So, I see that Sonic Speed 2020 is close to starting. In a few days and plan to last for 3 days of Sonic Speed running. I seen their Sonic Speed trailer (The music at the start sounds like a bad future) and it’s interesting because they go through all the years they held the event

They mention Sonic Speed 2016-2019 but I assume Sonic Speed R Transformed got the boot because I see no mention of it, since if we are doing a look back on the years of this then I feel that mentioning your failures and successes can be a good thing in some cases.

But I have not joined nor watched a Sonic Speed event after Sonic Speed R Transformed left a awful impression on me, given I was in Sonic Speed R Transformed, I was disappointed, and the funny thing is I used to join the Sonic Speed event in 2016? But Sonic Speed R Transformed had a interesting idea of running two games back to back..

But even that didn’t save it from failure that was the Sonic Speed R Transformed being ran by one person, but people told him to keep the event up even though one person who was holding the event up wanted to stop the event(Rumor), which was poor. The event got cancelled after Day 3..

I wanna say that whoever hosts / runs the event now has learned to manage things better, and not let one person handle everything. I wanted to rant about Sonic Speed R Transformed for two years.

I will check out Sonic Speed 2020 but for as joining it. They want the big or upcoming Sonic speedrunners who are also PG or safe, and if anything I would be denied much like that event Nothin’ but Mario and Sonic which I’m still kinda sad about but It’s why I no longer try to join events or marathons as things have changed over the years.

Oh well, on to the positives here, Sonic Speed 2020 is raising money for a charity called direct relief. Keep in mind that they won’t be able to raise a lot of money on a AGDQ level but any amount counts in this case. I hope all those retweets and likes amount to something

They have a twitter, you can follow them, and help them reach a goal because liking and retweeting does very little in terms of help. Yes, more people will see the tweet but that doesn’t mean they will click the link. They might like and go on about their day.

I might check in the event, And see how it is doing, assuming I’m not banned in the stream but could be fun to watch it and see how things play out. Hope it turns out well.

I will be watching from the shadows and may live blog the progress of Sonic Speed 2020. Just wanted to blog about this.

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