January Blog Update

This blog post will be a recap of the things I have done. And I want to try something new or different this time. I want to give detail on somethings that are worth noting. And such. This is more of a list of things I have done.

January 8, 2021

elsword related

Completed rigomor weekly quests x 15

I completed rigomor daily quests x 8

I finished master road daily x 1

I have 665 master road marks as of 01/08/21

Duel links related

Relearned how to play bujins

Did my Duel Links NPC duels

Work Work Work GIF - Anime Typing Laptop GIFs

genshin impact-related

Did my daily commissions

Got Ningguang to level 70

My Ningguang can do some damage now

Got Jean to level 60


twitch.tv related

I made an updater on twitch stream for my game

I made a new title screen for my game.

1). I had a twitch viewer share his problems with me, and him getting into trouble. 1.1). I can see why people banned him or avoid him. It seems like he goes out his way to get into trouble.

I did a four-hour Livestream on twitch.


going to sleep now at 01:19:30 PM

made eggs and sausage

I was asleep

twitch.tv related

I talked to draxirch on stream

I watched him play SADX randomizer

Watched Tbaggingsince1990

Genshin impact-related

Played Genshin impact with Art, and Tez

Got a bit stronger

I had to mute my mic or turn it down cause I get feedback when I speak, and it gives me a headache. Though, Tez noticed but not really.

twitch related

I turned my past broadcasts into highlights

I saw HyperSonic7701 trying to do something that is luck based. Oh well.


I made myself a Facebook fan page for video games and other stuff.

I talked to link on Facebook.

Elsword Related

did my daily rigomor quest.


Elsword Related

I got reforge level 12 on bottom armor

I completed rigomor weekly quests x 1

I completed rigomor daily quests x 1

I have 796 master road marks as of 01/10/21

genshin impact-related

I did late-night farming with Tez.


I am thinking about deleting @Onychaos or making it an alt account.

I have been trying to use Twitter to post content.

I am thinking of the pros and cons of deleting my account.

Youtube related

I was watching almightyzentaco’s videos on clickteam fusion tutorials.

I was watching the developer of Epic Battle Fantasy play Epic Battle Fantasy 4 v2

on youtube, Livestream.

I was listening to Mittsies’s songs on youtube.

Twitch.tv related.

Watching tbaggingsince1990 stream some games

Watching glitteringgh0st stream the elder scrolls online

Watching kiyooo draw emotes for twitch

Playing stream raiders

Elsword related

I completed rigomor daily quests x 1

I did my master road daily x 1

I have 820 master road marks as of 01/10/21

genshin impact-related

Did my daily commissions

did my weekly bosses without Tez, Crozz, and Art.

I was able to solo level 80 childe

I was able to solo level 84 Andrius

I am getting strong enough to solo weekly bosses on my own

Duel Links related

did my daily duel

did my PVP duels


cooking roast beef

doing nothing much

planning to Livestream on twitch

getting on discord

burned food but saved it.

Blog related

I made a new post.

I am editing a blog post.

I scheduled a blog post to be live.

Discord related

Joined Deadkev19 in a call


genshin impact-related

did my daily commissions

played Genshin with Tez

elsword related

Did the daily rigomor quest

Did the daily master road quest

Did the weekly Henir’s Time and Space for normal/hard mode

I talked to NomadSOA. :3 Great person.

I started talking to shaive. :3 rad guy.

Discord related

Joined a new server made by NomadSOA and Shaive? I like it.


Game dev stream – Twitch related.

I did a 3-hour coding stream

I ran into a game-breaking bug but could not fix it at the moment 01:19:30 PM

score attack boss is better

The game is on build 1.263

I fixed some bugs in my game

elsword related

Did daily rigomor quest

did master road daily

I have 880 master road marks as of 01/12/21

Joined Shaive, NomadSOA of elsword stuff

I made a new friend.

Joined another elsword server called Skydrive

genshin impact-related

I am stronger now

Did my storm terror weekly fight

did my daily commissions


cooked food

made cornbread

mac and cheese


Discord related

I was watching anime with Sura on discord. :3

elsword related

I got my master road 3/3 set effect

PVP with princetony, NomadSOA

raided with Shaive

I heard NomodSOA got his FOJ


I got some video games: Crash bandicoot 4: It’s about time and Hyrule warriors: age of calamity.


Genshin Impact

did daily commissions

discord related

I watched “The garden of sinners” with Sura.

gaming related

I played Crash bandicoot 4: It’s about time, and I got far into the game but, it is hard.

elsword related

I funded Shaive again, lol.

I joined Shaive, Nomad, and Mari on an adventure.


under stress that made my heart race

forcing my self to wake up with also speeds up my heart rate




I woke up from a weird dream.

Genshin related

I did daily commissions

Barbara is level 60

Ningguang weapon is level 60

twitch related

I did a 4-hour stream.

I got more progress done.

elsword related

got nightmare blindfold


elsword related

I got a + 11 raid weapon

. I was happy to get it.

I got 250m ed/gold from Tez.

genshin related

pulled ganyu, keqing, qiqi


misc related

added more to my fan game

cooked salmon

then end up burning salmon


genshin related

did daily commissions


nothing much

Twitch related

I watched hyper streamed something “New.”


I got to rest.


elsword related

Got reforge level 13 on shoes

Had Shaive told me that I would be mid-DPS in elsword

May create an elsword review

twitch related

I watched SGLLHERO last night on twitch.


Anime related

I watched fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works with Sura.

I watched today’s menu for the emiya family.


gaming related

I played some games with (Wind7sisters)Susu and DatShadowWolf.


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