Tumblr banning adult content

So, when you think that Tumblr couldn't fuck up anymore. They find a way to prove everyone wrong. Starting December 17th, all and any adult content is being removed / blocked because Tumblr couldn't stop the issues or the porn bots. So, as a result, anyone making adult content is out of luck This move … Continue reading Tumblr banning adult content

Tumblr Purge

"The recent Tumblr 'purge' was intended to rid the platform of porn bots, but it ended up causing more harm than good. Not only were many legitimate NSFW artists and blogs removed, but the search function on the platform has also been affected. Tumblr, now under Yahoo's ownership, is becoming less and less of a safe haven for online communities, as censorship is on the rise and users' accounts can be wiped out for arbitrary reasons. The post discusses the implications of the action and how it shows how much Tumblr has changed for the worst."