Twitch stream recap #4

Time for another Twitch stream recap of what I did on my Livestream on twitch. Just a short twitch recap. It won't be anything long like before. So, let's start. The stream was just the binding of Isaac. And me trying to get a run in and beat the game. The Binding Of Isaac: Afterbirth+ … Continue reading Twitch stream recap #4

Twitch stream recap #3

It's time again for another Twitch recap. However, it will be much shorter than usual. What was going to happen was. I was going to Livestream like normal, then my friend Zomb1esmasher14 come into chat and mentions trying out remote play.It was something I wanted to try with some people before in HyperSonic7701's discord, anyone … Continue reading Twitch stream recap #3

Twitch stream recap #2

I wanted to make another recap on what I streamed on, incase someone wanted parts or a post that shows them the vods or videos. And I wanted to talk about the stream I did anyway, so it works out. So, last night I streamed two games, Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and the binding … Continue reading Twitch stream recap #2