship” over there. Oh, we will get to that. Oh yes, it will have its moment to shine.

1 – Corruption Investigation: Amduskia

So, this was fun. Think of it as a mob rush. You kill the mobs and then there is a stronger mob, which is one of the four mobs which is blocking the path to the boss, which is protected by a shield, powered by large gems.

It was not bad it was pretty fun to do. It is easy then later mobs begin to pack a punch. So you can turn your brain off for the first half but in the second half, you turn your brain back on or you might snap back to see you died. It is a great place to do unlocks for dark forms if the unlocks need you to kill x enemy.

And the boss is the one you see during the rec 4 quests. But you know, the boss will do damage to you here, and start to ignore your attacks after the attack has dealt x amount of damage. It is overall, fun to do. I may try to speedrun this area to get an idea of how strong I am or do it for fun. It may be the latter of the two. bonks /10

2 – Ship Infiltration: Enemy Battleship

Ah, so. PSO2. Throw out everything you know about this game. We are playing Phantasy star solid Online 2. The mobs are not bad but making progress is the real enemy in this quest.

Each time the alarm is set off by you and the other players, more mobs will come to play and will affect the end boss I want to say. And this quest is a team quest. It’s divide but not divide. You get 15 tries and your healing will be cut in half by 50%

Mgssnakefire Shake Head GIF - Mgssnakefire ShakeHead GIFs

The first area is the worst, and there are a lot of alarms and a lot of chances to set off said alarms, the second area is not so bad but do note the mobs hit a bit harder so all and any def is good. 50 or higher.

The area where you need to split up sucks but it has a chance to drop SkyDance by the boss. I’m forced to do this ultimate quest at this point. The quest after the first area gets better* I had fun running it until I got booped by an enemy. But fun after the first part. I like the boss, not too bad. I have to wonder who you fight if you set off no alarms.

Fun tip, the laser’s hitbox is deceptively larger than it seems, so need to time your movement, though, in some areas, that is not something you can do against the pinwheel of lasers.

Unit affix goals.

These are not end-game affixes, and having units with power that greater than 80 would help me out, and make things easy to handle. There will still be the few odd quests that will say no, and be a pain but this makes things a bit better.

Mel power <link

Rng Power <link

Tec power < link

With this setup here, and if everything goes as plan. The result should be very nice, and will I be able to help take on a level 200 sodam? Probably not but it will be worth a shot. Plus, I can take on other content, which will be great news for me.

Mel, Rng, Tec: +455

PP: +30

HP: +210

Mel def: +150

Rng def: +150

Tec def: +150

Things I learned about affixing

1 – affixing weapons is easy while units are a pain.

Both are a pain but units are far more annoying since they are far less to drop, and if they drop, they have 0 to 5 affixes, six or seven if lucky. And they may not have the affixes needed or enough to affix. The same is true for weapons but you get more weapons than units on some days.

2 – never upslot to eight affixes until you have end-game affixes.

From my understanding, 8 slots are the end, saying without saying you are done affixing this weapon or unit. As someone new to pso2 affixing. I saw a lot of users say they got 8 affixes. And I thought if I got 8 affixes, something good would happen but that was not the case.

For reference, I upslot to 8 affixes, a few times, and it was a waste of money. Remember kids, affixing 8 slots means you are complete, and I have Vair again to thank. And thank you to the AFK players as I was able to check their gear which most of the time was 6 to 8 slots but it had great stats and learned new info.

I hope my mistakes can guide new players on the right path to affixing and avoid the same trap.

3 – plan ahead in affixing

if you plan to affix, make sure you have everything you need because I can’t tell you how many times I threw away good affixes by affixing all over the place. If you plan to add a rare affix, make sure this will be the last time you need to affix.

4 – boop

not a tip. If you got this far, you get a boop.

Live footage of Dae becoming ui Dae.

This was a night where me, Dae, Vair, Elph, and obs, my screen recorder started being dumb and didn’t want to record most of the divide, or I forgot. >o> Anyway, I got the stage 35 fight recorded and post-fight recorded as well. Lol. Funny moments.

Here a video of the boss run we did a few nights ago. I have never seen such raw power.

It was a fun divide run. Good times had by all. “With man, everything is impossible. But with Dae, all things are possible.”

Witching Hour members like my blog posts.

It is awesome to see people talk about and share my blog. It is the same feeling I got when SomeOrdinaryGamers (Mutahar) showed my blog on their video related to the Sonic virus. My blog is going places, and it is awesome to see all your hard work pay off in some way. Not much here but a thank you. :3

Witching Hour is a part of a bigger discord server

Since NGS or Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is coming out, it means that PSO2 is going to slow down, and I am sure we will all ride the wave of NGS, get to max level, max out our gear, run the “end game” content and my understanding is the Witching Hour is PSO2 content, and the new server will be NGS related.

I am cautious, as this reminds me of a Sonic server that had the same idea but with speedrunners, but the server fell apart, people started to turn on each other, petty drama rose in the server which killed it. And I am happy but I am very cautious going into this server, maybe I am overthinking all of this. But time will tell, huh?

Made it to Stage 10 of solo Sodam

progress, it is a great feeling. I did the solo sodam fight back when my gear was very poor lol. When I did stage one of sodam, it took me around 10+ mins but I got a clear at least

And now that I have made a path to better gear, I can do much better damage. And was able to clear solo sodam with 7 to 6 mins left. I do think once I get my gear to the way I want it. Links above. I should be able to clear faster.

And now, with sodam stage 10 cleared. I need 70 more stages and I can finally get my sky dance, and the need to cast shifta will be gone, unless I want to buff my team here. :3

Sodam now has fire, ice, lighting as the arena for me to fight in. And I can take him on. I think it is best that I do for now but I can’t wait.

I made my second unit

I have made my second unit for rng damage and the stats are very nice. And this time I was able to affix right, and this cost around 10m+ since some affixes were being sold for 1m or 1.5m mesta.

And I want to add that this was rather fun to do, and now I have to make the melee unit but I will need 40m+ to buy everything I need to make this. Here are my new unit stats and I will be able to do more damage now.

And I am quite happy with my progress now. And it is night and day with these units. You can see my old stats for my units in my witching hour blog post.

The path to my klauz unit for arms

So, it begins, I am close to my goal of having end-game units. It has been a long and crazy ride getting here. I got my first drop from Sodam, and that was my leg unit, and I made my back unit. And now, I’m working on the final piece.

Progress: 56% (104/185*100) complete

I will report back with more info later if anything changes

More Witching Hour members impressions


A funny user, good vibes, and silly. Very protective of Kota, like a mama wolf. I do enjoy talking to them, and so does everyone else, I saw. They are quite the star in Witching Hour. And they read my blog, which is wild. :3 But I like it.


Seems like a nice person. We need to do parties and stuff in pso2. :3 You have been booped.


I don’t know too much about them but talking to them, they are not hostile, but friendly. I don’t know if they are a guest in the Witching Hour or an ex-member. They are rad tho. And pretty funny

A new trick.

Did you know you can skip the Sodam intro cutscene to get in free hits? Someone starts the fight and everyone else goes back on the ship until they see the message that the fight has begun. I learned this trick from Keroppi.

I should warn you that sometimes, Sodam may not load in till everyone is ready or he may be loaded in, and you can get in free DPS and save a few seconds which matters in UH Sodam and level 200 sodam.

If sodam fails to load in, you will have to wait and enjoy the space that is nothing and everything. Lol.

I’m sure a lot of people know this trick, and if you don’t, now you do. :3

My character at the start of pso2 and now at the end of pso2.

It’s crazy how my character went through many changes in her life. Progress in any form is nice to watch and see happen. :3

and my character now after learning new things and joining Witching Hour. A big change, lol.

She be an chaotic oni witch

Old pso2 logs

That’s all for now. Oh yeah, this Elphaba is the leader. Give them boops and headpats. I also want to try to make my logs long to read so they are not 200 words. :3