Thoughts on Sonic Speed 2017

Been wanting to do this for a while. Hello, boys and girls. Sonik the guy here.

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So for those who live under a rock and don’t know what Sonic Speed is…BLESS

Disclaimer: This is my thoughts. I know some one will see this and get all mad or leave a petty reply. Just my thoughts what I think the future Sonic Speed are will be like but anything can change.

MY THOUGHTS                   

Lol, joking, Sonic Speed is a normal marathon of Sonic games that each streamer must run the game, meet the goal and have proof if they don’t stream or if the stream dies.

Sonic Speed is a marathon/event where you compete to be the “best” And better than your rival. Your rival wants to play for fun? GOT TO SHOW THEM UP.

I would have to say that the people who are playing for fun and just speedrunning for fun are going to be the ones who have fun.

Then, of course, you have those who must “TRY” to be better then everyone and for them, “fun” is only used if they are winning. Which gives me the impression that they have the mindset “If you are not first then you are last”

Sonic Speed is a marathon/event that is a, when it boils down is a fan project that aims to show off who is good at running Sonic games and you even get a prize but if you are not like the rest of the sonic community who eats, thinks, live Sonic, you’re not getting any prize.

Sonic Speed is hosted by those in the  Sonic speedrun community, and you all know how I feel about that community.

I don’t Dislike that community as a whole but its members left a negative impact on me and they are pretty toxic IMO but not gonna say who, that’s a secret. lol

SO if you like Sonic and like to speedrun or If you like to speedrun for fun, go here @SonicSpeedThon They will keep you up to date and when they go

I feel that it’s a waste of time but I’m not going to say that it shouldn’t be a thing, there are people who enjoy this and hey, if you get a power trip from these type of events where you need to be first or be better then everyone then hey, have fun.

As they said before,  anyone can join but Sonic Speed is REALLY meant for the advanced competitive sonic runners who knows every trick in the book for the sonic games. You can join but if you are trying to have fun and be first.

I will say this. You will have fun, assuming you are not those competitive speedrunners who can’t have fun unless they are in first or need a new PB and in that case, you are not going to have fun in any way if you are too competitive.

BUT hey. Sonic Speed is meant to be for fun..LOL, but as I said,  you can join if you wish. To join you need to have the following

SpeedrunsLive ACCOUNT

The right game for the run in Sonic Speed

And you need a capture card and streaming software

But that’s it, I said my thoughts and thanks for reading~


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