Why do I blog

So it is time to talk about something new. https://onychaosrealm.files.wordpress.com/2023/04/chrome_81bckhma5f.png https://twitter.com/DailysonicFoxes/status/1563196823765860352 Ah, crap. I guess it is story time, huh? When my blog spikes in page views, I know what that means. But this will be a happy story, and don't worry. I want to give you a backstory, so it is time. We need … Continue reading Why do I blog

Some small changes

A small update but a happy one. :o

December update log

Time to make a “fun” blog post, which is an update log at the end of the day. Let's get going. Take this with a grain of salt. Twitter Ah, the land of the dead, the place I came back to because I had made a dummy account but went back to my old account … Continue reading December update log

Jaiden animations was trending

Oh boy. We are somehow back here again on the Twitter topic, but this time. It is for something very dumb, and very commonplace for twitter.com. And it is kind of sad, and a good reason why many use Twitter less and less. Why are we here? Glad you asked. Jaiden Animations response So, as … Continue reading Jaiden animations was trending

Update log

I wanted to make an update log. And for where I have been and what I am doing. I know it has already been a month since my last blog post, and a lot of stuff has happened/is still happening, and I should get to it. I got a lot of things I want to … Continue reading Update log

Twitch team: Chaotic Space

So, I got followed by a Twitter account called: "Chaotic Space." A twitch team for streamers to join. And It's weird they follow me on Twitter when I usually tweet about going live on my Twitter: OnyChaos. And I am not sure why they followed me. Maybe it is a bot account, or the owner … Continue reading Twitch team: Chaotic Space

Thinking of opening a new discord server

So I made a new discord server. But the thing is, I’m not sure if I should open it up for use. I had an ex server but, I deleted that one. So what I plan to do is, give it some time, update the server, add stuff and changes, and maybe open it up. … Continue reading Thinking of opening a new discord server

Twitter.com broke again

Once again, the "wonderful" social site known as Twitter has broken, again. Timelines don't load, tweets are now missing or been deleted, can't post. It's pretty annoying that it has happened...Again. I can save drafts but that's it. Some of my tweets got deleted, I can't post, my timeline of people I follow won't load. … Continue reading Twitter.com broke again

October Blog Update

Hiya. Just another blog update that is happy and a lot to talk about and dump out all my feelings. These are good feeling though. And I should talk about old stuff and new stuff Well. It's October, and when I say there is a lot to talk about. There is a lot of stuff … Continue reading October Blog Update

September Blog Update

Hmm, A lot has happened in a few weeks. pc died, a old best friend found me, almost started a fire when cooking and going through the 5 stages of emotions. Hmm... and want to talk about somethings i been thinking about. Assuming people read. Update on my Uncle My uncle is well. The person … Continue reading September Blog Update

Looking back on some things

It's crazy.. A few years ago. I was friends with the whole group. Jack, Susu, Henry, BlackDiamond. I feel I have been repeating history since the same happened with Onyx but that is a different case. There is a bright side to this later on. Why am I writing this? Later on.. Won't be linking … Continue reading Looking back on some things

ZAMDS, the COLLABORATION Youtube account

So I was browsing my old Twitter names which have a archive of twitter accounts from people I talked too. Assuming their account is still up.. And I found a collaboration YouTube and twitter I made with friends a decade ago. We made the Youtube account in 2009.. WHAT DOES ZAMDS MEAN? Look at the … Continue reading ZAMDS, the COLLABORATION Youtube account

Hyper’s Quest 2 – what happened?

So Hyper Quest 2 is or was a fangame being worked on by a small team or something. The man on Twitter who changes his username way too much used to dm me on Twitter to test his new builds of the fan game after I made my first post on his game back in … Continue reading Hyper’s Quest 2 – what happened?

My goal list for 2018

So I made a goal post thing a while ago. But here is a new one but this will be a over all goal I have planned for my self. I have a lot of goals and mini goals. Some of these goals might bleed over into next year as that might be a possible … Continue reading My goal list for 2018

My goals for 2018

Plans. My plans for 2018 and changes.