Sonic Hell Update

So, I been quiet on Sonic Hell (Sonic 1 rom), Because I was working on a
fan game in click team fusion, and, that has taken away time to work on
this project. That why I don’t mention it anymore.

Or rather, I have stopped working on it. But fear not. I have made this post for this event.

Why did I stop working on the sonic hack?


A number of reasons.

1. I can’t be bothered to do something, I don’t enjoy anymore

When I first started working on this project, I was happy, of course, this was before I learned or got deep into click team. My goal was to make an Sonic 1 rom hack.

I wanted to do what could be done, if I had the right tools back then. Sadly, over time I have been on and off with this project to a point, where I just lost my will to continue working on the hack.

2. I want to make games

With Click team fusion under my belt (Kind of) I want to make fan games and games. With rom hacks, I feel limited in what I can do and this feeling makes it easy for me, to not make rom hacks, it’s a feeling that is here to stay.

I find that making rom hacks are cool, but in the long run, they can only get you so far. With fan games rising up, rom hacks are slowing down, but not by much. Fan games offer a bit more, in my opinion.

3. I have no team

I have no team, and this makes this project a living HELL (Get it… I’m sorry) If I had a team to help work on this hack, it would be a bit better, but then I would have to watch and guide them, and that is more work.


So, I have two options for what I want to do with this Project.

  1. Put this on a hiatus till I can find a reason to go back to this project


  1. Hand off a copy of the source files to a friend and let them make the hack in their image


  1. Cancel the project outright, if option 2 and 1 are a bust

The project is now on hiatus, at the moment.

Sorry for the short post. :P

The future for Sonic 1 Hell (Kaizo Sonic – Fan project)

Hi there. Sonik here with serious type of post. It’s not too serious, No one cares about it but let’s go on shall we?

So I made a post talking about a new rom hack I am making. This was going to be for HyperSonic7701 and Mastakirby. A gift to them and a indirect follow up to my last hack but more complete.

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A side project (Sonic Hell) cancelled

Hello there. It is i, Sonikchan with a new project in the works. I want to talk about “Kaizo Sonic” A fan hack that is fun but hard. Well, the game has no name yet.

So the Hack I am working on is mainly for 2 people HyperSonic7701 and MastaKirby as a way to say thanks for being some awesome friends, I doubt they feel the same way. If they do, then yay. If not, it’s fine. lol

So you may say “What the point of this Sonic 1 hack you are making?” To answer that. Around 2010, I did plan on making another hack with a better set of tools and new plans, however, this was during the summer and I had school, drama to deal with, which in the end just made me quit working on the hack altogether.

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Sonic Beta Release

So, Something I wanted to do a long time is, to create Sonic 1 rom hacks, and shocking, I did do it.

Granted, the hack of Sonic 1, I was making never got completely done due to drama and life, but, it got close to being done. But, I know you don’t care or maybe you do. But Enough talk; have at you!

In the zip folder below, I will give a good idea of what you are getting here.

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