My kingdom heart 3 experience

So, I have finally done it. I got around to beating Kingdom Hearts 3 and I must say… It was a fun ride but most of the game first experience of a true blind playthrough was ruined by Drax, Flakey, and Dave shitting on the game and telling me things that I didn’t need to hear..

This was my first fault. I thought that I could stream the game and they would watch but do their own thing. I mean, they did do their own thing but they ruined the magic of finding out what to do on your own. I wanted to do things or fail on my own but I felt like I got told a lot of things or how to play well.

But the last half of the game was fun. I loved the final worlds. I loved the ending to KH3 and the end game fights. They were awesome :D. I have to say, for a lot of shit that the game gets, it’s has some great moments that are worth having.

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