August Blog Update PT 2

Hey, here is a part two to the August blog update. near the end I say what’s on my mind and how I been feeling. but there is more good then bad

gets dark again near the end. if you don’t like sad things, don’t read where it says the warning.

My uncle is getting well

After the attack on his life, he has been in the hospital and had to get surgery but from what my family has told us, he is getting well, he can’t speak at the moment but is alive. The people who tried to take our uncle life may be put behind bars.

Our uncle has done some things that got him to this point but that was the only way to have a roof on his head, although a dangerous lifestyle. his stuff has been placed somewhere safe. He will be coming up here to Texas since those who tried to take his life know he is still alive.

So, this will be odd. we can’t go back to Ohio once our uncle comes up here with us, since we will be a target But he is getting well. I’m praying for my uncle.

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July Blog Update PT 2

hiya. status report but will say what’s next for me. *shrug* those who want to umm, read can. up to you. things I am doing, plan to do or have done.

Should keep this blog up to date with my mental state. meh. And report back with monthly checks or just go dark.

Can’t say this post will be a bit happier. read at your own warning, I suppose

Let’s get to it, shall we, again?

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My Diet and weight lost

As said in my last post. I started to fast and eat one meal or two meals a day and after the meal, I would fast after the meal. It’s probably not the most healthy this to do (And don’t do this.) But I don’t know why I started doing this.

But cause of this. I lost more weight cause this fasting. and to me. It’s not harming me. so I, personally, can keep doing this

My current weight at the moment is 256.2 Ib and my goal is to be 200 Ib or around there or lower

Game Development

So, on Twitter, I gave up Game Development. and while I still may give on on it as it kinda lost a lot of joy.. I have a dumb promise to this fan game that I get it done or die trying, ha ha.

I have been working on the fan game and I will go from there if I want to be a future game dev. I don’t know yet. but who knows. I will keep going till I get this job.

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July Blog Update

Well, this is going to be a uhh.. update and I guess I want to share what’s more on my mind and ha ha ^^

I should warn you, this update is all negative and don’t go into this update looking for sunshine and rainbows. That’s not here. This post is very dark and depressing

This blog update was edited heavily for viewing joy

Next Month will be a happy update

You have been warned. Read at your own risk

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June Blog Update Part 2

Hey, here is a part two of things that June blog post I made not too long ago which since then a lot more things happened I kinda want to talk about. This is a much happier part, I promise.

Losing Weight Again (again)

Been working on losing weight and eating right. :3 It has been a long and crazy ride. I also learned I don’t want to be ripped and have muscles since that feels a bit much.

I came a long way. I’m not at my goal weight but at the time of this post. I’m 264Ibs Still fat (I think?). lol but I came a long way, which was 330.3Ib+ I had enough and wanted to get fit, not just for others but myself. :D

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March Blog Update

It’s a crazy year… Who would seen this coming? We all forced to stay home from the coronavirus like a game I know. Fallout Shelter. But have not played that for a year or two but enough of that.

During this time or downtime. I have free time to reflect on my life, my choices in friends, and outgrowing friends and I know who I want as a friend and getting rid of the toxic friends from my life. There is a lot here to unpack so I won’t make it too long but no promises here.

I must warn you, some of you may or may not like this update, and a big change in my life but it’s for the better.

My life

As I said, I had free time to reflect on my life and it was hard but It was done. Changes, new goals, Having a positive life without drama and petty grudges. There are things I want to do and want to have positive supportive friends in my life.

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My goals and plans for 2020

OnyChaos here, and 2020 is here and it’s time for new goals, and life changes in my life.

And getting rid of the bad things and doing things with my life and make one big list of goals / things I done / plan to do


I will Update this list as I go or forget about it. Lol :P

So people may not like these goals but oh well. Lol :3

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Moving out

Time to make a follow up update to a post I made on WordPress. But at this point it will be outdated but let’s get into this update since there are some things I want to address in the near future or coming soon.

There has been a lot going on in the background since we are getting ready to move and things will be completely different. I want to bring up 5 things I should talk about now rather then later.


1 Moving out with grandmother

We be moving to Texas to start a “New life” for us.  And during this time, I will have to get a job but it’s not a bad thing, I suppose. I do plan on giving this 2 or 3 years in the U.S.A And if I feel there is nothing left for me here. I will work on planning to live in Canada.

Living in canada is interesting, it’s not as simple as I thought but I can be done in due time. I need a job and be willing to leave the U.S.A. If I still want to live in Canada after 2 or 3 years, then that’s where I’ll be going. That’s in the future.

2 Making fan games

Making fan games is fun, You can bring your ideas to life and it helps build up your game dev skills which means you can make games faster but as great as that can be. I have learned so much from making fan games that I can make my own things


 But with how things are changing for me, fan games don’t make any money and they don’t pay the bills, and again, making fan games is fun but it doesn’t make any money and without money, I can’t make things.

So here is my plan. Get a better demo / final hiatus demo out with a download and go from there. I think from there I will make my own content and games and sell them while I work and if you want to support me in the future, be it on patreon or anything. Be pretty dope

3 Streams

Streams are in a bit a weird place. I have stated that Streams are on Hiatus but with things changing, long rpg streams or playthrough streams will be getting the axe because I will be getting a job. Those kind of streams will be a one and done.

 4 Keeping in touch

So, with me moving and such. Keeping in touch will still be the same till something changes that is life changing or a huge change. And I will be getting a phone in the future so, friends that are close to me will get my phone number and junk.

If you get my phone number, be warned that I may not see your texts. I’m bad at that but I will try. lol. Sorry. ;3;

That’s all for now Not much to list here but some things I want to list here ^^


big changes

Hello people. This is going to be a more serious blog post. With things changing in the household and things going forward I want to state some things that no one has asked of me but that’s ok.

So updates. These are pretty big changes in some sense if I say so.

Getting a job this year or next year or (looking for a job)

The search for a job is back on to make some money and to have a job in general but need to see how this turns out.

Now with this in mind. Things will be on hold or a long hiatus and I will list the things that fall under this list.

Game development and fan games – hiatus

Live streaming – hiatus

Playing games – hiatus

Making “reviews” and blogging – hiatus

Discord is on Hiatus

So those things will be on hold

Things changing in the family household

Our mother is getting her own life, so that in mind I might not be able to crash here anymore and chances are, I won’t be able to stay for long. 1 or 2 years tops (This is still unknown). It’s amazing I was able to stay with my family for so long and helping out with cooking, cleaning and such.

I learned a lot about cooking and cleaning.

Will be moving with my grandmother to take care of her in a year or two (maybe), and move on from there once I get on my feet after that but we are moving after we meet up with my BFF and two years or so.

Unfortunately I have a learning disability and being a sheltered kid growing up has made some things harder. But however by staying with my family, I have to learn some things since I was not taught any of this in school, even though that is / was the point of school to learn things that you will use later in life!

 I will list below what I need to learn. And there is more of course.

Learn how to do taxes or learn where to get taxes done

Will need to get a bank account for saving money / using money 

I will also need to learn how to drive a car

I will need to learn how to apply for new jobs in the future

Learn to pay bills

Get a cellphone to call or such

Learn how to adult

I’m not sure how others learn this stuff.

The happiest update

Sometime this year. I will be able to meet my BFF here in the USA since plans for Canada trip didn’t go as plan.. I’m still bummed out about not going to see the amazing sights of Canada with her but being able to meet my BFF here makes things better. Once things get sorted out where we can meet up. That will be awesome. 

Things needed for this to work to meet up

> A call to figure out details on what needs to be done and such.

> A hotel booked for x number of days

> Find out what hotel that we will be staying in and the area that it is in

> Buying a roundtrip ticket for Canada to USA and USA to Canada

>Find out where the hotels is

> Find out where the air ports are

>Find out where the other stuff is. Where to get food, shop for things

>Find out when me and my dear are free to meet up

But I am worried that I will make a bad impression. I worry I will mess up.

I love my dear. And I want to make this work between us but I don’t want to mess it up.

There is this worrying thought in the back of my mind that my dear won’t feel the same as me after meeting me and will want to stay best friends and if that comes to be the true I won’t throw away my friendship with her “if” it won’t workout

But damn, it will be a sad day for me and my heart if that comes to pass.. But I feel we might drift apart if it won’t workout and she may end up forgetting me when she starts having her life

Why am I overthinking this so much…? why is this eating at me so much? I’m scared of losing a best friend that I have so much in common with. I’m worried about someone special with a amazing bond with me fading away from my life and forgetting me in the future…

The meet up is going to be awesome but scary…Maybe I’m overthinking things…

She makes me happy and I love her dearly. I don’t want to lose her but I don’t want to keep her waiting too long and she finds someone else better… I’m a baka…

She is the light of my world that gives me reason to smile. She brings me joy that no one else can bring me. She is a driving force that kept going for so long after I wanted to stop.

These thoughts of losing her, and the light of my world, seeing it fade away.. It worries me so much but I must meet her and do something amazing.

I have never felt this way about anyone before and She is important to me. She is special to me. She is a one of a kind woman that can’t be replaced.

Maybe I’m a big baka for overthinking and pouring my feelings and thoughts into this post but it’s because I needed to say how I really feel and vent cause there is so much going on and didn’t want to bother anyone.

I’m just worried is all and I know overthinking doesn’t help in anyway

My Canada situation

I have brought up how I wanted to move to Canada to live down there but was turned down because my family is worried something would happen to me if I went there or they feel it’s a bad idea.

I wanted to live there to be closer to my angel but they don’t don’t want me to give up my U.S citizenship to live in Canada for one or two reasons and told me that I should see if she is willing to come to the U.S to live with me when we get more serious (in the future when I have my own apartment or condo to live in)

But my family feels that she may not want to leave her family and Canada citizenship behind. If that comes to be. I will take a chance and find a way to move to Canada…Or something

I have been a emotional mess.. I’m weird

This will be the last blog update for a long while

Update log #6

It’s time for a new update of sorts. A lot has happened, good and bad. But I will just make an update on stuff. c:


Chaos Race Nights

So let’s start with the first one. “Chaos Race Nights”. This was an idea to get people do race nights or races.

It was during the time when the group and I, mainly me, was still in to speedrunning and wanted to make a event. But because people have lives and life can be crazy or wild. This idea was put on hold.

I think it is best to say that “Chaos Race Nights”, is on hiatus / canceled. In the future, I /may/ try to attempt to get Chaos Race Nights off the ground. But for now, it’s dead.

SRL races

And while on the topic, racing on SRL. Not too long ago, I hit my goal of 150 races. Something I figured would never happened. I’m sitting at 181 races, at the moment.


My need to race games is slowly fading out.  Once I hit the end goal of 200 races. That will be it. For me, anyway. If you plan on racing me, let me know, But other then that, I’m done with races. Racing is on hiatus. This may be short or permanent.


Ok. So. Let’s talk about Ils or Individual Levels. This is something I was doing for CyberScore for 7 years, and still doing.

I gave Ring attacks a second go in SADX but quickly gave up on that, as it is not my thing. Having to be careful and while trying to find all the rings fast cause, if you don’t, people will complain about the proof being long to watch.


Why am I bring this up? 7 years on CyberScore. I think it is time for me to stop and let this dream of posting 10k proofs die off. I been doing ILS for so long. On and off, mind you. I even made a CyberScore goal list that I wanted to get done. But let’s be real, I know I don’t have the drive to be able to get far on the CyberScore.

ILs are fun but I am getting to a point where I just don’t care to upload to CyberScore. If I do Ils, they will just be a way I can race and see who can get a better time. Trying to get a better time or such against Hyper is pretty fun


As you know, I have quit streaming to make youtube let’s plays as I find that more fun. I did do a Gunstar Heroes race on Twitch but that doesn’t count as I can’t be bother to record a video for SRL who may or may not look at the video or vod

Getting off track. Point is that, I may come back to stream once every few months. Again, racing does not count but it counts as a stream. This is just a idea and it may NOT happen, so I wouldn’t hold my breath.

While talking about Twitch, I may delete the “Chaos realm” Stream team thing. But If people like it, I will keep it around. Not sure.


Server has been pretty dead but that is ok. I will be updating the channels and removing some very soon

The server is still private meaning, you can leave at anytime but you will never be able to return but in the near future I “may” make it open but don’t count on it. But anywho. Server will be getting some changes ASAP

In the future, roles will be used in Wix forums for bonus stuff or rewards. Leaving the server will forfeit your roles.


I been retweeting less lewds, Most of the things I retweet are NSFW but that is starting to calm down. Most of the hardcore lewds or very NSFW stuff I start to favorite it now.


So now, there will be no more lewd retweets from me. A few here or there. Stay out of my likes, they are my vault of lewds you never want to see. C:

I also been tweeting more instead of retweeting, which is very good.


Back to making let’s plays for my channel. Infact, two are in the works at this moment.

  1. Sonic Mania Plus: 3 / 5 – 60 % done
  2. Sonic Spinball 0 / 2

I have another game in mind as well. :3

Quite happy, making LP or let’s plays again. Brings me great joy again

Clickteam fusion 2.5 programming

I been playing around with Fusion, and I would say I am a novice in Fusion as I can make a program now

  1. I can make a simple program
  2. I can make custom files to be used by my programs / games
  3. I know how to make a simple web browser
  4. Learning to make games

And I am still learning more.  And I have no plans on stopping at this point


May goals 2018

So here are my May goals. This list is much smaller than my other lists, and that’s fine. it’s like a mini break to take time to focus on other things. :P


Overall goal list for 2018 March

goal list for 2018 April

Main May goals

  • Focus most of my time into clickteam learning [now]
  • Join this silly Sonic 4 all emeralds race – Done
  • Call my girlfriend on Wednesday – missed call
  • update my discord. *on May 11* I might make it private.
  • Enjoy my birthday. Bleh >.>
  • Make a demo of a game
  • Make a final speedrunning post.
  • Bring back the Throwback “Sonikmage” name

Everything below is sub goals

Twitter goals

  • 50 Followers (69%) 43* / 50
  • Make more friends
  • be less anti-social
  • Avoid always following everyone who follows me

Speedrun goals from March

  • Sonic Robo Blast 2  (Tails) – done
  • Sonic R 100% – Next
  • Sonic Spinball (25 or lower maybe) – I will try my best
  • Super Mario Odyssey – Done
  • Pantufa (1 hr) – done (enough)
  • 8-bit Spinball – done
  • Freedom Planet – Done
  • SMB1 – Warpless – DONE
  • Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight
  • Sonic Forces – done
  • SADX – Gamma Story (GC/Wii)- done
  • SADX – Super Sonic Story (GC/Wii) – done but need to redo
  • SADX – Big Story (GC/Wii) – done
  • SA2B – Team Hero
  • Sonic Heroes | Team Sonic – done
  • Pac Man World 2 – not yet
  • lost World (Wii U) – Next

Chaos Race Nights fate goals *?*

  • Start up was a failure (No racers) (Failure to get off the ground) – failed
  • Will try to start up Chaos race nights in April – 2
  • If April fails then I will try for fall – ? (I don’t know)
  • If all else fails then, This idea was doomed from the start. Maybe races
  • nights are dead – Status: ?
  • I will ask to see how many users still care about having a race night and go from there. This might just be a private event

Working out more overall goal

  • Getting fit
  • Working out for 15 to 30 mins a day.

Do 2 or more let’s plays on my youtube channel *on hold*

  • SRB2 or Sonic Robo Blast 2 (As Sonic) – done
  • Sonic Mania (Sonic and Tails in progress) – done
  • Sonic Forces – Next
  • Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight – Next
  • Sonic Colors
  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
  • The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • Freedom Planet
  • Sonic 06
  • Sonic Riders
  • Sonic Time Twisted
  • Wings Of Vi
  • dust: an elysian tail playthroughs on hold

  • Hell yeah
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – master mode-
  • Freedom Planet – Carol – Hard  mode
  • dust: an elysian tail

Working on my wix site and forum

site needs a new overhaul
Forum is up but no one has join yet
Going to have my site and forum in one area

Catch up on anime – My animeplanet account later

  • Dragon Ball Super
  • Angel Beats
  • Attack on Titan
  • InuYasha

Cleaning up my PC

  • deleting old files – done
  • removing software I don’t need or use
  • removing games

Played a new MMORPG: Onigirl

  • Got to LV 20+ -done-
  • Had fun -done-
  • And I know how to play it -done-
  • Getting to level 40 | 35 / 40