Hyper’s Quest 2 christmas 2018 impressions

Here are my impressions on the fan game called Hyper's Quest 2 CHRISTMAS 2018 DEMO So, with this being a demo. I will talk about what I like and disliked. And some bugs. This is a fan game made on the Sonic Max engine in Game maker studio. Controller support works well but the only … Continue reading Hyper’s Quest 2 christmas 2018 impressions


Sonic Adventure SX demo #SAGE2018

Time to go over Sonic Adventure SX for SAGE2018. I know I am late to the party, but I want to share my thoughts, since I did review this game before, but under a different name “Sonic and Shantae Adventure (SAGE 2017) Demo” So, in this demo I will list the new stuff. Time attack … Continue reading Sonic Adventure SX demo #SAGE2018

Game ideas I have

So, I have been running this through, my head for a while now, as I work on game stuff in click team fusion. I have been waiting to think of some modes for my fan game. This is going to be a rather short post, but it will serve as a base for rules, and … Continue reading Game ideas I have

Sonic grand adventure (working Title)

I figured I would jump the gun..So to speak with this project. So back in 2008 on twitter, I started a project called “Sonic grand adventure” or SGA. This was going to be a fan game in Adobe Flash cs4 but during the time I had no idea on how to code a game in flash … Continue reading Sonic grand adventure (working Title)