new years mini game

Alright, the second day of 2021 (At the time of this post). And what way to start the year off than to tell you I made a game for new years. So this is a “Sonic” fan game that is very simple in design. It is more or less a way to think of new bosses and build them.

I made this fangame in 2 days or less since I spent time goofing around, a lot.

I made this fangame in Clickteam Fusion 2.5. It is a “sonic” fan game that has one custom boss I created for the sake of this sonic fan game. It has ten hits, a shield, and two phases. I added a new move to the Sonic fan game, a dodge feature. The better your health, the longer your Iframes will last. You get more frames to avoid damage, whereas the lower your health, the lower your iframes would be.

The dodge move: is intended to help you dodge boss attacks, you play recklessly, you won’t get rewarded with iframes.


My Sonic fan game had the first day one patch. I do plan on adding more content, other features, and three new bosses. Maybe. But right now, I’m happy to release a fan game to the world, even if it is a bad game. Lol

I will keep you up to date with the fan game and such. I will be sure to list some features I got planned for this Sonic fan game.

Features planned:

– New boss or bosses

– Better ranking system

– Controller support (Xbox 360?)

– Score attack

– New boss phases

– Screenshot mode

– More characters (Maybe)

– Custom music

– Achievements

– Ring psychics

– New rank

– Better end screen

– Online leaderboard

– New features

That is stuff I plan to stream in the future. I can’t promise that everything here will get added to the game. Some things will not get added, but others, probably not going to happen or happen on stream, anyway.

I just released an updated version of my game. It has some bug fixes and new stuff added to it. If you want to play my game, you can download it here: New years mini-game. That will bring you to my download page.

If you download it, tell me how it is. Is it bad or good? I know it may be buggy or broken, but I think you can have “fun” playing it. Don’t go in expecting a whole lot, alright? That’s all I wanted to say. And stay awesome.

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