I like kpop now

Best Songs of Kim Taeyeon (김태연 최고의 노래모음)

I desire to share my thoughts on some kpop songs I have been enjoying so far. It’s funny how I said I wouldn’t get sucked into Kpop but here I am, enjoying the kpop music and artists. The songs have great song beats to them. The singers all have lovely voices. It’s just a great time.

So on YouTube, I have been listening to: “Best Songs of Kim Taeyeon (김태연 최고의 노래모음).” And my god, Kim Taeyeon, has a sweet voice, and I love her songs. They are so peaceful, beautiful, and a masterpiece. They make me feel quite happy, and when I’m doing something, the time comes to crawl, and her songs help make my day better.

Playing games, writing blog posts, or just relaxing. Kim Taeyeon’s songs just fit my mood for whatever I am doing.

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November Blog Update

Ah, November. We made it to the second to last month of this cursed year. Look like things are still getting worse, and the case for the virus seems to start going back up. And now we have everyone voting or being an asshole out in the streets.

But I suppose there have been getting better and worse at the same time. But I guess that is something everyone knows. I will talk about what I plan to do or did from October to November.

I will start with the things I have done or can remember and go from there. The things I have done will be first, then things I plan to do will be second.

I have started listening to kpop songs.

I have listened to a few kpopesque songs. It was never anything like BTS or such until someone shared this: [MV] 케이윌(K.will) – 이러지마 제발 (Please don’t…) in an elsword raid server. Something about this song hits hard. It is a sad song. That is how I see it.

I will not say I watched [MV] 케이윌(K.will) – 이러지마 제발 (Please don’t…) on Twitter. I rather not deal with the kpop trolls that like to reply with face cams. Would I say I am into kpop? Sure. I love the songs I heard so far. Would I say I am a kpop fanboy? No, not even at that point yet to say I am a fan, Though I do have my reasons.

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