Twitch team: Chaotic Space

So, I got followed by a Twitter account called: “Chaotic Space.” A twitch team for streamers to join. And It’s weird they follow me on Twitter when I usually tweet about going live on my Twitter: OnyChaos.

And I am not sure why they followed me. Maybe it is a bot account, or the owner of the Twitter account checks the twitch tags on Twitter once in a while to see who is a streamer and follows them. It’s not a bad thing. It’s just weird that if you follow someone without saying anything.

Sword Art Online Sao GIF - SwordArtOnline Sao Gabriel GIFs

I have been down this road before. Accounts like these wait for a bit for a follow, and if they don’t get it, they unfollow you. It begs the question. Why follow when you are going to unfollow later? It’s pretty stupid.

I got off-topic. I might want to join this team, but there was another team I left because I did not like being on that twitch team. I didn’t enjoy this twitch team because it wasn’t fun. That team was “Streamers Connected” That team had the same thing as Chaotic Space. Join the team via discord.

Streamers Connected discord, for me, was not fun. People there didn’t sit well with me, which made me leave the Streamers Connected’s discord server, and by proxy, getting kicked from the team.

One Punch Man2Ova Suiryu GIF - OnePunchMan2Ova Suiryu Garou GIFs

I can’t be sure if Chaotic Space is going to be more or less the same as Streamers Connected. And being on a new team would be nice, at least. I have been on this twitch anime team for 5+ years.

But only time will tell. I will keep an eye out for this account. If this account unfollows me, then I can say it was a bot account or someone trying to increase their follower count.

It’s hard for me to trust being on a team since you hear so many things about big twitch teams have members do awful things or starting issues. But I may join Chaotic Space’s discord to see how they are. If they are friendly and likable, I will ask if I can join or apply to join the twitch team.

Assuming Chaotic Space doesn’t have a list of don’t’s if you want to join their team.

Angry Cat Noises Shout GIF - AngryCatNoises Shout Anime GIFs

But yeah, I will be keeping an eye out for this twitch team to get an idea of them. I am cautious when it comes to joining a twitch team on twitch. It is why I don’t join other twitch teams other than The Anime Club, Streamers Connected (But I didn’t enjoy being on this team), And The Sonic Center(I also didn’t enjoy being on this team).

That’s all I wanted to say, it was interesting to see a twitch team account follow me, and one I never heard of, to boot.

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