Sonic Forces Infinite

Hello again, Sonik here with a new post. Sorry I have not been posting as much but that will change in the near future.


So, as you already know. Sonic forces has showed off the new bad guy, Infinite. And damn, if Sega wanted to do edgy “right” They done it well here. I must say that he is pretty bad ass for a new bad guy.

And his theme “Infinite” is edgy but not too edgy, like Shadow The Hedgehog theme was. “Infinite” theme gives me Linkin Park vibes when I hear it. Can’t be sure if this is the full Song or not.

I know or have this feeling that Infinite is going to be a one off final boss, but if he is a one off, I just hope to god that he puts up a fight. Bosses in other games have either been lacking in areas or overstay their welcome or have been too easy and quick to fight.


They can do so much with this guy, question is, will they? I like him, don’t about you guys but he is cool. And, of course, we will those who be closed minded to new ideas or characters or just bash them. I am open minded like always.

I feel that Infinite has potential to have a good backstory or be a better “edgy” character then Shadow, but time will tell if he will or won’t be. But there is potential here.

These were my thoughts, thanks for reading this short post, though I am late to the party. Better late then never, right?

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