ZAMDS, the COLLABORATION Youtube account

So I was browsing my old Twitter names which have a archive of twitter accounts from people I talked too. Assuming their account is still up.. And I found a collaboration YouTube and twitter I made with friends a decade ago. We made the Youtube account in 2009..

WHAT DOES ZAMDS MEAN? Look at the below: Zamds stands for “Legend Of Zelda Series, Adventure Quest Worlds, Mario Series, Dragonfable, Sonic The Hedgehog Series”

This is what it stood for.. Our naming was bad back then – Aqwrocks/OnyChaos

So, Zamds was going to be a Collaboration between me/aqwrocks, SecretDomTv/Doom731, and AQWMalkoir We had another member in the group named PecryChase but he left the group.

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Update with my livestreams

So, it’s that time again where I feel different to streaming. And I know I have made a post like this but I know how I really feel towards streaming as a whole. So, let me start off.


I think it begins, just with me feeling burned out from doing livestreams in general, and doing too many games, to a point where I don’t know what to stream or not stream at all. This is daily feeling. I have myself to blame for.

And another reason is that, I have no one to entertain anymore, and that was my real reason to stream in the first place.

Coming from YouTube to Twitch to “Entertain” live chat was fun. Twitch, at one point used to be booming with viewers who would come watch you play whatever.

But the times are changing or have changed, small channels like me, have a chance of growing a active fanbase or turn to a dying channel. My Twitch channel is pretty dead.

I want to be clear. I am not saying this to blame anyone or guilt trip anyone, my channel was dead from the get go. it’s not a matter of if but when my channel dies. And the time is now or last 2 years. Unless I stream the new hot game or the top game on twitch.

And the other reason is, I’m not happy with streaming anymore. Besides being burned out.

I have not been enjoying streaming and worrying if my net is gonna crap out, and kill my mood. I used to stream everything, now I have nothing I want to stream. Hell, I don’t even want to stream anymore.


I could upload videos to Twitch, but I will pass. Not fond on how the video feature works around here.

I will go back to making Let’s plays and videos on youtube, as I have enjoy that way more. Streaming is fine, and if you know what you are doing and have the internet for it, you can make it on Twitch or any streaming site

And for my Twitch channel, what does this mean? Well. In simple terms. It is now in limbo now. Doing streams on my channel, will be the last thing on my mind and might not happen.

But I will pop by in streams to support my friends when I can, by watching, chatting or giving bits.

This also means I don’t have to worry about not streaming on time or being late to stream.

I can just do things at my own pace, if you will. No more worrying about that or being stressed out by that.


Now I hear you. Just take a break and then, come back to stream when you are ready. That’s a good idea but..

That never works, as I seem to fall back into the same loop. I am taking a Hiatus. Though, that may as well be a infinite one.

Another reason, is me. I am a bad streamer. I don’t have any kind of streaming personality that others have.

Rather that is good or bad is up to you. My voice is deep, and my accent is heavy. I trip over my words a lot.

I want to be a entertainer, but I can dream, eh? I can’t force others to watch me, cause I don’t want that. I want people to watch me cause they want to. But I hit my peak on Twitch, my prime has long since pass, and diminishing returns seems to be a thing.

Another reason is, I want to stream all these games but I bit off more then I can chew while racing with friends.

It’s fun but I don’t get things done but trying to do 2 big games can take a toll on you after a while. That’s my bad. But I do that sometimes

I guess what I am saying is that, this gives me time to get back to learn coding, and do other things :3

I did want to beat P5 and BOTW master mode on switch, but if I am not enjoying streaming, then, what is the point?


To add a spin on Reggie’s quote. “Streaming is fun. Streaming is a battle. If it is not fun, why bother?”

kept this to myself and wanted to make sure if this was a fleeting feeling that would pass or not. But it did not pass..

If I do stream, it will be a blue moon. Again, streaming will be the last thing on my mind.

Update: I have quit streaming*

With that said, games on hiatus as well: Persona 5, BOTW (May be subject to be cancelled)


Who knows what the future holds but I know my fate with streaming.

Thanks for watching the livestream

This was a good 3 days of streaming on Beaten
Sonic Before the Sequel

on stream, I didn’t have enough time to do
Sonic After the Sequel but I will do that later down the line.


I was able to stream BOTW with no real issue, and got a lot of things done in 4 hours and it was fun and there was a lot of game over screens, It was great stuff overall.

I did go for another 4 hour stream but I was way too drained of energy to go on, sadly the other stream was not as long. It is a 1 hour and 40 min stream. But next weekend, the streams will be somewhat longer, I am hoping that they will be anyway.

The next BOTW stream will be back to shrine hunting then I will be aiming to get the Master sword and get it to full power and get slot upgrades and upgrade my gear to level 3, if I have time and the items.

This was a short post, but that is ok. Thank you for reading.

Here are some streams vod I saved, if you want to view them.




Livestream this weekend.

So, this coming weekend, I want to do 3 livestreams and they are games that you know about or seen or even heard.

So, this is gonna be a semi-long post. Get a snack or a drink or both.


Sonic:before the sequel


So the first game I want to do or wanted to do for this channel is a fan game called “Sonic: BTS (BTS = before the sequel). This is a fan game I did over on my old channel, Sonikgamemaster. But I didn’t talk back then so, it was boring and it was not too pleasing to watch back then.

Now that I have a new channel and a “better setup”, I want to redo this game and go through it again, so this could be a very fun stream to watch. I will be aiming to get the good ending but we will see how that will go, won’t we?


This should be a 2 Hour stream, if things go on track. I may add Sonic: after the sequel

to the mix, If I have time. If I do play
Sonic: after the sequel, I will try to aim for the good ending as well but no promises.

Sonic: after the sequel may be longer then 2 hours, but I will try my best to complete the game butif anything comes up, then I will have a rain check for
Sonic: after the sequel.

The Stream will start from anywhere between 8 Am and 10 Am. I can assume that this may be a 4 hour stream or around that area.

Zelda: Breath of the wild (Master Mode) on Saturday – Sunday

As the Title says above, I will be playing Zelda: BOTW on Master Mode. Master mode is what it sounds like. Same game, just much harder then normal with a few bells here and there to add a spin on BOTW.


So, there will be death….A lot of game over screens. I will be doing shrines during the stream. I have put Champions on the back burner, as they are not too important for me.

Get as many shrines as I can. Get Korok seeds for slot upgrades and get the Master Sword in the end, then back to shrine hunting. And no, there will be no fast traveling as I learned that it ruins the game. You end up missing so much content.

I will also see if I can go back to a 3 heart run as it makes you make better, With 3 hearts, you know at any moment that a arrow will send you to the grave sooner then later.

So, BOTW Master Mode streams will last for 4 hours, unless something comes up. This will be a long stream, if you like Zelda, come by to watch me die, a lot. It will be fun for the family.

So, again, I will be streaming Zelda: BOTW Saturday and Sunday, if you forgot. :P

You can catch my stream by clicking this link.

But Thanks for reading and see you later.

The Legend of Zelda: BOTW – Master Mode livestream

It has been a long while since I made a post here on WordPress. I have been so busy with life and having a somewhat good year, not counting the storms of course.

But hey. It is time for another Breath of the wild stream. If you like streams and BOTW, you may like this stream. I will be playing through BOTW on Master mode with 3 hearts and hunting down shrines to get more stamina.

This will be a 4 hour stream, so bring your snack or drink and come by. It will wild and crazy, And there will be a stream on Sunday as well. I plan on finding 20 or 10 shrines and see what will I go from there.

If I get another heart then it is from a champion. So this is what you can expect, 3 hearts only, no fast travel and finding shrines.

Thank Peeve for the great Idea. Like always (Sometimes), Stream will start at 9 Am and will end around 1 Pm, roughly.

If you want to watch the live stream, click the link.

Thanks for reading.

Zelda: breath of the wild shrine hunting

So, as the title says above, The upcoming Zelda stream for this Saturday will start at 8 Am and end at 12 Pm (“maybe” past 12 Pm) will be all about finding shrines to get the orbs to upgrade hp. Get ready to see that game over screen a lot more than normal.

In the shrine hunting adventure, there will be little story progression, is what I am aiming for this stream. I need to up my HP and Stamina as both are very low, so, here is the high optional goal for the stream I’m aiming for is 50 shrines, would be nice but it would be pretty tiny but still helpful.

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