TS Mario Race Challenge

Let’s talk about a game. TS Mario. A name not many will know, and even I did not know of the game. It is a Mario fan game that is in line with super Mario bros 3. the game has a mode called TS Mario, and the only reason I’m playing this fan game is MastaKirby made a deal with me. and Hypersonic7701, and Zomb1esmasher15.

Game mode: TS Mario.

This mode starts with a tutorial to get the player used to the game controls and how everything works much later on. This level is a clone of stage 1-1 when things go off the rails.

And given this is a fan game, the dev added new features and enemies. From what I can tell, it is super Mario bros. 3, but each level is unique as each stage has a different layout, mechanics to learn or avoid, new enemies, hidden blocks, fake level ends for levels, and traps. And you can play Mario, Luigi, Princess Daisy, and Toad.

It is kaizo Mario, but kaizo Mario without all the speedrunner tricks. Granted, I have only beaten four levels, and no telling how much harder this game will become. But I think it helped a little bit that I was used to playing something beforehand like cat Mario, unfair sonic, and Wings of VI.

Playing these games before did not help me other than get me prepared for something ahead. And I was already waiting for the next trap, but even then, I was still caught off guard that it was a trial and error. I grew to like this. Maybe by the end, I will end up loving this fan game.

Maybe I will end up not being a fan of it. But however it goes, I can value the hard work that went into this fan game, and back when Nintendo was strict about no rom hacks instead of fan games like they are today.

I mentioned that MastaKirby offered me a deal to stream this game to get a live reaction from me, and the only thing is I had to beat the game without using warp pipes and kill all the bosses. I agree because I assumed this was a rom hack or a fan game.

I was wrong, lmao. The offer thrown to my friends, Zomb1esmasher15 and HyperSonic7701, Tigre5012 invited himself to suffer. Even Drax is playing this game, but what was a challenge now became a race as there were three prizes. 1st place would get a copy of Freedom planet 2 for steam (This applies to me only), 100 bucks in gift card form, and watch MastaKirby play sonic the hedgehog spinball fast.

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Sonic World DX Sage demo impressions

When did I make this post on the Sonic world DX Anniversary Demo? I made that post in 2019. It is crazy how time flies. But the blog post was my first impression of Sonic World DX in 2019. Safe to say, my first impressions were anything but great. After I made that post, I stopped playing it.

I saw that the Sonic World DX team released a Sonic Amateur Games Expo demo or sage demo, but after the sonic world dx anniversary, I got to the point where I ignored the game. And there is their Sonic World DX Q and A video, and that is something else.

With a bad experience with Sonic World DX, I want to see if the Sonic World DX sage demo fixed some problems I held. And what other changes got made. And since they made a post saying they are cutting some characters. May as well try it out, and I might be impressed.

Enough stalling. I’m going into this sage demo with a bit of bias and a bad experience. If I start sounding mean towards the game, you know why. And I think it is time I made a real impression post here.

Sonic World DX is a 3D platformer where you have a stage selection like Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. There is no story, no main battle guy. Just run and play, which is good.

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