Sonic 3 Angel Island revisited

I have seen Sonic 3 Air or Angel Island revisited. It was something I had seen around before, either by some youtubers or by my friend, Drax, who has played Sonic 3 Air. From what I have seen, it is Sonic 3 complete, but far bigger in scope. You can download mods, and change how … Continue reading Sonic 3 Angel Island revisited

Twitch stream recap #2

I wanted to make another recap on what I streamed on, incase someone wanted parts or a post that shows them the vods or videos. And I wanted to talk about the stream I did anyway, so it works out. So, last night I streamed two games, Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and the binding … Continue reading Twitch stream recap #2

Twitch stream recap

A day late, but wanted to talk about the Livestream and how it went. It went well, I started at 11 Am-ish, and I was about to stream for 5 hours, and in those 5 hours, I Livestreamed some games. I will have links or clips to the stream highlight. I made a nice amount … Continue reading Twitch stream recap

Revisiting Sonic Mania

So, it's time that I revisit, Sonic Mania, and give my new thoughts on this game. As you know, Sonic Mania is praised as "the best Sonic game.", and, the like and such. It has been a month, since I reviewed Sonic Mania, and, at the time, I did enjoy the game, even, during the … Continue reading Revisiting Sonic Mania

Sonic Beta Release

Sharing my old hacks on Sonic 1 and Sonic 3. A Archive of sorts. :P