New Start

Here are old names you may seen. SoundofSonik, mlp_sonik, mlpsonik, sonikponymage, drkinos, sonikgamemaster, Sonikchan, Soniksama, Sonikmage, Sonickun360, aqwsonic360, sonic360AE.

These twitter names may ring a bell for you, if you known me on Twitter under these names, if so, you may notice I had a name change. I am here to tell you why I did it.

So, I had the name “Sonik” since 2009 and it has been a name that I made when I first got into Roleplay. People and friends called me Sonic, on AQW, and being me, I came up with the idea of replacing the “c” with a “K”, and Sonik was born.

To be honest, “Sonik” was a name I used only for Twitter Roleplay or Twitter RP. I had no real plans on using “Sonik” outside of Twitter, other than to RP with the name. Because let’s be real, “Sonik” is an OVERUSED name by a lot of people, and making a name for myself is not gonna happen.

And for the longest time, I have been trying to get a new name for myself, other than “Sonik” So, this name change is not out of the blue for no reason, this has been an on-going thing for years.

And the other reason is, I made this change to also distance myself from the Sonic speedrun community, Sonic speedrunners, Sonic streamers, and some speedrunners in general. I made an exception for a few people I follow.

I’m not very fond of the communities mentioned above, and they are not fond of me or rather, some of their members are not fond of me.

And I know wanting to distance myself from communities mentioned, sounds rude but lately, some communities feel toxic and less friendly, mainly, the Sonic speedrun community.  I will leave it at that.

I want a clean start, I want to start over with a new name, make new friends, good friends, I have been given that chance to do so. And my awesome GF for the name.

I brought my friends along for my new adventure as I felt it was needed. They are my friends who are cool.

So, what’s next for “Sonik”? Nothing, Sonik is done, gone. There is no more Sonik. Sorry to say, the age of Sonik, is no more.

“I know/knew you as sonik, and you will always be Sonik to me”

I’m sorry that you knew me at the tail end but there is no more “Sonik” And I know some people have ties Sonic speedrun community, and I rather not be called Sonik anymore, There is no more “Sonik”

I wanted to make this post to clear things up and explain why this change was made.

I know people may not understand my reasons.

The age of “Sonik” is G O N E

Sonic Hell Update

So, I been quiet on Sonic Hell (Sonic 1 rom), Because I was working on a
fan game in click team fusion, and, that has taken away time to work on
this project. That why I don’t mention it anymore.

Or rather, I have stopped working on it. But fear not. I have made this post for this event.

Why did I stop working on the sonic hack?


A number of reasons.

1. I can’t be bothered to do something, I don’t enjoy anymore

When I first started working on this project, I was happy, of course, this was before I learned or got deep into click team. My goal was to make an Sonic 1 rom hack.

I wanted to do what could be done, if I had the right tools back then. Sadly, over time I have been on and off with this project to a point, where I just lost my will to continue working on the hack.

2. I want to make games

With Click team fusion under my belt (Kind of) I want to make fan games and games. With rom hacks, I feel limited in what I can do and this feeling makes it easy for me, to not make rom hacks, it’s a feeling that is here to stay.

I find that making rom hacks are cool, but in the long run, they can only get you so far. With fan games rising up, rom hacks are slowing down, but not by much. Fan games offer a bit more, in my opinion.

3. I have no team

I have no team, and this makes this project a living HELL (Get it… I’m sorry) If I had a team to help work on this hack, it would be a bit better, but then I would have to watch and guide them, and that is more work.


So, I have two options for what I want to do with this Project.

  1. Put this on a hiatus till I can find a reason to go back to this project


  1. Hand off a copy of the source files to a friend and let them make the hack in their image


  1. Cancel the project outright, if option 2 and 1 are a bust

The project is now on hiatus, at the moment.

Sorry for the short post. :P

Sonic Mania Stream

So, Sonic Mania is now out on PC and I forgot about Sonic mania for the most. It’s hard to avoid things you don’t want to see when people stream IL’s, playthroughs, speedruns, or make reviews. (People got to be first to everything), oh well. Can’t beat them, join them.

But this will still be a semi new experience for me. So, if you watch, get ready for fails, deaths and maybe game overs? I will be in a discord call, so, if you happen to be in my server, join in. Or private call me on Discord.

Make sure your mic is a good. Stream playback through mics is a huge no-no. Mute the stream when you join the call. If you join, that is.

(Side bar to the right is your friend)

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Hello people, edgelord here with a new post of sorts. This will be a short post. A list.

Here are the games I want to speedrun one last time before I move away from speedrunning and over to racing games with friends.

These runs will be done on my page.

Sonic 1 – beat the game

Sonic 2 – beat the game

Sonic 3 & K ? – beat the game

Sonic 3DBlast – beat the game – done

SRB2 (As Tails) – beat the game Done before


Sonic Lost World

Freedom Planet – done

savant – ascent

Sonic CD no

SADX done

SA2B – heroes, done

Sonic Heroes – Team sonic, never

Shadow The Hedgehog

Sonic Advance 2 – done

Dungeon Souls – maybe

Sonic spinball (Done)

Pac man 2: The new Adventures

Sonic The Fighters – done

Sonic R, Done

Sonic 4: EP 1

I had another list, like this but that list was too long and it was bad. Please note, not every game you see will be done in one day. :P

But thanks for reading this short post.

A long rant / vent.

This is pretty serious / dark of a rant, it’s not aim at anyone. Take this rant / vent with a grain of salt. I been wanting to say this for a while, normally, I would add some type of pictures that would be a meme but not today..

As you read this, this was the result of my mental breakdown and depression, paired with stress and low sanity with a lack of sleep or unable to sleep.

What the fuck happened to our generation of people? What the fuck happened to us as a whole? Where are the days where we had thick skin? Or where did the days go where sharing one’s opinion would be eye opening in a good way?

When did our generation become so twisted and messed up? We take a step forward to only to take 3 steps back? Or when did drama stop being the only means to end a friendship or start dumb shit?

How did we get here? Are we doomed to just fall from grace? I feel like everything we do is hopeless…It’s funny.. The thought of me being a pessimist is funny, I’m such a “optimist” I feel like such a joke. I guess I had to take off my rose colored glasses at some point..


I feel like everything I do blows up in my face non-stop, it’s almost perfect… I’m damn if I do or don’t. I want to make friends but I hate getting fucked over. Everytime I want to mean well, life laughs in my face and it backfires.

Maybe, I am better off not caring about anyone but that will just make me a cold hearted bastard. This is a generation I can’t win? How can I win being myself? Maybe everything I have done up to this point has been a GOD DAMN LIE!

I put myself last as my friends come first to me and that always blows up in my face, that is great. I just don’t know anymore. ANYTHING can end a “friendship” It’s like walking on a minefield and I don’t get it..I just don’t get it anymore..I really don’t and it’s depressing as all hell..

What can I even do? I feel like being myself or being me is good and only good for getting me in trouble with anyone, and I really do feel like being “ME” is not worth it.. Do I just wear a fake smile to keep people happy? The answer would seem to be yes.

I feel like the point of things I did is gone. What is the point of doing things if it will push people away. I feel like leaving social media as a whole would be for the best at this point.

It really does feel pointless cause it will just happen again, I am just doomed to upset people and that is a fact….I will end up doing something and watching it blow up in my face..

I could rant or vent on twitter and be open book about my true feelings and be blunt, but all that will do is annoy people and hurt them and just stress me the fuck out again.

I could share my thoughts but that is going to do is cause me more problems and stress but stress is always great…Oh wait, it’s not

I feel like no matter what I do, say or try. Something ALWAYS GOES WRONG, IT ALWAYS GOES WRONG. It would be funny if something could go right…But I am too hopeful. I could try my best to not hurt someone but still end up hurting someone..

I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t. To be honest, there is no halfway here. I will say it again. What the hell happened to this generation? Drama was the only means of losing friends back then.

But now having a different opinions, ranting, overthinking something or anything really is enough to lose friends or start shit these days and it’s sad to know that it now takes almost no effort to lose a friend.

And I lost more friends before in the past and it’s great to know that it’s simple to lose friends by being yourself but it’s not great and it fucking sucks..

And that hurts the most that knowing I could hurt someone by ranting or being “myself” I can push someone away cause of that.

Before anyone says “This is life, get out of your bubble.” I guess this is my wake up call for me to see this world in a negative light. What can I even say or do without upsetting someone, I don’t fucking know..I just don’t know but I’m ready to give up.

I feel like the only haven left where I can’t hurt anyone or upset anyone with me around is tumblr.. But that won’t last. I’m just stressed and depressed. If you want to talk to me I think it’s best for me to stay away from Social media for the time being.

If you are reading this on Twitter. Don’t do anything on my behalf. But don’t expect me back on Twitter or Twitch or Discord for a while. I am sorry that I have been like this. I just think this is a better option to stay away.

After my mental break, I’m in a really bad place. I don’t know how stable I am at the moment or if I am “stable”, so, Social media would be a very bad idea.

NO, I’m not playing victim. I have always seen myself as a failure and a fuck up but I hide my emotions from everyone, which is why you think I am a “Nice guy” or a “asshole”

But, you know I tend to fuck up. But that’s me. I am just lost but I doubt you care but that’s ok. I’m not worth the time anyway. I wish this was a bad dream I could wake up from, but it’s not. It’s life, and with life, you never know what you do could upset someone or hurt someone till it’s too late.

And I was really on edge, the fact I had no sleep for these past days, since I couldn’t sleep anymore and being stressed out to the breaking point didn’t help

Sigh, now in to darker parts of my mind.


I would see normally see a silver lining in this mess I made, but I don’t see any silver lining here. If no one is mad, great but I am still a fuck up. A failure who ends up saying dumb shit. My rants are worthless, My thoughts are stupid, like me. I love being called a great friend… I am no great friend. I’m a piece of shit.

I am like the “Daisy Trash” meme, I am trash and I should be in trash.. I don’t get why you call me a friend or a good friend or follow me..I’m not normal like most, why bother with me, to be honest. You are wasting your time. I’m not normal, I’m not original, I’m not even funny or fun.

I’m dull and boring. I’m weird, I don’t do anything special, i’m just a nobody.. If I get back on Twitter, I will just lose another friend or come close to losing a friend or upset someone else and will just show how much of a failure I really am.. I don’t know why keep trying at this point, I should delete everything but I won’t. Holding on to what little of sanity I have left, is keeping me from deleting everything and it’s keeping me from doing something stupid.

Maybe I should just be a emotionless person with a fake smile, I am sure that will make things better and make people happy, if people are happy then that’s what matters to me.

Friends say I should tell them my problems, would that really do anything? No, It would only make their day a little worst or it would make some worry for no reason and I can’t have that. But I’m just being a pessimist about that. And maybe open up to those I trust.

Maybe…Just maybe, I could “win” by not being myself, I am so tired of things blowing up in my face but being emotionless then I can no longer upset anyone or hurt friends anymore.

When the hell did subtweeting become a new means to losing a friend or upsetting anyone..? People sub tweet all the time and they stay friends afterwards. Maybe, I am better off making a new protected account, this way, I can’t hurt anyone or friends with my worthless rants and dumb thoughts or my bad opinions.

But I can’t do anything right and I guess that’s why I don’t want to make friends cause I know when I open up to them and be the real “me”, it will push them away or upset them or I end up hurting those I care and then they are gone, like they were never here..

I seen comments like “They are not good friends” They are good friends..I’m the problem here. Me, not them. I am just unlucky one here.

You could rant about me or vent about me or even sub tweet about me and the most I would do is feel annoyed but I wouldn’t choose to end my friendship over that cause real friends wouldn’t let petty words bother them to such a way that it ends a friendship.. But maybe that is some made up fantasy I dream of everyday….

Which I look, just like my fantasy, I don’t fit in nowhere. Twitter, Twitch, Discord, Facebook. If I was somewhat normal, then I could fit in but that feels like a nightmare. I don’t fit in anywhere. It’s a nagging feeling that bothers me, no matter where I go on social media.

I always push those away when I be myself, do I fit in this world? No, not really. Each year that comes, I lose friends or best friends and people say “it’s their loss”, but it’s mine loss in the end of the day. They come and then go, nothing I can do but just sit by and watch.. It’s going to happen, everyone is going to go, sooner or later, and it will be my fault. I will be the reason they leave. And I will be all alone, a failure needs- No, a failure has no friends, a failure like me deserves to die alone and be forgotten.


When the day come where people can fit in anywhere, share their opinions without worry of starting fights or drama. Hell, being able to share their thoughts or even rant or vent about others without fear of losing one dear to them because they didn’t have thick skin

A place where I could even fit in. A place where there is no drama over having complete different opinions, where sub tweeting would be there as a means to vent or rant.

A world where those who are famous will put their friends first and not last.. Where friends are no longer seen as tools but as people or human beings among other people that all have a purpose in this life.

A place where we don’t get tossed under the bus and forgotten like trash,

Maybe one day, we can grow thick skin and no longer just take things at face value, be able to have longer lasting friendships… But no such place exist and it WILL never exist. It’s one dream that will never come true no matter how much you wish for it. It’s false hope like being a optimist, you’re only lying to yourself… Like I been doing my whole life as being a optimist.. I thought being a optimist would make life better for me but it was a beautiful lie, at the very least..

Well, I will see how things play out, I don’t see anything good happening anytime soon. Assuming I don’t delete anything in the time frame. I just need time to think what I want to do and time alone.

I’m not mad at anyone, I am just mad at myself. I hate myself for being trash and useless and I’m a failure to my friends and girlfriend and a insensitive idiot..

I’m truly sorry from the bottom of my heart to anyone I hurt deeply or upset anyone and for the things I said and done. You won’t see me for a while on any social sites till I am stable enough… I guess I was never ok, putting on a mask and smiling helps make the pain go away, only for so long..

Don’t worry, I’m alive but I’m “meh”, if anyone asks. Like I said before…Just thinking what I want to do with my life when I feel somewhat better and mentally stable again.

So, in the time being, you won’t find me online anywhere, don’t bother or worry yourself. During this time, I’m focusing on getting better and learning game development and taking a break from twitter / social was much needed. Give me a week, I should be mentally stable by then, if not, then, more time may be needed.

If I post this, then 3 or 4 days have passed since. Meaning, what you see may not be the current. Or may be outdated. But think of a status update. This will be the only time you will ever see what’s truly on my mind, or if I have another mental breakdown..

My breakdown has ended, I am in a “better” state of mind,
but I am still too unable for the time being. Still depressed to some point but working on it.

I should make this clear, I’m not looking for sympathy by posting this, The stuff I done and say earns me no

in any way, shape or form.


I can only hope that this won’t get taken at face value or
misinterpret. I stand by everything I said. I am trash. And I’m sorry again. I fear that this will bring me more trouble then wanted, I can only assume the best here. right?

I will answer all DMs / Discord pms and messages when I get back to my stable self. (If there is any)

Now, goodbye, from the edgelord. Take care and be safe all.

Let’s talk: about my forum

Hello there, Sonik here and with a new update. It’s not a big, but it’s a fairly /big/ update.

So, as you know, I been pushing this a bit. But I am working on game dev stuff and a Sonic hack. I figured while I make the hack or fan game, I could try to build a community of sorts.

So, I am using wix to make a simple forum, as I feel that it will be fine enough. Anyone may join and if you have ideas for a hack, let us know in the forums. If you don’t want to join, this is also fine as well.

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SRB2 forfeit rules (Subject to change)

So, I had some ideas for SRB2 and they were ok but then I found something that gave me a new idea to make SRB2 more fun or not. Lol, depends on what you think is fun. :3

So.. When you see “forfeit” You normally assume it means you quit or give up, in this sense, you are right but this is different when you add a game to the mix.

So X = (Any game) forfeit is where you and a group of friends play a game and the main idea is you want to avoid being dead Last or losing. If you lose then you Forfeit and the one who is first is the winner.

The winner can pick what the loser will do or say, as the following below will show you

The loser must do it.

The Winner can:

  • Make them a custom Icon (Of their choice) to use for the rest of the day on Twitter or Discord
  • Make them change their name to something silly
  • make them a custom name and Icon for the day
  • make a tweet or message for them to post to their followers on twitter or in discord
  • More

It must be silly and in good fun. Nothing mean.

So for SRB2

Race mode

Get First, avoid Last

Countdown to DNF: 100

Azure Temple Zone Countdown is set to 1500

If you get kick due to resyncing at the start of the race, you can rejoin to get back in the game

You may attack / kill other players to get a edge on the game if you need to.

Boxes are disabled

Race will be about skill and luck as who you get will be random

If there is a draw in players with DNF, then the one who has DNF in last place will be the loser

Competition Mode

Lives set to 10

Boxes are on, (Super ring, Eggman, 2 other things)

Countdown to Gameover: 75

You may attack / kill other players to get a edge on the game if you need to.

Race will be about skill and luck as who you get will be random

Aim for 1st, not Last place. If you Game over and get last, then you are the loser and must wait for the winner to pick your fate.

Also, if you game over but are not dead last, you are safe.

I got the idea from the video below, if you wanted to know.

New Personal Discord server update

It’s time for a new update :3 A personal server update. Let’s start.

So, the server will be using roles now. The server had roles but they were just there to chat and such. But custom roles will be added along with other roles

Changes coming now or later

New Server Icon

New roles

New channels

Removing Inactive channels

New Emotes (Some time soon)

Any files will be scanned

And more ‘ v’

Role only rooms (thinking about it)

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Mini Server update + Opinion on the new Discord TOS

Ok this was going to be a mini update but…Due to Discord’s new TOS, this is going to be a “bigger” post update.  So boys and girls, let’s go.

So the channels that are getting the ax, due to being inactive will be listed below.


Pangya C

Inactive zone

No history


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Why I dislike twitch fight streams

Hello again. Your one and only Sonik here with a new post.

So let’s talk about twitch streams that focus mainly on fighting games on And why I dislike them and no longer go to them.

So streamers that focus on online fighting games I dislike and here is why. When people stream those games they just become toxic or negative or the chat is toxic as hell.

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