Game ideas I have

So, I have been running this through, my head for a while now, as I work on game stuff in click team fusion. I have been waiting to think of some modes for my fan game.


This is going to be a rather short post, but it will serve as a base for rules, and I don’t want to get to a point where adding in these modes would need a lot of more work done.



I have plans on, letting my friends create these modes for the game.

Here is what needs to be done, a list of sorts.

If you want to help, follow the list below

1 | Name your mode, levels, and bosses

2 | Give some info on what’s in the mode

| How hard is it? And etc. Is it easy? Let me know. Should there be checkpoints or no?

3 | stages layout

Tell me what type of design you want for the mode, or give me an idea or a level reference, or make one yourself for me to use. Note, there is no stage or limit, but know it will take longer.

You may also add in item pick up, and other things. Even stage music

4 | Bosses

You have to tell me, what do you want me to add for bosses? You need to make the sprites, and, if you can’t make them, you can recolor, if you wish. If you made bosses sprites, just save them somewhere or copy to an image saving site, like, Twitter, etc.

What are their attacks? Do they have a second phase? What is their attack pattern? Let me know.

5 | enemies

Same for bosses, recolor an enemy, you like, for the mode. Note: If you have no new enemy sprites, ones that are already in the game will be used as a placeholder, till you make your own.

6 | Reward for being the mode

What will the player get for beating your custom mode? A “Thank you” from you? A new mode? Feel free to add that in your Pastebin or twitpost.

7 | On death or Game over

Tell me what should happen.

While there is no deadline, as of yet, I have a lot of work to do. I like to think and plan ahead.

8 | Anything extra you add, I will look at and let you know if it stays or goes

To submit your idea, use Pastebin to list the ideas.

Do keep in mind, once things change, you may need to alter some things.


I do ask that you do try your best to fill in everything. If you need to color something, get If you half-ass things, you will be skipped.

But, if you care, I may call on you for future projects. But that is it. Thanks for reading. :3


Hello people, edgelord here with a new post of sorts. This will be a short post. A list.

Here are the games I want to speedrun one last time before I move away from speedrunning and over to racing games with friends.

These runs will be done on my page.

Sonic 1 – beat the game

Sonic 2 – beat the game

Sonic 3 & K ? – beat the game

Sonic 3DBlast – beat the game – done

SRB2 (As Tails) – beat the game Done before


Sonic Lost World

Freedom Planet – done

savant – ascent

Sonic CD no

SADX done

SA2B – heroes, done

Sonic Heroes – Team sonic, never

Shadow The Hedgehog

Sonic Advance 2 – done

Dungeon Souls – maybe

Sonic spinball (Done)

Pac man 2: The new Adventures

Sonic The Fighters – done

Sonic R, Done

Sonic 4: EP 1

I had another list, like this but that list was too long and it was bad. Please note, not every game you see will be done in one day. :P

But thanks for reading this short post.

SRB2 forfeit rules (Subject to change)

So, I had some ideas for SRB2 and they were ok but then I found something that gave me a new idea to make SRB2 more fun or not. Lol, depends on what you think is fun. :3

So.. When you see “forfeit” You normally assume it means you quit or give up, in this sense, you are right but this is different when you add a game to the mix.

So X = (Any game) forfeit is where you and a group of friends play a game and the main idea is you want to avoid being dead Last or losing. If you lose then you Forfeit and the one who is first is the winner.

The winner can pick what the loser will do or say, as the following below will show you

The loser must do it.

The Winner can:

  • Make them a custom Icon (Of their choice) to use for the rest of the day on Twitter or Discord
  • Make them change their name to something silly
  • make them a custom name and Icon for the day
  • make a tweet or message for them to post to their followers on twitter or in discord
  • More

It must be silly and in good fun. Nothing mean.

So for SRB2

Race mode

Get First, avoid Last

Countdown to DNF: 100

Azure Temple Zone Countdown is set to 1500

If you get kick due to resyncing at the start of the race, you can rejoin to get back in the game

You may attack / kill other players to get a edge on the game if you need to.

Boxes are disabled

Race will be about skill and luck as who you get will be random

If there is a draw in players with DNF, then the one who has DNF in last place will be the loser

Competition Mode

Lives set to 10

Boxes are on, (Super ring, Eggman, 2 other things)

Countdown to Gameover: 75

You may attack / kill other players to get a edge on the game if you need to.

Race will be about skill and luck as who you get will be random

Aim for 1st, not Last place. If you Game over and get last, then you are the loser and must wait for the winner to pick your fate.

Also, if you game over but are not dead last, you are safe.

I got the idea from the video below, if you wanted to know.

New Personal Discord server update

It’s time for a new update :3 A personal server update. Let’s start.

So, the server will be using roles now. The server had roles but they were just there to chat and such. But custom roles will be added along with other roles

Changes coming now or later

New Server Icon

New roles

New channels

Removing Inactive channels

New Emotes (Some time soon)

Any files will be scanned

And more ‘ v’

Role only rooms (thinking about it)

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How to use Twitter (A silly guide)

Hi and welcome to my guide on how to use twitter. The right way. LUL

Now you might be thinking? “Why did you make this post?”

Or “Why does anyone need a guide on how to use twitter?”

Well, you would be shocked. Most people don’t know how to use twitter all that well. Some know how to Favorite / like, Retweet, post/tweet. Doing the basic twitter things.

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Second Discord Channel update

Hello there. Sonik here with a new big update, and going over some things as well as talking about new things. Clearing things up and talking about new in better detail, I hope.


New Things to come to the server is new channels, New things, new VC (Voice channels for talking in with a mic) and new everything.

Most of these ideas will be taken from others but I will put a spin on these silly things or just add something close to my server.

The Discord server join code is X6fUYxc

Link to my discord is

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An update status for Sonic Robo Blast 2

Hello there. It is I Sonikchan back with a new update with a new Topic

SRB2 will be today’s topic and what is gonna happen.

So, for what is gonna happen to me hosting SRB2 is this. It is going to be not often when I host of SRB2, meaning there won’t be anymore SRB2 online streams till I get a good number of users or players to join the fun.

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Why the wait room is here

Hi there. You may be wondering, “Why do I need to wait 10 mins to join a discord server?”

Well my friend, if you got the time and wanna know then, come read this post. :P

Hi, I’m Sonik, the server Admin.

To tell you why the wait room was added, Well it was added for a few reasons which I will get into now.

The wait room can be seen as a gate, to allow me to manage who gets in or doesn’t. As you know, a Discord server is like an open floodgate.

Anyone can come and go as they please and that can be a bad thing as cancerous users or people can join.

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Facebook status update

Sonik here with a new post and this is related to good old social media

Image result for anime smile

So you may notice I am rarely active on Facebook these days and it’s simply I lost interest in Facebook, but I was never really into Facebook, to be honest. You like facebook? Good for you and more power to you.

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A Twitch Stream and let’s play for youtube – 2017

Hello there. Sonik here with a nice update of sorts


So let’s get to it.

Twitch Stream

So Tomorrow I plan to a Test stream of SRB2 ( Sonic Robo Blast 2) Being the test game to see if my Net is Stable to host the game.

I want to have at least 4 to 6 players in the room to do this test at least or there will be no point

So If I end up doing the stream today or Saturday then please if you would, Vote or add some wads you want to see.

I will be streaming at:

Also, during the stream, we are at my Discord which can be found here:  You are free to join.

If I don’t have enough People then I will Speedrun a game for fun or stream at some other time.

New Let’s play on Youtube

So as you know, my Youtube channel has been pretty dead after my SRB2 LP, but I want to fix that with a new let’s play or let’s plays

I made a poll before but that had like one vote, so that doesn’t count. The new poll can be found here: 

The one that gets the most votes will be my new let’s play over at my youtube

But that’s it really and thanks for reading

If wish to say anything than comment below.

Sonik ‘ v’

Also, I find this funny.