PSO2: New Genesis Headline (11/29/22) Thoughts

So, this is going to be a big post on Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis’s December update. And my thoughts about it are that I have a lot I want to say because I know other players were not too pleased by the headline. I would even say some were disappointed by the headline.

This blog post will be me talking about what I liked and didn’t like, what was good to show off and what was not good to show. I want to share my thoughts on the headline and what I’m looking forward to, in my opinion.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis: Headline

Let me set the stage. It is 7:59 Am, and players are waiting for the headline before some sleep, going to work, or starting their morning. A lot of people have seen the update video prior to the headline. And if you are wondering, what video? I got you.

We all saw the Stia trailer two months ago. And we knew about the class changes. Well, almost everyone knew. Back to the matter. It hits 8 Am, but we have to wait 8 mins for it to go live. Also, you need to subscribe to the chat for a day to chat.

After 8 mins, it goes live, and we get the news.


Stia is all lava with some beach locations on the cool side of stia. Stia is going with the camp base. Again? Again. We also got a squad of gigantix to fight for stia. It seems the gigantix may be normal monsters but stronger of course.

We also get new Trainia for our new skills, and some look ok. It seems to be platform-based. Not much to say here other than free skill points.

We have a new augment for stia

Now for the Effulgent series that we get by turning in tickets that we get by doing limited-time quests. They look interesting, and these are fire-based weapons. It is unclear how strong these weapons are but should be safe to assume that Effulgent weapons will be strong to help you in Stia story quests.

And we got the big brother or big sister to the Kukuhroziat weapon series. Kouklophis is a strong weapon with a base damage of 520. And it has a free fixa attack lv 3 by turning in 200 stia materials. These weapons will be more defense-based weapons to reduce damage, but we have to wait and see on December 7th and the campaigns.

Let’s talk about features listed as: “Tons of new features” Let’s see what is new but what should have been part of the game or part of a QOL update instead of a big update.

Lively face options. You can make a character look the way you want now. They can look more like anime or double your eyelashes, I guess? This feature seems like it would be a thing from the start, but it’s there now.

There are tags for star gem scratch tickets. While this one is nice, I feel like this should have been a QOL change from day one. The fact we are getting this now feels weird. It’s strange, man. But now you can know what is new, old, and more.

Featured items in the trash bin, I mean, the recycle lineup. This one is interesting now. Featured shop items will be here. I have to imagine that it will be a select set of shop items that most people need or already have. It could be good.

A region mag boost can get recharged now. This one is great. You can refresh the mag boost instead of waiting for it to run out. It’s a good feature.

Your guild name will show up on the arks ids. I guess this is neat for that one percent.

Now you can use a Ryuker Device when in battle. I am mixed about this being a feature now. On the one hand, you can join a room if your friends need you without combat. It Makes this less of a hassle. On the other hand, why did it take them this long to make this a feature? You don’t need to have your hand held, you know.

There is a feature update to join parties. You could recruit players by placing a beacon on your character, and if players saw it, they could choose to join, but usually, most players would be shy to do that. I think Base Phantasy Star Online 2 had it right. You see a beacon, you click, and you join. It was simple and easy for players to join you.

And now an update that removes that is auto join a party looking for members. I do not know if this is random or what, but it would be nice to have it when sega added the recruit feature back then.

Now, this feature should have been a thing from DAY 1. I don’t care if there was only one rank back then. This display should have been there at the start. What am I talking about now? I’m talking about the Rank display for urgent quests, triggers, and quests in the user interface.

There have been times I had to double-check I was joining the correct quest rank for something.

Character count increase for Alliance comments. This character count is something that really matters to an Alliance leader. Not much to say here.

New Arks ID Backdrop to make your id pop with style. I guess it is a neat feature, but meh.

And that’s it for the features. Then they move on to scratch tickets and other things. They recap the new stuff you saw 8 mins ago. I will link their video, as I want to talk about the important things here. And they show reform nine and the new battle pass

Do you like seasonal events? No? Are you saying we had a season event not too long ago? That’s interesting. Have another one in a few weeks.

And get ready for the new AC scratch: Frozen World ‘22

AC support is coming back. Woo. If you got money, this is a great update for you. And stia packs.

And one accessory for a Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis content creator and keroppi.

And then you have the 2023 Sympathy. I’m not going but it’s there as an option.

And that’s it. There is no gunblade. The stream was questionable, if not good.

So, let’s nip this in the bud. Ok.

Gunblade for Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis might not come out this year, and work in progress might not be a thing until the next big update, which is in 2023, and even then, that’s not 100% to be true. In the worst case, gunblade could come out in 2023 to 2024.

It is clear that we are not going to see gunblade. And people were disappointed, and I’m not talking about the gunblade users.

And with that aside. I was hopeful that we would see a little more of stia, see if our weapons/units can be +70, and maybe have six augment slots, but I did not see any of that. It was things that leakers and sega leaked prior. And while there was new stuff there, it felt underwhelming.

The fact that giga may be new form of a mob boss for open fields, purple triggers, and such is a letdown. The monsters feel like copy and paste. They have a pool of enemies they could use, and they wish to reuse the same ones with a new twist.

I kept playing Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis when it had rough updates, I kept playing, and I have been playing since day one, but I think I’m tired. I will see what to do in stia. And if it is not fun, I will stop playing for now.

And as far as I see it, and if this is true. We are in the final region of Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, and if this region is a dud. People will feel burned (ha, pun) if this is how we end the final area. I don’t know, but wait and see what part two offers.

If it is a dud, I got other games to play as a backup, so I’m good.


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