Elsword is down again for maintenance

So, for those who don’t know. Elsword had a maintenance that was 11 hours long meant to fix the connection issues in KOG games. To make the game more stable but what people said, it was for the raid areas so… Don’t know.

What I do know is that after the update / maintenance was done. The game felt better but everything was normal.. Till today I tried to play around 11 Am and the game did not let me in.. Thinking I got banned or something, I checked the site but no updates but checking the elsword Discord

I was not the only one affected. Seems those in the NA servers are affected by this. There still is no update status, blog post. We are left in the dark without a real answer and it’s weird.. I thought the maintenance was meant to fix some of the issues..

I can say, I hope people affected by this get something to make up for this disconnect because this is annoying and I was having fun playing Elsword before the disconnect. Players outside of NA can still play but all players are slowly being hit by this. Again, we are in the dark at the time of this post.

Compensation is deff needed for this. I can hope it’s not piss poor compensation like “Here is 20 healing items that you can get that do the same thing from the board. :)”