Ramsey thoughts

Time to talk about Shiny’s game he has been working on this is a project I like to see completed but getting too ahead of myself here. And I will talk about things I like, and dislike and give some personal advice you can take with a grain of salt.

Ramsey is the name of the game I will be talking about and it is a fun little demo. It is good as it gives you an idea of what the game has for you. And the game has seen a lot of progress which is great.

I should clear there is no to play this demo unless shiny gives you a copy of the game to try out.

Ramsey is a cute little game made in game maker studio x. The platforming feels good, but given one level of platforming, I can’t judge this off one level. Movement is basic but good. You can run, jump, and make pop noises.

The controls are simple but you don’t need advanced controls to have a good game, and more can be added later, should shiny feel the need to do so. And that is fine. As for the world, there is only one at this moment and two levels.

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Veredilia The Sacred Forest CGS 2021 demo

I have been putting this off for a good while. And I want to share my thoughts because why not. I like the first demo way back then, and I still feel the same, somewhat. This demo got entered in an indie game showcase called CGS. (Chao Games showcase)

well-timed screenshot. I’m keeping this in.

In the second demo, you get a complete stage with a boss at the end. Three playable characters, and you get a normal/hard mode and some other features. When you start the game, you can pick one of the three characters and see their stats. Once someone is selected, you will enter the hub world where you can play around with the character or go to the act.

For this post, I will be using Vancouver The Kitsune on normal mode. She is a good character for exploring stages. She has a charge jump, a double jump that floats up and down, a dive kick, and great healing. As a defense base character, she is good. As an offensive character, she has a poor range with some enemies who move a lot. But she can make up with the moveset she has. It feels ready for close range. She is better as the defensive character. That’s what I think, her speed is average, but she is fun.

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Sonicvania dev log 1: Titles and simple ideas

I want to do something a little different and this is more so, a dev log of an idea for my sonicvania project. The title system will have different effects on the game. These are titles based on people I talked to or know.

These titles can and will grant you special effects or just give you a stat bonus up and nothing more. Of course, these titles can be added from the pause menu, and below are gifs of the mode being made in the works.

The core engine is far from done. And I need to update the boss rush anyway lol.

Also, each title will be changed later on and given a rating from 1 star to 5 stars. 1 being a title with nothing too good to 5 stars that has a title that offers more boosts. I am also thinking of making an upgrading title system to make titles stronger than normal

1-star titles can be upgraded once.

2-star titles can be upgraded 3 times.

3-star titles can be upgraded 3 times and can ascend to be upgraded 3 more times

Here are 8 tags that could be relevant to your post:

4-star titles can be upgraded 5 times, and can ascend to be upgraded 5 more times.

5-star titles can be upgraded one but all stats are percent based after upgrade.

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Legend of the Sacred Forest impression

So, this is in pre-alpha, a  game by Giga6152, the guy who made the sonic adventure sx and such. I had seen bits and pieces of it on his twitter, and his twitch? Can’t remember that bit.


I never played Sonic Oxilary or (Sonic OX). I seen gameplay of it and progress but never took the time to play it. Have to do that one day..

Point is, he released it for people to try out to get a taste, report bugs and give feedback and the like. I’m assuming that is the case


There is one level. No boss. There are enemies, spikes and objects. The game has a lot of place holders but it doesn’t matter because it is fun

The “game” has a freedom planet / spark vibes going on and to say it feels like a sonic game putting it lightly but it is in pre-alpha but it’s not a bad thing

Wanna mention some bugs I found or things I don’t like. Not many, mind you but enough though to give some fixing

You can move after hitting the goal by boosting into it. If you die during this state the timer will stop


The enemies don’t pop and kinda hard to see with the background. I ran into them sometimes

Enemies need some type of knockback since they can walk through your attacks and hit you.

Overall, the “game” or pre-alpha is fun to play and it’s best to list the things now for the future. It’s fast, to the point, and shows off what the engine can do. And I know this will be fixed later.

Even for a pre-alpha, there are really no bugs with the game to be honest

I probably may stream this game on my twitch or add it to my backlog

Good Luck Giga6152. :3

link to game: https://gamejolt.com/games/lotsf-game/448407


Kyle & Lucy: Wonderworld

Today. I will be looking at Kyle & Lucy: Wonderworld.

Story: Lucy & Kyle went to go watch the shooting stars from the great ruins, as they have a better view from there. The lad, Kyle heard of unknown legends of the ruins till now he may believe they are true. A bright light catches the attention of Kyle and Lucy.

Making Lucy reach for the odd light while doing so. She was able to reach over the mountains that were far away, telling Kyle this, he wants to see as well, causing them to fall over and lose her balance by reaching too far. Kyle tried to save her but ended up getting dragged down with her into a new world.

The game is pretty nice. It feels like a Sonic game but the music gives off a Freedom Planet vibe, that’s not a bad thing. It feel great to play the game, and while the game only has 3 stages, it does theme quite well and gives the player a lot to do and explore.

Your tutorial level is Limestone Lagoon. This stage will help you understand the moveset, wall jump and wall dash to water physics, and normal enemies, and hazards. If you explore well, you will even find secrets hidden in the area. This is the first stage you get to play when you start the demo. Can’t miss it.

There is a hub world, akin to Sonic advance 3’s hub but much better in Kyle and Lucy: WonderWorld. This hub world houses the final two stages. Mystic Garden is your hub world.

Mystic Garden 1 is your first real level that will put what learned to the test. Explore well. Be sure to check high and low for the green orb. This is a pretty fun stage to play. I had fun playing it.

Robot Roundup is a mission based stage where you need to find 8 robots. But no worries. You get a hint system. The closer you are to the enemy the “!” will go from Green to red. Red meaning you are close to the target. And Green meaning you are far from it.

I should also bring up. When you make a save file, you can play as Kyle or Lucy when loading the save.

Lucy has a double jump that is useful.And Kyle has features that remind me of Sonic but he has somewhat of a forward dash to gain speed. While there are no lives, there is a health bar, take 4 hits and you are done.

Welcome to the end

Kyle and Lucy: Wonderworld is a fun demo that is worth playing. It has a lot of promise and this game can turn into something wonderful. The game looks and feels great. The music is amazing, it’s like a mix of Freedom planet/Sonic/Ristar. I wish the team the best of luck, and I hope to see the game at the next sage

Follow them on Twitter.

Download the game here:https://sonicfangameshq.com/forums/showcase/kyle-lucy-wonderworld.234/