Update with my livestreams

So, it’s that time again where I feel different to streaming. And I know I have made a post like this but I know how I really feel towards streaming as a whole. So, let me start off. I think it begins, just with me feeling burned out from doing livestreams in general, and doing … Continue reading Update with my livestreams


Sonic Mania Stream

A Sonic Mania stream today. Let the mania run wild on you.

The Legend of Zelda: BOTW – Master Mode livestream

Zelda: BOTW - Master Mode stream on twitch.

Zelda: breath of the wild shrine hunting

It is time for Zelda fun. Are you ready? No? Ok. :3

Birthday Q&A Livestream

Hello there and if you are reading this, It's my birthday, as you see in the title. And the livestream will be an Q&A where if you have a question, free to ask it but do keep it clean and make sure it's not a awful question. I will let you know if it is. … Continue reading Birthday Q&A Livestream

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle LiveStream

Hello there. This will be a short post, So I wanted to update you guys. So today at 9 AM (EST) I will be doing A Livestream of Sonic Adventure 2 Battle on my twitch.tv account. So on this stream, I will be starting a new file for Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and I will try to … Continue reading Sonic Adventure 2 Battle LiveStream