Genshin Impact thoughts and stuff

Time to talk about Genshin Impact, A game I like playing a whole lot more. And this blog post will have some tips and opinions of mine.

The start of Genshin Impact?

Genshin impact at the start was the game that made some botw fans mad because genshin impact at the start was a “breath of the wild” clone, and it was funny to see so many users get worked up over a video game. Even a user I believe broke their ps4 in protest because they saw genshin impact on ps4 and thought it was a botw clone. I think it is silly.

Editor note: If I say botw, I’m referring to “Breath of the wild”. It’s faster to say. ouo

Genshin impact now.

Oh boy. It is a good open-world RPG with co-op build-in. It is also a single-player game that can be played online only. And yes, it does have some elements from botw but that’s fine. If you played BOTW, you will be fine here. It is also a gacha game, so you will be time-gated in terms of getting items, you can, of course, spend money to speed up the process of farming items.

Once you start playing, you get 3 free characters. Amber, Lisa, and Kaeya. These are good 4 stars characters that you can get by with. You can get more characters by pulling in the Limited character banner for the rare character or pulling on the normal character banner to get a new character or new weapon.

You can start doing events as soon as adventure rank 20+? Events are something you must do, as some events do not come back, and some event rewards are gone forever. And you do not want to miss out on some events as you could have a free weapon or item.

You can earn primogems by doing daily quests once you unlock them, completing story quests, doing events, opening random chests, clearing one-time domains.

And other means, like genshin livestreams, give free redeem codes when a new update is coming.

Some events (few and far) are near the end game meaning, you need to be geared if you plan on doing them since they need a good team or two.

My experience with genshin impact.

I learned some things. I learned that Booba in genshin impact scares dae, cause I never see him online. Lol. There is another thing I learned, and that is, to try to get everyone to level 50 or better yet. Get everyone to level 70 to 80, that is a good point for your characters. If you are looking to stop with leveling. Ideally, you want to get to level 90 to have your character at max to get the most out of them.

Another thing I learned is that you can play with one character from Adventure Rank 0 to 30. Around adventure rank 35 to 50+ You will have to get used to using more than one character or you will focus on one character while others fall, and it is fun to use more than one character. You can focus on one character if you are strong enough.

Also, a big tip that is very helpful. Always farm character level up/talents books / exp books/mora, and weapon materials when you have nothing to do as this will save you time, and you will already have what you need to level up.

Talents are where your character’s true power sits. Characters at level 70 – level 90 with talent level 1 will do next to nothing in world level 6 or 8 as monsters have higher attack and higher defense, and if you choose to focus on one character and get to world level 6 or higher, the adventure will be much harder for you.

If you play with friends, don’t wait for them to come on to play the game. This is how you can fall behind. Play the game and if your friends come online, then play with them. Do not give yourself a reason to play because you are not playing with friends. That’s what I did and I fell behind but I got out of that mold.

I learned how to play the hard way and this backfired on me but I learned since then, and now I’m getting closer to being able to do harder content. And I am proud of my progress as I came a long way.

And to end this post. Let me say that genshin impact is a fun game. I enjoy playing it. If you are not into the open-world RPG, you will be missing out on a whole lot of content. But that’s fine. Genshin impact is not for everyone, the game can be grind-heavy, but that is normal for new RPGs. Give it a try, and if you do not like it, you got nothing to lose.

I will link some great resources and videos you can use to help you out in genshin impact

If you want an idea of what kind of artifacts (armor) You need for a character or just an idea on how to build them here is a link.*jraHv-UrI2B_-sHqv6za6g#

If you want videos to learn a bit more about artifacts. Or what is a good and wrong artifact stat in general or just tips? The videos are below.

And if you want a genshin impact planner to keep track of what you need to get, and more? The link is below.

Stay awesome, heroes.