YouTube Livestream Announcement

It has been a while since I made a post for when I go live. But I will go live on YouTube this time. And give this another shot since YouTube has a wider reach of viewers since most, if not all users, have a google account.

So, on YouTube, I got some games I want to stream Phantasy Star Online 2 is not one of them. I want to try out a few games and maybe, some coding in clickteam fusion 2.5. I will list the things I got planned.

Stream list for YouTube (And since I didn’t do my random twitch stream, I can do it on YouTube.)

  1. Spelunky 2
  2. Duel Links
  3. Genshin Impact
  4. Minoria
  5. Elsword

I guess goals for the stream are something I should have planned.

Spelunky 2

  1. Get to the end without dying.
  2. Unlock hidden characters
  3. Go and clear hidden paths
  4. Play this for an hour.

Duel Links

  1. Do some story duels, or whatever I want to do.
  2. Play PVP and try to get to rookie rank or higher.
  3. Try to relearn bujin and vampires.
  4. I will play this for an hour.

Genshin Impact

  1. Complete a backlog of story quests
  2. complete any weekly quests
  3. Farm drops
  4. Get all my gear to +20
  5. I will try to make progress, if able.
  6. Play this for an hour or more.


  1. Make progress
  2. try to beat two bosses
  3. And play as long until I beat two bosses. Or something comes up.


  1. Do daily quests.
  2. Complete weekly quests.
  3. Make alt characters to earn gold in-game.
  4. Do this for an hour or so.

There is no order for these games in which I will stream them. And there is a chance I won’t stream every game/thing here, but I will try to do some of it at least. And that should be fun to do, for me anyway.

The Livestream on YouTube will start at 6 Am (on time) or 8 Am – 11 Am (If I oversleep.) And I will end around 2 pm or later. And this is all on Eastern standard time. And this is going to happen on September 25th, and I hope the stream will go well, lol.

When I go live, you can find the YouTube stream here:

Elsword Laby GIF - Elsword Laby Ew GIFs

Blog featured in SomeOrdinaryGamers’ video

Ok, so this is crazy, but something wild happened. I was making a Wix forum, and after I got done with it. I went to check my blog since I had eight new views around 9 Am. I come back to find that I gained a spike in views from 8 to 29 blog views. I was wondering where these views came from but gave up trying to figure that out.

So I went over to youtube to watch some videos before I logged on to Genshin Impact for the night, and I see muta from SomeOrdinaryGamers upload a new video on Sonic Gather Battle. Being curious, I watched the video to see what current information he has on this (virus)fan game* and around 10:19 timestamp, I see something that almost made my heart stop. I see my blog got featured in SomeOrdinaryGamers’ video for a few seconds. And mind you, this is a large youtube channel that has 2.36 mil subscribers.

And for someone who felt that his posts would never get seen outside of, this made me very happy to know that was not the case. My blog post that was featured is here: Sonic Gather Battle “fan game” And this makes my need to blog even greater.

Gabriel Dropout GIF - Gabriel Dropout Anime GIFs
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more thoughts on Pokimane drama

It is a follow-up post to my last post talking about the drama, which is here: the Pokimane drama

I want to share my new thoughts on this Pokimane drama since two new documents came out, a google document by Pokimane and a new google document by Fedmyster. Pokimane’s Google document debunks Fedmyster’s first document, which was 25 pages long.

Then Fedmyster’s new document “debunks” Pokimane’s document. I want to say, after “reading” these documents and seeing that fedmyster’s document leaker came out with his Google document, and why he leaked it. It’s stupid.

Let’s start with Pokimane. I felt if Pokimane had ignored Fedmyster’s advances or told offline tv about it, they would have stepped in, I assume. I will say that Pokimane making a document is far better than Pokimane trying to stream to debunk stuff poorly and making things worse.

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the Pokimane drama

So, I have been noticing this document about Pokimane floating around and damn. I have to say it is awful, like really bad. But I should set the scene before going forward. Pokimane was a girl I had heard of before all of this drama. She is a female twitch streamer, and she is a big streamer. She also has a youtube account.

That was the extent of what I knew of her. I didn’t care to know any more or watch her content. Then a few months went by, and then some drama happens in the offline TV Livestream group where FedMyster did some things to the women of the group because there was a big fuss of things happening.

And this is where I figured: “FedMyster must be a bad lad” Since we didn’t get both sides, but at the same time, I didn’t care and moved on with my life since I assumed that was everything thing… That is until FedMyster had his 25-page document on Pokimane “leaked.” And this document looks bad for Pokimane. It is full of proof and everything that has happened over the years. And if this is true, and it did happen, then, yikes, Pokimane.

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Unus Annus has been closed

Unus Annus – CrankGamePlays (Ethan Nestor) and Mark Edward Fischbach (Markiplier).

So, the YouTube channel “Unus Annus.” has been closed down. Not by YouTube but by the creators. The youtube channel used another name, “Memento mori.”, a reminder of the inevitability of death. It is a sad day for fans, and sadly I will never get to watch this content and see how great the content was.

It is funny, until a few hours ago, this YouTube channel was unknown to me. I did not even know it was a big channel. I figured it was a small YouTube channel at the time when I saw it trending, but no, it was a big YouTube channel ran by CrankGamePlays (Ethan Nestor) and Mark Edward Fischbach (Markiplier).

It is a shame that I will never get to watch any of the content from Unus Annus, now the YouTube channel is defunct, and the history of the YouTube channel got wiped out. I would think that I had watched Markiplier’s content prior would have pushed me to watch their collab YouTube channels but nope.

I think at this time, I was getting burnt out on collab YouTube channels and trying to do a YouTube collab with an ex and a friend of mine, but that didn’t go anywhere cause back then, I didn’t understand how to do collab-esque videos. That’s when I just got burnt out on YouTube collab channels. There are other reasons like me following so many YouTube collab channels and couldn’t keep up.

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SRB2.2 – Azure Temple zone Tails – 6:48.00

It’s SRB2.2 but azure Temple. A hard stage but I love  this stage even tho I’m bad at it. lol

Did a record attack of Azure Temple cause, why not. :D Here my video if you want to see it. 

Using a controller :3 Hope you like it. :P I used to host games where every box was a teleport in 2.1. Fun times that was.

For some reason, there was a lot of stuttering in this recording and while recording.. Don’t know why..

SRB2.2 – Arid Canyon Zone 2 Tails – 2:17.45

Here my Arid Canyon Zone 2 time attack I saw mastakirby do this skip during netplay of srb2 and was super confused. So I watched his Twitch vod and learned how to do it after 5 or more tries. :P


I may come back and upload a better run of this level but this is fun. :3

Doing a Youtube stream

So, it’s time to try out YouTube streaming. Will be doing a test run to see how things go. It’s gonna be a test run of 20xx and maybe Elsword, lol. It’s gonna be my first time streaming to YouTube, should be a fun ride. Will need to setup a profile to stream to YouTube

And I been wanting to move from Twitch to a new platform anyway. And if YouTube turns out to be better then Twitch, for me, I will make streaming a YouTube thing from now on, if this test run goes well.

The only thing I hate is that if your stream disconnects on youtube, you have to make a new stream rather then reconnecting to start the stream back up. But other then that.. YouTube streaming is not looking too bad.

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ZAMDS, the COLLABORATION Youtube account

So I was browsing my old Twitter names which have a archive of twitter accounts from people I talked too. Assuming their account is still up.. And I found a collaboration YouTube and twitter I made with friends a decade ago. We made the Youtube account in 2009..

WHAT DOES ZAMDS MEAN? Look at the below: Zamds stands for “Legend Of Zelda Series, Adventure Quest Worlds, Mario Series, Dragonfable, Sonic The Hedgehog Series”

This is what it stood for.. Our naming was bad back then – Aqwrocks/OnyChaos

So, Zamds was going to be a Collaboration between me/aqwrocks, SecretDomTv/Doom731, and AQWMalkoir We had another member in the group named PecryChase but he left the group.

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SRB2.2 – Haunted Heights Zone Tails – 1:31.77

Hi. Got another SRB2 video of time attack for SRB2.2 but this time it’s Haunted Heghts Zone as Tails but with a new time. This was a fun run of sorts. Not going to do this as Sonic tho. ever.

Well, hope you enjoy and probably should have a SRB2.2 review thing up soon… but that can wait

YouTube videos about Sonic93

A few weeks back I had some videos that talked about this Sonic93 person come up on youtube as recommended. Which normally I brush off cause there is always some kind of beef between sonic fans fighting other sonic fans something or opinions..


But some more videos came out about Sonic93 saying she has brought up old drama that has died down in 2019 / 2020?. I watched some of these videos since they were shown to me cause I watch sonic content on youtube

(I want to make this clear, Just A Robot’s video is one of many new videos popping up. And While I hate Sonic drama (Cause normally, it’s very, very petty drama), I am learning some things about a person or how they act)

My only take away from the Sonic93 drama? Is huh? Like, this drama is kinda dumb. This drama started where she made some rants about other silver fans not liking Silvers for flaws and all, and other sonic ranters who ranted about her. That’s what I heard from videos.. (You are better off finding out this by looking on youtube)


The best part for me is that, this Sonic93 person was off my radar. I didn’t know who they were till these videos came up in my feed. I can only hope that this lass doesn’t cause anymore petty drama, and has changed for the better

Well, that’s all. Just wanted to talk about this. I seen people on Tumblr also mentioned Sonic93 being in their feed or getting youtube videos about her.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate | fun Matches with my buddy AutoBotODST

So, me and my buddy AutoBotODST had a discord call where we played nothing but smash ultimate for 30 mins and those were fun 30 mins which you can watch here.

Our friend @ShinyFelyne was going to join us but he was having dinner or something but, at the time he was unable to join. :C But he can join the next session, whenever that is. :3

Duel links replay

So, it has been a while or in fact I never posted a Duel Links replay to my blogs. So I got one to share, I have fell in love with the Duel Links Vampires and they are pretty fun. My deck is incomplete but it’s much better then before. :P

There is about 7 duels in the video I wanted to share but yeah. Not much else to say but enjoy. :3 And I got him unlocked


Changes and moving forward

As the year 2018 comes to a close, as 4 days remain. Had a lot of ups and down, and a lot has happened or changed for better or for worst.. But during that time, I was able to reflect on my own life and know what must be done or must be changed on my end.

Take this with a grain of salt. There is a chance that you will:

  1. Not agree with my changes

  2. Not like what is said here

  3. Or just don’t care or won’t care about this.

And I know I can’t please everyone but oh well, here we gooooo!

There is a lot to cover here, so sit back or not and get ready for the list of things

To make things easy on some, just hit control + F and you can look for the following below

  • Updates on my life
  • Twitter stuff
  • Dropping Grudges
  • stuff or stream related
  • Updates on the fan game
  • Youtube stuff
  • My Goals for 2019

Updates on my life

  1. I have been avoiding drama that I have no need for, be it ignoring it, muting friends or followers who take part in it. I realize that me, worrying about drama that doesn’t affect me is a waste of time. I will still defend friends who are being attacked

  2. I think it’s time that we move on from Skype to Discord for a number of reasons. One of them being security reasons, and skype is slowly being snuffed out little by little by Discord. Discord does have it’s problems but it’s time to move on, eh?

  3. I have been more social with people Or rather, being more social with my friends since they are the only ones who like to answer others ignore me but it’s whatevers. I got used to it

  4. Been pretty happy with life, despite what has happened in this year. Things could have been better but what can you do? :Vimage

  5. I have some goals and plans for this new year coming up and hope they going to turn out ok but time will tell what the future holds for me. And I shall see if my friends will be along for the ride or this may be your final stop. Let’s see, eh?

  6. I have been using WordPress for a good while… It’s not bad, though limited in some areas, like coding html. I may switch over to Blogger, because Tumblr is useless to me. Most of my post don’t show up in Tumblr search and it’s not worth it to me.

Twitter stuff

  1. I have been using Twitter way more than Discord.. that’s not a bad thing, This is pretty good for my standards, And my followers consist of a number of users (“Why does this matter?” I am sure you will say. sit a spell)

  2. So, following has to be cleaned out as it has needed that for a a long while.. Pretty much accounts on the chopping block are, Art bots that I don’t look at, inactive accounts.

  3. I may set my twitter account to private in the future.
  4. Going into the year 2019, I will not unfollow users talking about drama. I will ignore it. I will not tell someone that they can’t or can say whatever, that’s not my thing. If it does not get out of hand..

  5. Been adding friends to my Twitter friends’s list, if you are on my Twitter friends list then you are a friend of mine
  6. Being more social and such
  7. That’s it for the Twitters. :V

Dropping Grudges

Going into 2019, I will be letting go of my grudges I held on people. I, however, have no plans on being friends with those who done me wrong off the bat or maybe never but I want to go into this year not hating anyone.

  1. I will be dropping my biggest grudge against FlyingfoxTSC or whatever name she goes by now (FlyingFox). Why am I dropping this grudge? I realize holding a grudge only holds you back in many ways or can turn you into a petty or a bitter person. I have forgiven her but not forgotten. If she talks to me, ok. And if she doesn’t talk to me, ok.  With this said. I no longer “Dislike” her.

  2. I will be dropping my grudges against other Sonic Speedrunners and will unblock them on Twitter (no one cares but that is good.)

Everyone gets a clean slate. Cause why not. :Vimage stuff or stream related

I wanna start doing podcasts and streaming other games or even stream making things

  1. SRL racing is a part of my life that I am now closing. Once I hit 200 races completed, I will take a break but I will most likely be done with racing games. I’m burned out with it. You could say that SRL racing is in the same boat with how I feel about speedrunning and CyberScore.

  2. chat moderators for my stream. If you lost mod status, you could come back and get it again. I am sure some will not like this but starting in 2019 moving forward. Losing moderator status will be permanent but can be regain, if you wish. Some users are safe from this list. But no one watches me, so it’s fine.

  3. There will be more co-op streams with my friends. I already know people who can’t join for reasons, so I not even gonna ask them. These will be streams where we shoot the shit and talk about things, and have a good time and fun

  4. If you are still here for racing SRL stuff and speedruns, this be the wrong place. That’s coming to a end, I would say.image

Updates on the fan game

  1. So, it has been months. Progress has been slow for a number. Drama, friends fighting, Life issues, and so much cooking. Cause of that, I been learning more code to use in my fan games. But I can say without a doubt the prototype will be pushed back to a “TBA” for now. Can’t call it a beta, yet.

  2. I will be sending Masta, Hyper, and SBCZ a document where they can fill out the stats for their characters and much more, within reason. :3 Once they get the document, they can open / edit it in Googledocs and edit in the info. Once they get their document, They have 30 days to fill out the document, and sent it back on discord.

  3. When the prototype is ready for debugging, a new channel will open up in my server, Private testing only. When the first demo is live for testing, it will be uploaded to firefox’s file hosting site

Youtube stuff

  1. Youtube let plays are coming back. Had no time to record games but I will fix that, soon. I have some in mind. :V That’s all


My Goals for 2019

  1. I would like to be drama free. I do not care about drama. It’s a waste of one’s time, and I have better things, man because drama ain’t one of them

  2. I would like to get a fan game ready for testing or even released a app for others to use. I have 2 apps ready to be released

  3. I want to talk to my friends again in voice calls, and play games with friends that I enjoy.

  4. I have been removing myself from toxic environments. This could be discord groups, servers, and friends on Twitter or Facebook.

  5. My Discord will become semi-open to new users.

  6. Move my friends over from Skype to Discord

  7. I will keep moving forward, with you or without you. If life changes the plans, I will adjust to the change, if need be.

  8. Draw more things for fun, and to learn new ways of drawing

  9. Live through it all

That’s it really. :V Thanks for reading, and hope to see you with me in the new year that is 2019.


Youtube let’s plays planned

It’s time for a new let’s play and I figured I would post here.

After I beaten Sonic Mania for the channel. I will post a link to my playlist of mania. (My Sonic Mania Playlist)


I have plans on doing Momodora: RUTM or Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight so.

This will be a playthrough for the best ending and I don’t know how many parts there will be but I will go for the true end.

I may have friends join me but I feel that won’t happen and it will mainly be a solo Let’s play.

My friends can ask to join but that’s up to them.


These will be post let’s plays

And once I beaten Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight. I will do Sonic Adventure DX as well, but later. I will do Sonic CD good future for the channel.

I will get them out ASAP or when I get time.