Looking back on some things I have done two years ago and I forgot about some Sonic Forces time attack / score attack videos I did for a site called CyberScore. 


I was going to upload these videos and link them on CyberScore but these videos are out of date and I have not touched Sonic Forces in sometime, and I just have no need to head back to do ILS or Individual Levels that and my data I had saved was overridden when I did my first Sonic Forces race.

It’s a shame too. I was at one point uploading Ils to post to CyberScore but Sonic related ILS are not fun to do anymore or at least not right now, it’s boring to me. I know there are people and friends who get a rush or get a boost from doing ILS.


Proud of that pun. :3 But doing Ils on Cyberscore was fun. Who knows? Maybe I may do ILs in the future at some point for a bit and drop ILS as well but for now, that’s done with.