March – April update log

It has been a while since I have done something like this. I was going to make this its blog post, but I figured that it would be best for this blog post to have everything in one place and still do this TS Mario pseudo-race with HyperSonic and others. There has been a lot … Continue reading March – April update log

My discord server

So, I figured it was time to make this post. It has been a while since I made a post about my discord server, and I feel it is time to do that. So this is going to be talking about my discord server. I wanted to mention my server since it is still "new." … Continue reading My discord server

Newgrounds rating problem

So a year ago, I made a blog post about some newgrounds artists having porn in the E section for kids. Cause I mean, at the time, it seemed like a slip-up or a mistake. I am sure it is a slip-up. Here my blog post on Newgrounds: wanna talk about Newgrounds. The artist I mentioned … Continue reading Newgrounds rating problem

Replying to lifesfinewhine post

So, I was bored and looking on, and just seeing what people post who like my post. And one post caught my eye that I needed to blog about it. And replying to the post would not be enough, for me. Mimi Cute GIF You may wonder what post I am talking about. Wonder … Continue reading Replying to lifesfinewhine post