Was the Nintendo Direct on 2.17.2021 bad?

So, there has been some talk about Nintendo Direct on 2.17.2021 being awful. And I am here to take notes and see if it is terrible as people say. or if people are just upset about smash. It is 50 mins of updates, and I should have insight if it is good or not, and I can see if you feel the same way?

Nintendo Direct 2.17.2021

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate DLC
So, the first part of the Nintendo direct; is to show off the new characters that smash brothers now have. That being Pyra/Mithra from Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It seems Rex is not going to get in smash as a playable, other than being a Mii costume. And Pyra/Mithra look appealing to play as fighters, and their stage looks ok, but it makes me want to play Xenoblade two if I had the game.

The DLC was not too bad, but I am sure it is not the DLC character or characters that Twitter wanted in smash ultimate, but I feel that shouldn’t matter at the end of the day. It is a fun video game that has an excellent crossover with a lot of characters.

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Fall guys: ultimate knockout
After Smash ultimate, fall guys is getting released on Nintendo Switch. I never played it, but I have seen other people stream fall guys or make videos on fall guys. And releasing this game on switch is not bad. We had the worst on the Nintendo switch. It is pretty harmless, and you don’t have to buy it, so, yeah.

Outer Wilds
It’s a 3D game where you must find out why the solar system is getting destroyed. The video game gives off no man’s sky vibes, but it is its own thing. I don’t know if you can farm items, but you probably can.
The game does show promise, and it looks like it may be fun if you are into space sim-type games.

Famicom Detective Club: the missing heir, Famicom Detective Club: the girl who stands behind.
These are visual novel games about solving a murder mystery within a time limit. If you saw the ace attorney games, then it is that. Find the cause, the reason, and the murder within the time given to you. They look entertaining but never got into VN’s like that. Maybe it is time to change that.

Samurai Warriors 5
It is a one vs. 1000 enemies. If ever you played Hyrule warriors or dynasty warriors. It is pretty much that. You vs. A whole army, and while your AI partners will be useless on the battlefield. You are a single army. And these games are usually fun when you want to hit things or burn off steam.
Legend of mana
An RPG of a series I have never played. Legend of Mana is your JRPG where you need to restore the world, and it comes with some nice changes. It is a remake, I never knew that there was a legend of mana video game, but again, I never touched the series, lol. But this remake looks like it may be my starting point.

Monster Hunter Rise
it is a brand new monster hunter video game. It looks like it will be a fun game, but most of their games are fun. Monster hunter games; that had online co-op have always been a lite MMORPG, and I use MMORPG loosely. New monsters to fight. New characters to play as, and good times.

And you can get a monster hunter rise Nintendo switch console with the game downloaded onto the system, and it looks pretty cool. It’s not astounding, but it is not bad. And there is a monster hunter rise pro-controller.

Mario Golf Super rush
It is golf with Mario and friends. I don’t play golf video games since I stopped playing Pangya celebrity and Pangya debug. But this new Mario golf gives me Pangya vibes. You can give your character stat points to improve their golf skills, and it has a story mode. That is pretty awesome. If you played Pangya, you might be at home.

I will be looking at few other games.

Neon White
A first-person shooter or FPS about killing demons in heaven? It uses cards that give your character weapons or moves to fight the foes, with a side of a visual novel to boot. I’m not too big on FPS, but this once has some charm?

DC Super Hero Girls Teen Power
It looks like this is to cash in on DC Super Hero Girls. Looks can be deceiving. I think this “may” be a game that is worth trying out whenever you get the chance. You control one character while the ai controls the other characters.


Miiopia is a mii RPG with a life sim on the side. It has been a while since we had a video game that is remotely close to Streetpass Quest / Find Mii. And now that Miitopia is coming to switch, it will have that same feel of find mii minus the street pass since you can make a mii instead of trying to find a mii.

The legend of Zelda: Skyward sword HD
A game that came out ten years ago is getting a remaster for Nintendo Switch. And I have to say I am ready for it. A game I owned for Wii but couldn’t play it due to my Wii motion sensor and Wii remote remaining broken. But now I have a chance to play it again but on Nintendo Switch.

Splatoon 3
At the start, it seems like it is going to go with this mad max theme of being in a wasteland, but the tone changes once getting on the train. The game has new weapons and new mechanics, but this one is coming out in 2022. It may be worth the wait.

Ok, I want to address the things that people said that the Nintendo Direct was a bomb or it was shit.

My associate: Drax
He said the Nintendo Direct was shite. And a real bomb. And later said it was lacking? What was lacking, and why was it shite? It seems more like echoing what people said on Twitter. They said it was shit because Nintendo Direct didn’t have what they wanted in the Nintendo Direct. It is funny. This kind of person says something is not great. But will not supply an answer to why they think it is.

If you plan on giving your opinion, at least provide a few reasons why you think it is awful; saying it is weak or lacking doesn’t make anything clear. And leaves it purposely vague because the reason they have is questionable.

My associate: Deadkev19
He said why people dislike the Nintendo Direct was: “It wasn’t, Smash fans are just salty. ” His words, not mine. And someone who has a bias against Smash fans and looks at things at face value. But I won’t throw the reason out the window, but there are more games than super smash brothers ultimate.

My thoughts; on this whole Nintendo Direct.
It was passable or at least worth watching. The Nintendo Switch is getting a new library of games and ports and DLC. Something that is always nice to have. Could the Direct be done better? Sure. But as is. It was nice enough. It tells you about upcoming games, content, and coming ports.
Is the Nintendo Direct bad or a bomb, or shite? No. It is decent or worth watching. The internet has a lot of man-children that do get angry when Nintendo or Masahiro Sakurai
don’t add something they wanted from their high expectations or high standards.

It is usually best to ignore the comments when people say something is wrong. They say something is horrible because they set high expectations that are unreachable. And are upset when their said standards don’t get met. Lmfao.

To say one last time. Nintendo Direct is good, but it does have some bad moments. But roughly 75% to 80% of the content is a sight to behold. But hey. It is my opinion. What are your thoughts? If you watched the direct?