Sonic Speed R in 2018?

So, I have been told that Sonic Speed R is making it’s rounds this October.  Normally, I am against the Sonic Speed R, but it seems the one time, they are not trying to show off. They have a prize that is a $20 Steam card that you can “win” By “win” There is a catch here. … Continue reading Sonic Speed R in 2018?


Thanks for watching

This was a good 3 days of streaming on Beaten Sonic Before the Sequel on stream, I didn’t have enough time to do Sonic After the Sequel but I will do that later down the line. I was able to stream BOTW with no real issue, and got a lot of things done in … Continue reading Thanks for watching

Updates for sonikmage on twitch

Ok time for a nice little update for my channel Going to list off things that will change for my channel Channel updates stream will be every Monday to Friday at 9 Am. If I am unable to stream then I will stream at a later time. Streams will normally last for 1 hour … Continue reading Updates for sonikmage on twitch