Sonic Forces Custom Character

So, a new trailer for Sonic Forces has dropped. And oh boy, People are happy with it and not happy with it. But it’s kinda normal but I will get in to it later. But let’s get into this, shall we?

So, as you knew before or some may not knew. Sonic’s Twitter teased at a 3rd character who would help Classic and modern Sonic through their new adventure to save the world.

So it was normal that there was going to be a trailer or at the very least, a video to show off this new character. Come May 16th, we get our video. Who is this character? The 3rd character is the player. Players can make and build their character to use.

This is the first time Sega and Sonic Team allow the player to make a OC ( Original Character ) That they can use within the game and a main sonic game at that.

My Thoughts

I feel that, this is a pretty good idea here. Maybe not everyone wants to play as the blue blur, so giving the player the power to build a character is smart. Players can take a Sonic game at their own pace which is great.

The custom character editor seems simple from the trailer but this is a case of, seeing it and playing it. And if this works out, they could really improve on this idea in the next game but assuming this is not a one off idea.

But I am open-minded about this and I am all for it. I feel this could be a fun idea to play with. :3

And of course, you know whenever there are fans who are happy and open minded about the ideas in sonic games, There are also the negative, closed minded, pessimistic fans right behind.

Now, not to say that they don’t have a reason for being like this, they do have a vaild reason….For the most part. These are the same Sonic fans who love to make a HUGE deal out of petty things. Or worse yet, have these “problems”

“Sonic has green eyes”

“The score system is broke”

“There are too many characters”

“There are not enough characters”

“The timer doesn’t work well or right”

“Why is Tails in Sonic CD?!”

So, you can already assume these same Sonic fans have /Nothing/ good to say, so you know the drill. When Sonic games try to use a new idea, they are most likely not going to give the idea a chance. Closed minded and stubborn.

Negative, closed minded, pessimistic Sonic fans are a lost cause, you would have better luck winning a prize than changing their mind. But hey, we are here for the positive side of the Sonic fans.

I got off track with my rant..Sorry about that. But hey, what do you think of the custom character? Are you open minded about it? Or are you like the rest of closed minded fans? Feel it doesn’t fit in cause it’s new?

Here is the trailer for the custom character in action.

Just wanted to share my thoughts about the custom character since I seen people and a few friends share their closed minded opinions before the game is even out.

But you can’t please everyone. But then again, not everyone is worth pleasing from the start.

But hey, that’s the great thing about opinions. My friends can have opinions, sure their opinions may be wrong and awful, but it’s theirs to have.

But that’s enough for now.

Thanks for reading.


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