Sonic Mania Plus Review

So, it’s time. I have been meaning to make a review on this DLC. In fact, it was not gonna happen but thanks to my kind Best friend, SBCz who got me the DLC on steam. I was able to play it and give my thoughts on it sooner than later.

However, Stardew Valley and Clicker Heroes 2 have been taking up my time. But that aside, I have played the Sonic Mania DLC and beaten it. I am ready to give my opinion on it.

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The DLC “Encore mode” takes place after forces (Assuming), Sonic returns as the Phantom ruby flies off, and Sonic gives chase to find Ray, and Mighty trapped in a capsule. Only to find out later, that Heavy Magician is back in action, and King Heavy use the ruby to send the player back in time, undoing the damage on the hard boiled heavies.

That’s it, really.

So, in encore mode. The game adds “new” level layout to encore mode to give the user some new to playthrough, as well as a new time of day for each zone. Special Stages rings have been hidden in new areas.

I really do feel that encore mode tries to encourage players to explore the level, high and low to find these Special stage rings. The Special stages are brand new and offer a challenge for the player

Encore gets rid of lives, rather, you can have Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Ray, and Mighty as make-shift lives, which can be found in Special Character icon monitors or the pinball bonus stage (50 rings at a checkpoint)

Encore mode character box

You can switch between the characters by hitting a Switch box (Seen above). Or if you wish to use the A.I controlled character, you can press the action button. The idea is neat, but other than, a new mode, new special stages, and minor changes to suit Mighty and ray’s moves.

DLC doesn’t have a whole lot to offer current players. New players of Sonic Mania will get something out of it. If you been playing Mania since it first came out, you will spot the minor edits to the zones.

Bosses are left unchanged and are still the same. Which I felt the mode could have needed the change to keep players on their toes. It would have been nice, at least…

Only two bosses got a change, one was a major change, while the other was very minor. These changes were from the new Sonic Mania patch, which is free.

The “true” ending, while is neat to watch and good to unlock, it was very underwhelming to me. Go through a minor edit version of each zone, get the emeralds, for an ending that could have been bit better. Won’t ruin it for others.

I want to talk about the level layout and time of day for the stages. I just want to nitpick here…

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Green Hill at sunset looks nice, and it does make green hill fun to go through for the 100th time

Sonic Mania – Encore Green Hill

Then you look at a well made rom hack that started it all. Megamix 3.0

Image result for sunset hill megamix
Sonic Megamix 3.0 – rom hack

Encore green hill is just sunset hill. And most of the zone changes are minor. Some zones do have new shortcuts added just for encore mode.

My final thoughts

For the new Sonic fan who is new to Sonic Mania, and wants more from the game. Sonic Mania will have what you in Sonic Mania Plus.

If you been playing Sonic Mania since it came out, it might be for you. But don’t expect much. It’s 5 dollars, after all. Assuming, you own Sonic Mania, of course. The DLC was pretty fun, but after 2 playthroughs, the magic wore off of me.

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I tend to beat games pretty fast, so, this could be the reason why encore mode feels like it could have done so much more, but didn’t. The DLC, for the most part, is great. That part is new special stages and Mighty, and Ray as new characters.

The level layout for the encore, in my opinion, is disappointing. I understand that it’s meant to be for Ray and mighty to use their moves to get to new areas, but after Green Hill…Sunset hill. Mighty and Ray fall into the same trap as Knuckles and Tails, that they feel like Sonic but have a different move.

The level layouts, later on, feel unchanged. it’s like I’m playing without the DLC. I know some levels do have areas where Mighty and Ray can use their moves, but I rarely saw them.

One level felt like it was new. That was the encore Mirage Saloon. This stage was fun. to play as any character. They all had a use here in act 1. Act 2 is the same as others.

Encore mode did offer a good time, and I had fun exploring stages for special stage rings. Again, $5 for DLC. I was hoping for too much. I wanted this DLC to be something else. One can wish.

The DLC adds the following:

  1. Mighty and Ray as new characters
  2. Encore mode
  3. Harder Special Stages in encore
  4. New ending in encore
  5. “New” Level layout in Encore mode
  6. Maybe something I missed?

Do you want to buy Sonic Mania Plus?

Again, if you own Sonic Mania already, the DLC is 5 dollars.

Link to Sonic Mania Plus on steam

Thanks for reading. :3

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Youtube let’s plays planned

It’s time for a new let’s play and I figured I would post here.

After I beaten Sonic Mania for the channel. I will post a link to my playlist of mania. (My Sonic Mania Playlist)


I have plans on doing Momodora: RUTM or Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight so.

This will be a playthrough for the best ending and I don’t know how many parts there will be but I will go for the true end.

I may have friends join me but I feel that won’t happen and it will mainly be a solo Let’s play.

My friends can ask to join but that’s up to them.


These will be post let’s plays

And once I beaten Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight. I will do Sonic Adventure DX as well, but later. I will do Sonic CD good future for the channel.

I will get them out ASAP or when I get time.

Revisiting Sonic Mania

So, it’s time that I revisit, Sonic Mania, and give my new thoughts on this game. As you know, Sonic Mania is praised as “the best Sonic game.”, and, the like and such.

It has been a month, since I reviewed Sonic Mania, and, at the time, I did enjoy the game, even, during the DRM backlash. I had a blast. But, over the past few months of playing and “speedrunning,” and time attacks, I started not to enjoy the game a bit.

Each playthrough of Sonic Mania I did, started to grow sour. There are things in Mania; I do like, but, there is a lot that, I don’t want or grown to dislike. I will be writing this, the best I can and hope you can see my side of things.

What I didn’t like the most is that Sonic Mania, feels like a fan game of Sonic The Hedgehog 3, It is a mash-up of Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic CD, and Sonic 3 & Knuckles. The worst thing about Sonic Mania is that it relies heavily on nostalgia and I feel that where the game kind of falls on its ass.

If you need to use nostalgia, as a buffer for a game, it won’t be such a good idea. I like nostalgia, and when some games use it, as a call back here and there, it’s okay. But when your game is based around or on nostalgia, not to mention, that there are remasters or remakes of Sonic 1, Sonic 2, and Sonic CD.

Let’s look at some at a stage. Stardust Speedway in Sonic Mania

Most of the level layout is new but, then, you get into the latter half of the stage, it uses set pieces and level bits from Marble Garden, in Sonic 3. But for 75 % of this zone, it is Stardust Speedway.

Look, I get it. This is the 25th anniversary of Sonic, and they want to give the fans, a brand new game. That is all fine and well. But, if the original game relies heavily on Nostalgia, It’s not a new game is it?

I mean, when fans have the ports made from the ground up of Sonic 1, Sonic 2, and Sonic CD, Sonic Mania loses that charm, it once had or was going for? If we didn’t have these ports remastered of Sonic, then, Sonic Mania could get away with it.

But, if we didn’t have those ports, most likely, Mania wouldn’t be a thing now.

Sonic Generations did the same thing as Sonic Mania where it was a nostalgia trip. Again, I am not saying these games are bad. But, when you take off your Nostalgia glasses, you might not like what you will see. Sonic Mania panders to the Sonic fans, and more so, to the nostalgia sonic fans of the classic days.

When I look at Sonic Mania, it seems to be 25 % new things, four new zones, and the final zone. Seven new Special Stages and Sonic’s Drop Dash. Those are worth noting here. And there are eight old zones, Blue spheres (Yes, I am adding this here, as it adds nothing new), Mean Beans or Puyo Puyo.

From what I saw. There are 20 new bosses and six old bosses. While having new bosses is great and all. It doesn’t make up for the rest of the game.

There is more OLD, then new here. If there should be “Sonic Mania 2” They need to drop the nostalgia safety net, they need to make some new levels. Adding back an old stage or two, for Sonic Mania 2, is fine, so long, if you create the new game have nothing but more new levels, otherwise, at that point, it would be Sonic Mania DLC.

If you enjoy Sonic Mania and just don’t care, that is fine. But, playing Sonic Mania, for me, over these few months, I still think Sonic Mania is a good game. But, again, there is a lot of old and new.

Sonic Mania doesn’t know what it wants to be. Is it trying to be Sonic 2? Is it trying to be Sonic 1? Or does it want to be like, Sonic CD? Sonic Mania, is all over the place. Sonic Mania feels like an incomplete Sonic 3, that is trying to mash other elements from the other classic Sonic titles into one game. It does not work and to me, makes mania feel like an Official fan game, rather than a new Sonic game.

And the whole DRM and patching out things is not helping, but, eh. What can you do? But that’s it for me here.

Thanks for reading. You are free to disagree :P

Review: Sonic Mania

Sonic Mania. I want to say that Sonic mania is a great-

Damn it Sega. You had one job. Well, let’s ignore the DRM till we get to the end of this post. Going to share my thoughts in this mini like review.

I will say this. If you are “That” person who takes or treats opinions serious. I think you need to go elsewhere. :3 These are my own experience I had with the game.

Sonik the edge-lord, here with this post to share opinion and thoughts :o

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Sonic Mania Stream

So, Sonic Mania is now out on PC and I forgot about Sonic mania for the most. It’s hard to avoid things you don’t want to see when people stream IL’s, playthroughs, speedruns, or make reviews. (People got to be first to everything), oh well. Can’t beat them, join them.

But this will still be a semi new experience for me. So, if you watch, get ready for fails, deaths and maybe game overs? I will be in a discord call, so, if you happen to be in my server, join in. Or private call me on Discord.

Make sure your mic is a good. Stream playback through mics is a huge no-no. Mute the stream when you join the call. If you join, that is.

(Side bar to the right is your friend)

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Sonic Mania delay

So, Sonik here. Where to start? At the Time of this post. Sonic Mania has been released for PS4, Switch, Xbox one. PC, on the other hand, has been delayed due to a game breaking bug.

Let me talk about this with you. And why it is a good thing. That is how I see it in my eyes.

Sonic Mania was delayed due to a game breaking bug or a bug that was serious to delay the game to fix it. Here is why this is good. Sega is trying to make sure that Sonic mania is well made and that it works and feels like a game that they can feel proud of.

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Thoughts on SXSW

So a few days ago. We all got to see the SXSW Stream on Twitch and youtube, which gave us more news about the new and upcoming Sonic games. “Sonic Mania” “Sonic Forces” While at the stream, we got new content to hold some of us over.

Let’s get to the point and up to speed.

My thoughts on the SXSW Stream, it was great for what it was. It may not be the best but it was good to understand what was going on and that’s all that really matters that you know what’s going on.

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