Looking back on some things I have done two years ago and I forgot about some Sonic Forces time attack / score attack videos I did for a site called CyberScore. 


I was going to upload these videos and link them on CyberScore but these videos are out of date and I have not touched Sonic Forces in sometime, and I just have no need to head back to do ILS or Individual Levels that and my data I had saved was overridden when I did my first Sonic Forces race.

It’s a shame too. I was at one point uploading Ils to post to CyberScore but Sonic related ILS are not fun to do anymore or at least not right now, it’s boring to me. I know there are people and friends who get a rush or get a boost from doing ILS.


Proud of that pun. :3 But doing Ils on Cyberscore was fun. Who knows? Maybe I may do ILs in the future at some point for a bit and drop ILS as well but for now, that’s done with.

Review: Sonic Forces

So it is time to give my review on Sonic Forces and tell you what I think.

I will be using the PS4 version for this review.

Sega and Sonic Team have given us a new game. Is it Good? Let’s find out.

Let’s talk about the story. I will be using the Sonic Forces theater to get a recap on the story


The game starts off, with Dr. Eggman being fed up losing to that blue blur, Sonic. This has led to him to make his latest creation that will put a stop to Sonic, and friends once and for all.


Eggman has his forces in the city where he now has control, Sonic gets the news from Tails and meets up with them. Being able to stop his robots from causing any more damage.

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Sonic Forces Infinite

Hello again, Sonik here with a new post. Sorry I have not been posting as much but that will change in the near future.


So, as you already know. Sonic forces has showed off the new bad guy, Infinite. And damn, if Sega wanted to do edgy “right” They done it well here. I must say that he is pretty bad ass for a new bad guy.

And his theme “Infinite” is edgy but not too edgy, like Shadow The Hedgehog theme was. “Infinite” theme gives me Linkin Park vibes when I hear it. Can’t be sure if this is the full Song or not.

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Sonic Forces Custom Character

So, a new trailer for Sonic Forces has dropped. And oh boy, People are happy with it and not happy with it. But it’s kinda normal but I will get in to it later. But let’s get into this, shall we?

So, as you knew before or some may not knew. Sonic’s Twitter teased at a 3rd character who would help Classic and modern Sonic through their new adventure to save the world.

So it was normal that there was going to be a trailer or at the very least, a video to show off this new character. Come May 16th, we get our video. Who is this character? The 3rd character is the player. Players can make and build their character to use.

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Thoughts on SXSW

So a few days ago. We all got to see the SXSW Stream on Twitch and youtube, which gave us more news about the new and upcoming Sonic games. “Sonic Mania” “Sonic Forces” While at the stream, we got new content to hold some of us over.

Let’s get to the point and up to speed.

My thoughts on the SXSW Stream, it was great for what it was. It may not be the best but it was good to understand what was going on and that’s all that really matters that you know what’s going on.

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