Discord Server update log.

It is time to make a big discord log of changes, and I got a lot of updates for the server. Enough stalling here. Let’s get on with the changes I got planned here.

Server Roles

I will list all of them and new ones. And I will list what each role does and what not.

@Everybody. does nothing. This is a role that can’t be removed.

@members. You get access to the server and all the stuff within. Below are the following features.

  1. access to most of the server.
  2. access to voice calls and can Livestream in calls.
  3. an active member of the server
  4. You can boop and play. And join certain events or game nights.

An addon to member’s role, if you are active.

@member level 1 – you get a chance to win a prize via a giveaway

@member level 2

@member level 3

@member level 4

@member level 5 – You get a chance to win 3 things or lose 3 things + you get to help with stuff

500 points for level 1 | 1000 points for level 2 | 3000 points for level 3 | 4500 points for level 4 | 10000 for level 5. And there is a bonus feat with the roles that will affect gameplay for future games. Each level is a multiplier and the higher the level, the better the multiplier will be.

Sunday is x4. What would be times 5 multiplier will be times 20 instead.


While I do not believe in kicking users who do not speak for a set amount of time. I will however give inactive users this role to show they are inactive. And by having this role, you will lose @members role and the following will happen.

  1. You will be able to view the main area
  2. Access to the server will be limited
  3. access to voice calls will be limited
  4. Server features will be limited or disabled

If you get this role, all you have to do is chat in #chat for a good bit, and I will give you back the @members role. I will say that 6 months of not talking is grounds for being marked as inactive.

@Stream Safe

Should be clear. But if not.

  1. Don’t say anything that would break Twitch/youtube TOS
  2. if you can censor yourself so you end up with every other livestreamer that slips up and says hot buzz words.
  3. And if you speak.

you will be able to join Livestream calls and probably chat with other ppls. I want to stream with people but I don’t need ppls to say things that would break tos.

@Twitch /or @youtube

these roles I feel are the same, so it is better to put them together. Just a role you stream on twitch/youtube or make videos on youtube. You can post your videos or streams in the channels meant for your platform of choice.

pso2, fate, Genshin, DL, Elsword

Again, if you play these games, you can add these roles, yourself or let me know, and I will add them for you. And in the channels, you post content related to the game. Videos, guides, tips, or just random things lol.


This channel is for adults, talk about adult anime, games, or make adult stories. Until I can tell if a user is an adult, this area is sealed off.


This is a special role. It’s more or less the same as @inactive, but with much fewer features. And it is pretty much a trial role that will allow you to chat in a few areas, but that’s it.

Sus role

You are sus. The role is just a rare role you can earn or get by random.

Incoming changes

With a big patch. I will be adding new stuff. Channels will get a touch-up. There will be subtext or channel info or what not Updating roles to make things easy for editing later on with the click of a button.

Short and simple, really and updating role functions as well. Voice channels are getting changed as well here.

Removing things (nerfs)

So, as the header of this part says. I will be removing things from the server as they are inactive or I added to the server too soon.

Removing roles

associates, chat mod are roles I will add back later on. Twitch VIP, I may get rid of it may it a role that is just seen on your account.

Removing channels

Spotify-playlist, art, junk-mail. and anything that is inactive.

Not really being used and getting rid of them is all. Patch notes. Wow :o

Adding in a new stuff

vote land and end credits

just for voting or reacting if something comes up. Lol,

sus role will roll out quietly when everything is done. Lol.

Lewd server picture.

Changing some things with leaving

I used to be different about when people left the server back then. Users would join then leave after. Let’s change that, shall we? A user may leave and rejoin. You will no longer get shunned from rejoining, BUT you will be a permanent guest on the server, and any roles you had before you left won’t get added back. No ifs, and’s. Or buts. Your butt will be a guest.

And that’s it for the update. If you wish to join, you can join by invite code or invite link.

Discord invite code: nK3W8Bu9Xt

discord invite link: https://discord.gg/nK3W8Bu9Xt


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