November and December log

Ah, yes. It’s time to make some changes that will be better for me. I have to put myself first and learn to say no. And some people or a person won’t like this, but oh well. This is an update log of stuff I want to do/plan to do and whatnot.

Things I want to do

Update on games I’m making.

Sonicvania + boss rush update

So, the boss rush fan game is still going to be updated. I have gone ahead and started on a SonicVania standalone game mode within the boss rush fan game, and how that can be unlocked will be a secret

The basic core engine for SonicVania is 5 % done. I think once I get 30% done, I will release it with an update. And on that note, I’m gonna work on the next boss as that is the holdup for the update and I need to add a cut scene. There is a lot of work that needs to be done. The second boss is the death egg robot, and I need to make an effect if a player tries to get behind the boss.

Controller Support is gonna be fun for main content and bonus content. You can still use a keyboard.


After it got hacked, it killed my will to do anything else on cyberscore, granted, I was already done with doing anything cyberscore related so this gave me an extra push but I could give cyberscore the last shot, even though score attacking is becoming a niche thing.

  1. Go back and do sonic CD runs for cyberscore and see how I feel
  2. If I like it, I will jump to sonic mania or a sonic game for cyberscore
  3. I think I might just do things on a different site.

Streaming on twitch

I don’t know if things have got better with the bots, but I plan on streaming back to twitch and seeing how that goes. It should be fine, I’m just streaming silly things and trying to have a good time.

Genshin impact

Phantasy Star Online 2: New genesis

Clickteam coding.

Elsword plans

Now that I am getting close to having my characters geared up in genshin impact, I can start to focus on a lot more things. Elsword is a big one here and it is going to be solo farming so here is the plan, once I get a set of two teams geared up.

  1. Save up to 100 billion in ED (10 billion ed per character)
  2. Get rigomor get to +21
  3. Get good artifacts and artifact sockets
  4. Get a weapon and exp weapon and armor and exp armor to +12
  5. Buy the good accessories
  6. Perfect socket my flames of judgment
  7. Perfect imprint sockets
  8. Perfect socket my exp flames of judgment
  9. Perfect imprint sockets for exp
  10. Finish up my el collection book
  11. Make some more characters
  12. Become strong where i don’t need a guild any longer.

Things I plan to do

Making a new app for giveaways

I have been working on doing or making an app for giveaways on my server and adding in special little features for giveaways. Lose points, win the prize, win points, double or nothing. And more. :P

Playing games with friends

Playing Terraria Calamity with SBCZ

So, a fun playthrough/stream is going to be of me and SBCZ playing through terraria calamity mod together. And since we pretty much beat base terraria or close to it. We can dive into the mod for more fun and stuff. And I would love to stream this with my friend. :3

Playing Among us with Tigre

If I am free and don’t have to cook on thanksgiving. I and Tigre will join a public room and see how among us turns out. I mean, I did among us with some friends, a few months ago, and I didn’t see any toxic users. And the game me and my friends did was fun. I might stream this on twitch but I have to see. We can always raincheck.

Friends and letting go of some

So, with friends, I’m pretty picky when It comes to making friends. I had my fair share of crazy friends and still do. Or have friends that get too controlling. I like to be friends with people that give off the same energy as me. As much of a jaded troll hyper can be sometimes, he is pretty chill. Never gets on my case. And the same for my close friends like autobotodst, shiny, and link. They are all good friends, and we do our own thing but never get one each other case if we don’t talk.

Things I have done

Learning to make my own bosses

I have been learning to make my own bosses with clickteam. It’s not easy but it is rewarding to do. The second boss is coming along slowly but surely. And I will have tigre test the boss for bugs and errors, and all that jazz.

I was thinking of adding in-between levels for the boss rush story mode which will be better than fading out. I can’t wait.

Played games with Tez

I played shadow verse with him, and while it was fun the first few games. The extra rounds got boring and not fun. And then we played genshin together, and it was fine. But after playing solo for so long and enjoying it more. I heard he stopped playing because I stopped playing with him, kinda bugged me a little bit. If that is true.

I hate hearing this. “I stopped playing x because you stopped playing with me.” Look, you either want to play something cause you enjoy it or you don’t enjoy it. Don’t use someone as a reason. It is why I can play most games without a problem because I don’t use friends as a reason to play something. I like the game or I don’t.

And given the fact that tez is behind, it’s hard to play with him because he does not know the new area storywise or has not been there yet, and I been playing with JetDaBear, I’ve been having fun.

And Tez wants to play Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis and he is still on ship 3, and Tez needs to switch ships because I’m not going to move to ship 3. If Tez wants to stay on ship 3, he can, I’m not going to put all my time into ship 3. Ship 1 is my home, I’m not going to change that. until he moves to ship 1 because I am not doing everything over again on ship 3 and not going to be fun doing it all over again. Time is limited.

I will play Genshin Impact with Tez, and even Elsword. But with PSO2, until he gets to ship one, nah. I guess I have more fun playing on my own. I have to see how I feel.

Using my time wise

As the title says, I have been using my time more wisely. I am done waiting on some people. I give a date to do something, and if the people I ask to come up with a reason why they can’t do something. I won’t wait on them, I will find someone who can, and that is ok.

And since I have been using my time well. I have been having a lot of me-time and doing things. And I got a group of friends who I play games with

Autobotodst and shiny – Destiny 2, talk about coding video games, and something else.

HyperSonic7701 – Something, I guess?

Drax – idk lol

Tigre – Among us, pso2, something else

Susu – Mario Kart 8, Animal crossing

SBCz – Terraria, SRB2Kart, Mario Kart 8

Aluria / Daestar – Phantasy Star Online 2

Link – Terraria, smash bros, genshin

Mastakirby – Fate?, genshin impact?, Srb2, srb2kart, pso2: NGS

Zombie – Fate (He still needs to add me back), srb2kart

it is pretty nice to have people to play games with. I will move on to stardew valley later on.

What I have been doing

Time to list some fun stuff I have been doing and I will update this log on December 25th and it is a shortlist of things. And I guess part 2 of using my time-wise?

  1. Been playing genshin impact and making progress
  2. watching people be stupid in the witching hour guild
  3. Playing Fate grand order
  4. Updating my discord server
  5. becoming more active on social media
  6. seeing who is a good friend to keep and who to drop.
  7. Blogging more, and talking about anything.
  8. Been playing Phantasy Star Online 2: new genesis
  9. been commenting or trying to comment more on other bloggers’ posts like Crow, Nintendo news, Irina, and others.
  10. Coding things and games in clickteam.
  11. Cooking a lot and enjoying life with friends.
  12. I’m coming out of my shell and trying to be active in discord servers. If I have anything to say.

That’s all for this mini-update log. Thanks for reading.

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