Elsword Update log #1

So, I’m going to try this style of doing update logs on games or things. Keep track of five to seven days and note down important thoughts or moments that happened, and after five to seven days, show off the progress.

Day 1 – 01/06/22


  • Got rigomor bottom to R15
  • my flames of judgment are close to being nearly perfect
  • I have 200 million in my bank

Day 2 – 01/07/22


  • FOJ is almost perfect. One more giant stone
  • got rigomor bottoms to r16

Day 3 – 01/08/22


  • completed the 2 million event
  • Did Titan’s Grotto
  • 700m in bank

Day 4 – 01/14/22


  • did Rosso raid with less lag

Day 5 – 01/15/22


  • got another batch of alt accounts ready to grind to max level
  • I have 1 billion ED in my bank
  • I have 42 alt characters to grind out to level 99
  • And that is roughly 8 billion ed if I do the story as well and pvp quests
  • It may help me get to Reforge +21 or +18
  • I will spend ed on fashion. And after I get good gear or get 3B ED. No point in buying fashion and being useless. I think around 3 Billion, I will buy the invisible suit for ain and go hard on getting to reforge +18 and going from there
  • And I will try to push for +21 Reforge on all gear +11 the rest of my gear or + 11 my gear then push for reforge +21
  • And once I get reforge +21 and +11 Rigomor gear, I will try to push for plus 12 weapon when I have the money to back it up if things go wrong.
  • Time and Space Fragment: 282 / 750
  • Titan’s grotto 2? / 500
  • My character page is updated: https://onychaos.wordpress.com/elsword-na-character/

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December update log

Time to make a “fun” blog post, which is an update log at the end of the day. Let’s get going. Take this with a grain of salt.


Ah, the land of the dead, the place I came back to because I had made a dummy account but went back to my old account because I felt guilty about doing that. And it’s more or less the same but now with ghosting? It’s whatever. If there is someone I want to remove from my account, I will just block them.

There are not many people to speak with on Twitter, and even post covid. People have stopped using Twitter or rather moved on. It’s almost funny, those same people (Who I won’t name) who I held to such a high standard don’t even say a word to me now.

So have I been doing / or what’s been happening on Twitter?

  1. Been talking to Xjazzy and Pippi
  2. been posting update posts on my fan game
  3. thinking of soft blocking accounts that are just not active.
  4. Posting updates and blog posts
  5. thinking of muting some users.
  6. Got a direct message from someone asking me a personal thing.
  7. I Learned Twitter got a new CEO and I feel this may bring in a new round of bans.


Now that I have no reason to use Facebook as much anymore and post covid 2020 things that happened and given that I don’t talk to anyone there, I thought about wiping the account and just making a new account and just following some people.

Not much here to say, to be honest. I will see what I will do. At the most, I will change my Facebook profile.

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Discord Server update log.

It is time to make a big discord log of changes, and I got a lot of updates for the server. Enough stalling here. Let’s get on with the changes I got planned here.

Server Roles

I will list all of them and new ones. And I will list what each role does and what not.

@Everybody. does nothing. This is a role that can’t be removed.

@members. You get access to the server and all the stuff within. Below are the following features.

  1. access to most of the server.
  2. access to voice calls and can Livestream in calls.
  3. an active member of the server
  4. You can boop and play. And join certain events or game nights.

An addon to member’s role, if you are active.

@member level 1 – you get a chance to win a prize via a giveaway

@member level 2

@member level 3

@member level 4

@member level 5 – You get a chance to win 3 things or lose 3 things + you get to help with stuff

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March Blog Update

It’s a crazy year… Who would seen this coming? We all forced to stay home from the coronavirus like a game I know. Fallout Shelter. But have not played that for a year or two but enough of that.

During this time or downtime. I have free time to reflect on my life, my choices in friends, and outgrowing friends and I know who I want as a friend and getting rid of the toxic friends from my life. There is a lot here to unpack so I won’t make it too long but no promises here.

I must warn you, some of you may or may not like this update, and a big change in my life but it’s for the better.

My life

As I said, I had free time to reflect on my life and it was hard but It was done. Changes, new goals, Having a positive life without drama and petty grudges. There are things I want to do and want to have positive supportive friends in my life.

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Elsword is down again for maintenance

So, for those who don’t know. Elsword had a maintenance that was 11 hours long meant to fix the connection issues in KOG games. To make the game more stable but what people said, it was for the raid areas so… Don’t know.

What I do know is that after the update / maintenance was done. The game felt better but everything was normal.. Till today I tried to play around 11 Am and the game did not let me in.. Thinking I got banned or something, I checked the site but no updates but checking the elsword Discord

I was not the only one affected. Seems those in the NA servers are affected by this. There still is no update status, blog post. We are left in the dark without a real answer and it’s weird.. I thought the maintenance was meant to fix some of the issues..

I can say, I hope people affected by this get something to make up for this disconnect because this is annoying and I was having fun playing Elsword before the disconnect. Players outside of NA can still play but all players are slowly being hit by this. Again, we are in the dark at the time of this post.

Compensation is deff needed for this. I can hope it’s not piss poor compensation like “Here is 20 healing items that you can get that do the same thing from the board. :)”

Facebook fan page status

Hiya, Sonik here with a new post. So later this year, I made a post saying there would be an update surrounding my Facebook Fan page and what will happen to it and my own account as well.

As you know, I have not been all that active on facebook and this kinda ties in with my Fan page being kinda inactive. Somewhat. But there is a reason.

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Updates for sonikmage on twitch

Ok time for a nice little update for my Twitch.tv channel

Going to list off things that will change for my channel

Channel updates

Twitch.tv stream will be every Monday to Friday at 9 Am. If I am unable to stream then I will stream at a later time.

Streams will normally last for 1 hour to 3 hours

Streams could last longer if it is something special.

Streams will be 1500 to 2000 KPBS which should make the stream look good

*  You can vote for Streams via voting polls twitter @Chaosimpact_

Streams will vary:

  • Playthrough streams
  • Speedruns
  • Random streams
  • Online games / co-op streams
  • podcast like streams
  • Doing a giveaway on any stream

My stream can be seen here: Twitch.tv/chaosony

Chat updates

So lets into this. So Twitch.tv has updated their chat so now first-time viewers can now see rules before chatting which makes rules panel useless.

And Using a custom Twitch bot with checks for spam and trolls and such.

Now for chat mods. I am going to cut down a number of chat mods as most don’t come to stream or most don’t care to join.

And I do want to have a few chat mods as I don’t need many.

The goal is to aim for 10 mods in my chat.

And no longer adding any more mods

P.S: If you have a problem with something then you can talk to me about it. 

Sassy Daisy By Fyxe,

Just a small update for my channel.

Thanks for reading.

Mod list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1h9yuEBQRtEs3WRqyJTcpndwjalA5G0y-x3UqE4qVTyg/edit?usp=sharing