Tumblr Test

So, I did a little test not too long ago where I wanted to see how well would my blog posts would do on Tumblr compared to WordPress since Tumblr has a lot of communities which I thought would do well there, and the results were not too shocking.

So my goal was to upload things to Tumblr and then WordPress after to see how would they do, and from what I have seen, WordPress has done a bit better than I thought. I made some blog posts for Tumblr to see how well they would do and show up but the results were poor.

Tumblr from what I would see would peak at 2 to rarely 6 views then flame out. A lot of the people I thought were there in the Tumblr communities are buried under so many posts and my understanding so far is that I am hard to find unless I have a presence and maybe I can get found.

It seems on WordPress, I have somewhat of a presence here. It is not a large one but big enough for me to get found by other viewers, bloggers, and users outside of WordPress. And I will continue to upload here. I did have a feeling that I would not get the result that I wanted.

WordPress blog does better than tumblr one.

Going forward I will keep that blog around on Tumblr in case something happens or my blog gets wiped out but I think I am fine. I am a little sad that my blog posts didn’t do well as I hoped on Tumblr but this was a good wake-up call for me.

So I now know for future reference that Tumblr would be a good backup blog at the very least. I wanted to share my experience with you and I guess the results I saw.


Some WordPress Issues

So, I want to do something that I used to do on Tumblr. On Tumblr, I made a big post talking about the issues and problems I found with the site and I made that post in great detail. With WordPress, I found a lot of new issues, old issues that got somewhat worse, and just other things I am confused about. 

WordPress reader tags (And this can apply to search)

These are very important and a good way to find what you are looking for, rather than trying to search for it without tags, making it harder. Tags are good for getting your posts found on WordPress reader and other sites.

Why am I talking about tags now? Well, I mentioned before that the NSFW tag was being cleaned up of bots and spam accounts but some posts got caught in the crossfire and wiped out from the tag.

And now today, some tags I check every once in a while seem to be empty. It is annoying to know that posts that you make will become hidden and/or removed later on as time goes on from search/tags

You can see hear that the last two blog posts are somewhat transparent here, and I have seen this on blog posts in the NSFW tag a few years ago, and I guess this means the blog post is marked to be removed/hidden? No clue for the https://wordpress.com/tag/steven-universe

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Tumblr or WordPress?

It has been a while since I talked about Tumblr. And then I talked about Tumblr on a serious note was the post NSFW ban on Tumblr and link ban which hid blog posts, and after going back to Tumblr, I see they fixed their site. The search engine for Tumblr seems to show all. Even tags seem to be working right, but I can’t be completely sure.

And which all these changes, and given that Tumblr is a part of the WordPress family now, I have a new option for blogging. There is one thing I can’t be sure about, and that is the content you can post there.

Some of my content here, I do walk on thin ice and will mostly set off a content flag for banned content, even though, I censored it to death. But so far, I have been lucky. I don’t know if what applies to WordPress can be used on Tumblr, given they have different rules.

So, why am I talking about Tumblr today? I am thinking of making Tumblr my main blogging platform. Keyword: “thinking” WordPress is still a good site to use, And it has done a lot for me as a free user. But WordPress feels much more professional, which is not a bad thing. But I feel the content I post here is not a good fit. My target audience, I wanna say is not on WordPress, and if they are, they are so far buried under bots, spam posts, tags.

Easy to use
Personal Blog
free to customize your blog theme at will
There is an audience for anyone there.
No ads on blogs
Infinite space for photos
You can upload videos
SEO may be better now?
Add in third-party widgets (Addthis, etc…) A lot of fandoms
Ask widget
Easy to use
Personal Blog
Making blog posts is easy
A lot of good features Good SEO?
Infinite space for photos by making new sites.
Fandoms are here too. (None of the ones I’m into yet.)
Spam filter
some good themes for free users

These are pros I think about for Tumblr or WordPress. And Tumblr is not perfect, by any means. It still has porn bots that like to like posts or follow you. And every social media has bots. Look at WordPress. I still get bot followers, and in some tags, bots spam or copy and repost the same post to fill up a blog tag.

I guess what I wanted to do is talk about Tumblr. I will move back to Tumblr to see how things are, and how much has changed and do a simple test of posting to both blogging sites and see what happens. If Tumblr is better now in terms of blogging and blog tagging working right, I will probably move there. And making my WordPress blog a second backup blog.

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Why I still use WordPress instead of Tumblr

So, not long ago I made a post about WordPress about should I upgrade? More about that post here. After that post I been thinking, “Do I want to keep using WordPress.com?”

I like WordPress.com. I made a small, and I mean small following on here of 84 users. Granted, some or most of them are bots, one off accounts. I do enjoy using WordPress.com, don’t get me wrong but.. I should list the things I like and don’t like about WordPress.com

Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai Manga GIF


I will start with the pros. Better to start off strong rather then weak.

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Questions about WordPress plans

So, I have been thinking about this for a while now. WordPress.com plans. I like blogging on here but something I remember is holding me back. And it the WordPress having say on what happens.

I made a post on Lifesfinewhine update and I feel it might be risky to have the same thing happen to me. I guess the same thing happened to me but in post form. Some of my old posts that are not 2018 or higher are hidden in WordPress reader.

I have to go out my way to change the day to get them unhidden or some posts don’t show up at all. But this can be for a different post. I have some questions about upgrading.

Cat Ears GIF

Because I thought about upgrading but seeing how rude and unhelpful WordPress Staff / support was to LifesFineWhine.. I don’t know if I should put in money and upgrade with my gift card but I will ask my questions.

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Seen Lifesfinewhine’s update on WP

Genshin Impact GIF - Genshin Impact Paimon GIFs

Getting out of my despair, I see that the lass is being forced to move to a self hosted site since WordPress support is more or less like Tumblr’s Support. By Tumblr Support, I mean useless support.

From what I seen, WordPress doesn’t know how to fix the issue and is willing to do or say anything that doesn’t have to do with Lifesfinewhine WP issue. It’s funny. WordPress seem like they were much more helpful then Tumblr but I guess not.

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Saw my blog on another blog

So, I didn’t really pay attention to WordPress blogs, other then blogging and posting, I would blog and call it a day. So, When I was on Tumblr, I would checkout the SRB2 section in search and would see LesbianChemicalPlant come up and have no clue who this person was.

I wanted to see if anyone was on WordPress or wanted to see if they had a blog on WordPress to mirror their Tumblr posts, and they do, so one day I wanted to see what kinda posts they have and I found a post about Sonic Spinball gifs and thought it was a fine post but found out those gifs came from my post which was umm.. Interesting. The post is here.

I’m not mad, kinda honored the user saw my shitty Sonic The Hedgehog Spinball review, and liked the gifs to use them in their post, at least. The user is not very active on WordPress but more active on Tumblr. Give them a follow there on Tumblr and Their WordPress. It’s a way to say thanks. Why? It’s the only time someone links my blog in a post.

wanna talk about newgrounds

So after the cursed day that was the Tumblr purge, many artists or artist looked for a new home. but from the shadows came newgrounds which offered NSFW and SFW artists a new place to call home.

As we all know, Newgrounds has a rating system. 

E for everyone / SFW

T for Teens / Semi-SFW

M for Mature / Semi-NSFW

And A for Adults / NSFW

These ratings are meant to keep young kids and teens from finding adult content in the “E” rating or “T” rating since these are young kids or teens but some artists have been uploading questionable or straight up hentai in the “E” rating for young kids to see and to like, rate, and comment.


It’s pretty awful and here is the thing. Newgrounds rating system is odd in the sense, that instead of using “E, T, M, A” as a way to rate your art or project. It’s done in this manner via radio buttons.


Why are we not using a more streamline way of rating things. I am never going to upload anything to Newgrounds since I don’t really know.. I been a Deviantart user for years and Newgrounds feels like tumblr minus the adult content and reblogging posts.

I get some artists who make NSFW art may be / are in a rush cause they are busy with something, but at least double check to make sure your NSFW content doesn’t end up in Everyone rating where young kids can see this.

This is not some one time thing. This happens more then it should. The artist in question uploads NSFW, it’s in “E” rating, users ask why is this art (ecchi/hentai/porn) in “E” rating, after enough comments of asking why. The artist will change the rating from a E to the fitting rating.

One NSFW post that was left in “E” rating was this image, which I had to blur out the adult bits, since this is tumblr. Can’t show porn / hentai / ecchi unless you want to get flagged / shadowbanned / lose your account. But to be safe, gonna backup this blog.

Even with this picture blurred to the maxed, this is going to be my first post to be flagged for blurring / removing nudity. If this account gets shutdown, I will move back to wordpress. Not going to bother trying to start over on Tumblr.


Here the image in question but blurred out for Tumblr:

[Old] Breeding the Doggo [Coloured]

And again, this happens way too often on newgrounds where SOME ARTISTS do this and never double check rating and move on to the next thing. Maybe if Newgrounds had a better rating system, but even then, I feel it wouldn’t matter.

I noticed that some artists like badgengar are hopping on this bandwagon of uploading porn or very suggestive* art from Gerph being uploaded to the “E” rating on Newgrounds where kids or teens view content.

It would been fine if this was Tumblr, since there before the porn ban, you could upload this stuff. Here the thing why I bring it up. You want to try to not step on any toes, and other artists have been uploading porn into the E rating or rather, it slips by unnoticed..

But a got number of NSFW artists have misused the rating system for some reason.And you will be able to know this porn was in a E rating from the comments.

And if it is by a mistake from rushing to upload adult content or using a post to Newgrounds app like PostyBirb or the like , be sure to fix it, we don’t need kids or teens looking at porn unless the find it on their own and not forced onto them cause some artist wanted more views, follows, likes. I follow these artists and I like them but it’s sad when it happens

As far as I know, This is a first I seen adult content being marked as “E” for everyone while another artist has had VERY suggestive art or his ecchi that is borderline Hentai in some cases marked as “E” but the comments speak for themselves.

I’m sure this will be taken the wrong way but hope the artists can mark their stuff right or at least, double check to make sure porn is not in the “E” rating. Newgrounds is laid back but you don’t want users reporting you for your adult content being in “E” rating then your account might go down.

Just trying to keep future artists out of trouble. I did comment and so did others on newgrounds to the artist about the one picture set rating in question but no reply?


But that’s all for my little* rant. ^^ But something needs to be done but food for thought.

My Tumblr experience

My thoughts on Tumblr and WordPress but also my experience, and me talking about what I don’t like. :P

Using Tumblr has been an interesting ride as a blogging platform. It’s makes blogging somewhat easy. You make the post, tag it, And you are done with that post. Tumblr is pretty great but as great as it is to blog on Tumblr…

Tumblr has a few cons that makes it hard to enjoy it but the same can be said of WordPress.com and chances are, It’s just me that feels this way.


I like how easy it is to tag posts on Tumblr. I love Tumblr’s Tag System, it’s better then WordPress’s Tag System. But the problem with Tumblr tags, is that you are a drop in the sea of art post, questions.

Now, WordPress is not any better by any means. Their search system is full of unrelated posts from any website that is powered by WordPress.com or WordPress.org (Self-hosting website) 

While on the Tag subject, I really do hate the “3 Post per tag” rule. I can understand wanting to stop spam but it’s a bad way to go about this. Nothing is stopping you from ignoring this rule other then your posts that break the tag rule. They won’t show up or lag a bit before showing up.

But even with the 3 Tag rule, Your posts is in an ocean of question posts, chat posts, audio posts, art posts, and other posts. I feel text posts are boring to people but I enjoy blogging, ranting, and posting other things but I know that my type of post are not for anyone really but that’s fine.


But with Tumblr changing in the past, it’s hard to say if things are better or worst?

At least you can search up terms or hashtags on WordPress and Tumblr but it’s better to search by tag on Tumblr from what I seen in the past if you want better..

My next issue is a me thing but when making a text post. I never understand why when you insert a video link, that the video goes to the very bottom of the post and Having to drag it back up to the top is eh…


Making a text post is simple and pain free, other then the video embed issue I mentioned, it’s not too bad if the post are short but it’s an issue or pain if the post are long

The last thing is A Tumblr problem that Tumblr staff thought they could fixed. The porn bots, they thought if they could hide all post with links that the porn bots could be stopped but the porn bots found a way around this.


Porn bots just reblog posts that may do well and they can just spam that way. And yes it is old news, but the effect of this URL Ban* is that all posts that has links that are blacklisted are hidden from Tumblr Search, and there are a lot of that are hidden, counting mine posts…

And Maybe this is me but I had a post where I added a link that was not whitelisted to Tumblr post source and removed it. The post was still hidden after removing the link..

And I have a lot of post with links but sadly, not sure removing the links will make my post show up again, if they don’t show up that means I have to re-upload the post to make it show up again.

With the cons out the way. WordPress is the same but Minus the 3 Tag per post rule and the URL ban.

Tumblr has been a fun time for me. Tumblr let you turn your blog into a piece of yourself. Make your blog how you want with no limits. I love that freedom when it comes to Tumblr themes and changing your blog site.

With WordPress, your freedom to edit your blog is very limited. You may edit the widgets or other theme features if they are free. If you wish to edit a blog theme on WordPress akin to Tumblr, you need to have an upgrade on your account for that right.

Now If I can figure out how or why it is taking some long for Google to index my site. My WordPress site has been index and is almost up to date but my tumblr is lagging behind and it has been four or five years? And only see 4 results..

And Need to figure out what this means “Only the first 20 tags on a post will show up in searches” (On tumblr search or off tumblr search and something like google?) I’m sure in time I will understand this more but for now, I will learn as I go. Just talking about tumblr. :P


Well…Got a lot of post to remove links in, re-tag them better, and more.

Oh, and I love that you have infinite image space or it seems to be that way. :3

Tumblr Purge aftermath

Tumblr…Tumblr…Tumblr. What the fuck? Before I lose my mind, I want to go over what has went down on Tumblr and the such. This is a rant

Update: You can view blog that been banned / shadow banned / flagged by viewing them in your dashboard only

So. Not long ago, Tumblr was removed from the Apple App store for having child / kitty porn on their platform, reblogged by blogs that are run by porn bots. Along with other blogs that promote racist, sexism, misandry, misogyny and neo nazis.. But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

After Tumblr was taken off the app store. Tumblr addressed the changes with a long ass post with the title A better, more positive Tumblr which to sum up. Tumblr is removing all / any adult content or any content that may be “inappropriate”

We can thank the CEO of Tumblr, Jeff D’Onofrio.  And after this post, Tumblr went dark. There was nothing. No updates, no news, just silent.. And what’s funny here is that a few days after that post, Tumblr was placed back the Apple app store but Tumblr was still going through with this plan to kill off a user base.

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Tumblr banning adult content

So, when you think that Tumblr couldn’t fuck up anymore. They find a way to prove everyone wrong.

Starting December 17th, all and any adult content is being removed / blocked because Tumblr couldn’t stop the issues or the porn bots. So, as a result, anyone making adult content is out of luck

This move is by far, a dumb one that is going to hurt them in the long run. Tumblr was once a haven for artists to post NSFW or even sfw with no fear but it seems the haven is gone.

So, if Tumblr ever did go back on their word in the future, the damage is done. Tumblr is unstable. And it’s clear that it does not want NSFW artists or any adult content on it’s platform..

It’s more true after the Tumblr purge where NSFW accounts got hit and safe for work accounts got hit as well. And I am 100 % sure once they ban all the adult content, the porn bots will continue to run wild and posting adult content while everyone who is a NSFW Artist, NSFW roleplayer, NSFW blogger is going to take the blow

Image result for wave bye anime

Tumblr Purge

So, it has happened. Tumblr had a /great/ idea to help make tumblr better. Free it of Porn bots that retweeted posts that had a link leading off the site to who knows where. You might think, “Oh! this sounds great. No more porn bots. ^^”

Image result for anime thinking

The Idea sound ok on paper. And if this was Tumblr before Yahoo took over, then it would have been better. But good old Yahoo does not like NSFW on anything they own.. So now picture them getting rid of porn bots. But Yahoo having a hand in the pot.

The result was less then perfect. Rather then purging all the porn bots as planned. A good number of NSFW Artists have been purged, and even blogs that don’t show porn or are safe to view have also been hit.

And they managed to take down some porn bots  that posted awful content but there are more out there, this did more harm then good.  Porn bots are still running wild, luring poor souls to who knows where…

As of now, searching for blog posts on Tumblr’s search no longer works at the moment. So, If you planned on looking for a blog or looking for a good post. I hope you can find them by post tags.

But this goes to show how much Tumblr has changed for the worst. Your blog can now just be wiped out cause Tumblr said so, for no real reason.. And I loved tumblr but what is the point when being there, if the following happens.

  1. Your blog no longer shows up in tumblr search
  2. Your tumblr blog getting wiped cause why not?

I know some tumblr users love tumblr but It’s not worth it when anything can happen. I also know if your blog got deleted unfairly, you can email tumblr.. But is it worth it with the current state of the site?

I have a blog on Tumblr but because the issues that happened in the last few days. My tumblr site is just hidden from anyone unless the know my name or follow me..

And cause of this Tumblr purge the NSFW artists have now been moving over to Newgrounds. it’s all I wanted to say on this matter.