March – April update log

It has been a while since I have done something like this. I was going to make this its blog post, but I figured that it would be best for this blog post to have everything in one place and still do this TS Mario pseudo-race with HyperSonic and others. There has been a lot … Continue reading March – April update log

Gave Pangya Debug one last go

Oh man. Time to talk about Pangya Debug. Oh boy. I never knew a game could piss me off with it’s problems mainly the server disconnecting or the game crashing while in a session. Like holy shit. I have never been so pissed off at a game on this level. So, I said I quit … Continue reading Gave Pangya Debug one last go

Got Mini Golf Arena as a gift

Alright. So I was gifted a game. Mini golf Arena. Normally, I like gifts, it's a way of saying “You're great” or something to that effect. But sometimes and this may be a strange concept but hear me out. I don't like some gifts. Shocker, right. Such a strange and weird concept. So here my … Continue reading Got Mini Golf Arena as a gift

Pangya Debug and why I’m done with it

So, I made a post about Pangya Debug, not too long ago. Stating that it's not fun and I no longer enjoy it. Well. That is true but I should have explain a bit better and had more detailed reasons. And this post is going to do that. :3 Ok so. Why? No one is … Continue reading Pangya Debug and why I’m done with it

Done with pangya debug

So. I thought I would be done talking about pangya but nope. Seems it's time to talk about how I feel towards Pangya Debug. If Pangya Debug was my first Pangya game.. I would have enjoy it a bit longer but that's not the case. As you know, Pangya Debug is a private server where … Continue reading Done with pangya debug

Final Pangya Celebrity post

My final thoughts on Pangya Celebrity saga.

New thoughts on Pangya Celebrity.

Me ranting on about Pangya.

Thoughts on Pangya celebrity big announcement

My thoughts on Pangya celebrity big announcement and opinions ' v'

Thoughts on Pangya Celebrity

My thoughts on Pangya